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Laura29 wrote:@Firekat... that would have been soooo cool!!
@Awkswan... Nope, don't live at the Canyon. But my younger brother works on the little tourist railroad that takes people to the Canyon, and I've been lucky enough to ride it several times. I live in north eastern Az; a smallish city named Winslow.

Winslow, Arizona - made famous in the song Route 66, if I'm not mistaken?
sinshack wrote:

See you after the "maintenance." It's only a few minutes away now.

Nope - it's an hour away.
Jude_Rigby wrote:I may be the only CA person here myself. Haven't seen anyone from the Golden State yet.

And though I'm not gonna be here at midnight when the game comes out (I'll wait until tomorrow morning) my night has been made. I'll tell you why, but put it under a spoiler alert unless anyone else watches the show I'm talking about: Jennifer Grey won Dancing With the Stars tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, good. I don't watch the show, but I do follow the people, and I think this was the best outcome! (Did I make that sufficiently vague?)
GameLvr30 wrote:Do you think Picman gave us one last unsolvable clue as his parting gift to us?

I think you're right! Hmmm.............
vingilot wrote:Did you guys see this? It doesn't say how long it will be down, but this is just over 1.5 hours away.

bfgOkeechobee wrote:Hey fishies,

We're doing some maintenance on the forums tonight, so they will be down starting around 10:00 PM PST for approximately 30 minutes or so.

Thanks for your understanding!


I was just going to post this myself. So we won't be able to hang together for a half hour? Torture!
Hey, I just morphed too. I liked being an angelfish, but a puffer - does that mean I've eaten too much chocolate? (and it's not even the holidays yet!)
mchicspic wrote:
nantyglyn wrote:Well, it's just about time for me to go wait for mchicspic who's picking me up to go to the party......... oh, yeah......... it's next week now

Holy crumbs you startled me! I scanned your posting and then saw the bit about picking you up.... I thought the party was back on or something! I'm sitting here in super comfy clothes and so not ready to be seen in public.

Don't *do* that to me!

OOPS! Sorry! (I wouldn't really do that to you, you know!)

Just had a thought for all of us bemoaning the cancellation of the party tonight (hmmm... should be getting another plate of food right about now....). If we play the game BEFORE the party, then if the character actors are there it will mean so much more to us - and they can all sign our invites (which, by the way, are pretty cool). Doncha think so? And we can discuss the game with the developers, too. So, that might actually make for a more fun party!
I'd like to add my thanks for such a great thread and all the work that went into researching all the clues, especially where the party clues were hidden. And all the great poetry. We have an incredible amount of talent in this pond.

Here's a funny coincidence. Remember that the first party clue was at the Jolly Roger Taproom? I had never heard of it. Well, I just got an email from the head of one of my volunteer groups. We're going to have a holiday get-together at ..... The Jolly Roger Taproom. I really did LOL when I read that.

Well, it's just about time for me to go wait for mchicspic who's picking me up to go to the party......... oh, yeah......... it's next week now
Chrietzb wrote:Just wanted to check in and make sure the party is still on for tomorrow night - it is BAD here in Seattle. I'll be taking the bus, as my car is currently a rental, which I don't want to total on ice. It's going to be a chilly, long ride, but soooo worth it for the game.
My husband asked if I was still going due to the weather. I told him, "I'm going, come hell or high water, buddy!"

Well, Chrietzb, you and mchicspic and I and probably emmyjayne will be there - so those BF people had better have the party - they can sleep there tonight if they need to, if they can't get home tonight. But THE PARTY MUST GO ON!

I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

DH couldn't make it all the way home. Bridge still closed, and our street (a busy street, but on a hill) is too slippery and not many can make it up or down. Even the bus route is rerouted. So he's safely staying overnight at a friend's house on the other side of the bridge. A relief for me, since I didn't want him driving tonight.

mchicspic wrote:
Purplerabbit wrote:
dogmama wrote:But they do mention a winter storm warning for Big Fish and that with snow up to 6 inches and wind gusts of 45 MPH and power may go out. If they lose their power, folks will get cold (and we don't want that to happen).

