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 posted in Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High on Dec 23, 09 7:21 AM
I played the demo at another site and then bought it. It was great until I got to the library or where I freed the boyfriend and was locked in the library. I needed to find the dart to bust the balloon to get the lollipop to etc. etc. There was no dart and as much as I re-installed, used a new name and was assured by the site it was being fixed, I was issued a refund. NOW the big question is, did BF fix it or will game just be mute again.

It was a great game until I got to that point. Did the boat, lighthouse, kitchen, bus etc.
was really moving but then the brick wall came.

I will play the demo again but if I do not get up to that "dart", will not buy it.

Buyer beware as they say
 posted in Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis on Dec 16, 09 11:06 AM
Mumbo Jumbo had problems with people not being able to download the demo. I thought surely BF would have tested it again before releasing it. So far I have been able to download the BF game. Haven't played it yet but hope it has been fixed.
I am doing the bonus while playing for the third time.
Margie, so basically I should not go all the way past all the credits. I have to start the bonus when? When I finish with the 5 items under the relic? This is where I get lost. I have gone thru this wonderful game twice. Third time is a charm but I want to get the bonus right this time.
I have played this game twice and can't get to play the bonus.......Am I missing something. I have played thru the credits and got nothing. Would love to play the bonus
Thanks for your help. I will try what you suggested. When I started this wonderful game I was all over the place trying to get into that "office" and probable missed out collecting what I should have by not going in order. Guess I will do better when I play in over again as I skipped many of the mini games knowing I will do them when I re-play. Just want to finish this first time right if that makes sense.
Thx, I have been doing that according to the computer as to the 4 shapes. I am wondering if the 12 circles need to be taken in any particular order? They are split in Also, do you need all the videos at this time? I seem to be 2 short and your video shows 1 short.
Margie B, I am at the Ruin puzzle and when I look at your wonderful solution I wondered if the 12 round things have to be selected in any particular order. I noticed you took one or two at the beginning and then started over using different ones. I realized the 4 shapes go in a special order and I had been doing so without any results. Thinking now that maybe my problem is the 12 things. Is there any order on them?
Got this far on my own
Margie B, Is there any video on the relic the 1st student is holding?
I did and did I laugh bc I just said it in frustrated jest! Oh well, we gamer have a way. Thanks for your support.
I am loaded with videos and a shovel, a mattress, nails, and a hammer. I know the bathroom is above the office so maybe I will try and dig up the floor Or smash it with the hammer. I will stumble and in the end find it. I am just having a senior moment. It will pass. Have a good thanksgiving.
you need a key...........that is why I am trying to go thru the rooms upstairs to see if I can find it. Maybe I will look thru other forums and cheat
Margie, I am back in the game and when I came downstairs I was back at the front desk with a puzzle so maybe I can find a way after I complete finding the items to get into the office. Thanks.............nothing happened
I am out now, I love what I have done so far. I did go upstairs and I would have a ball in those room. Opened one with the key I had. I think I just have the video and carjack. The strategy book is what is throwing me bc it says to go to the office some other way. If I just explored on my own it might be better BUT I do not know if that is the way the game should be played. Do you have to follow just steps? I love the game. Was going to wait for the cheaper version but then I couldnt wait bc all the others in the series were so good.
I have the video bc I was following the strategy which told me to go to the boathouse but I didn't have the key bc it is in the office I cant get into. Like which came first the chicken or the.......Hope I am not confusing you.
Margie B, I do feel stupid but how do you get into the office? Got to the front desk and the next walk-thru says go into the office. It is locked and says try a different way in. Do we then go outside to the boathouse or go thru the house?
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 21, 09 12:43 PM
Good to know, I have started this game over several times when I had trouble getting past these mini games. Some wont even let you skip if you try. Why arent' these games better tested before they are released. Just got a credit for Elemental keys also because it crashed. Again, wasn't tested! So far I am moving on with the game but find it annoying to have to re-play again and again. BTW, things to find are different if you want to re-play. I have always trusted BF but this is the 2nd game ......
 posted in