For a moment there, it looked like you were concerned for the people going to the party. I am now.

Thanks for the concern, PR! {{{{{{{Purplerabbit}}}}}}}
You are a sweetie!

I think we should be okay, tho. tomorrow morning will probably be the worst part of the day. I'll be driving and squiring nantyglyn and her DH to the party. I grew up on the east coast, so I know how to drive in snow if any remains tomorrow night.

I'm watching the commute on the news right now. it's so very worrying to see all of the accidents. no one has been injured tho!

Right now the traffic is BBAADD. DH is stuck and I don't know when he'll get here. He needs to take a bridge (West Seattle Freeway) that is closed because of the weather. He passed a rollover accident. News just reported that a plane slid off the runway at the airport. BUT I STILL WANT TO PARTY TOMORROW!!!

mchicspic, we have a date tomorrow and I'm really counting on it (as I know you and emmyjayne are, too). But let's keep safety first. I actually think I know how to get to BF by bus (heck, I'll walk if I have to!)
bekair wrote:

The only Skull Island I can find on G. E. is in Massacre Bay - in the PNW - off Orcas Island.

Awfully close to Seattle ? and BFG headquarters.

It has a State Park - but not much else I can see - anyone know anything more about it ?

bbt (the defective detective)

Not really close to BFG HQ. It's aways out there, north of Seattle. You need to take a ferry or private boat to get to Orcas Island, and Skull Island is virtually unknown. Not a landmark. For several Septembers I spent a week chaperoning a group of schoolkids camping in the backcountry of Orcas - quite a few fun memories there.
Congrats to you and your friend, Chrietzb! I'm looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday. Be sure to look for mchicspic, emmyjayne, and me, okay? This just gets better and better, if that's possible.
Rainbow722 wrote:Oh the things I could do and the things I could see
If I were a little video bug on the wall at the big parrrrty!
I'd stream back to you the things I see--everything
Including a stream of a pirate wearing a gold earring
Oh the things I would see looking all 'round the place
And stream back to you a look at each person's face
Oh the people I would see, I would point out the cast
Starting with the first one and right down to the last
Oh the things I could see while I look for clues late
And if I found any I'd send them to you all straight
I'd send back pictures of all the vittles and libation
Really, the time spent would be much like a vacation!
But one thing a bug can't do at the parrrty for the game
Is figure out how to come home with a copy of the same!

Rainbow - great idea! They do have a few computers around BF headquarters. We should insist that they have one for us to use so that we can be giving you all a blow by blow description of the party. Then you'd all feel like you are there, too. Wouldn't that be fun!?! After all, it's because of you all (especially Rainbow and the texting) that I'm going!
minxs wrote:
Were there lots of other people who had figured out the location?
(I wonder if some people who didn't actually post found the location here too)

I didn't see anyone else come in while I was there, but I couldn't stay long. I got there just after noon.
We'll have to take lots of pictures, especially of the three of us together, and post them somewhere where everyone can see them. And I'm hoping BF will put some pics on the blog. I so wish you could all come!
I have not yet read the pages and pages of posts since I last posted this morning. I will do that shortly, but first I just had to send a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped me and to Rainbow (it was you, wasn't it?) who kept texting me. I couldn't have done it otherwise. I found Queen Anne Ave N. I knew where that was. But as I was driving down it, I saw a different Starbucks. Thank goodness you gave me the actual address because I realized that one was was too far north, so I kept driving. And there was Solice!!!! It was awesome!!!

So, when I went back to my volunteer stint I stayed a couple of extra hours, then had another event, so I just arrived home.

Now I will go back and read all the posts from today. But again - thank you all so much!
I just PM'd Rainbow my cell number - she or someone else can text me with the address if it gets figured out. Thanks!!!!!!!!
Okay - it's at a Starbucks....

oops - vingilot beat me to it....
I'm already late for my volunteering shift - told them I would be late, but I can't wait much longer. ARGH!!!! And I don't know how I can check in during the morning, but somehow I WILL!!! I know you fishies will help!

And now the other thread is GONE!!!!
It's been more than 30 minutes, Solice - hurry!!!!
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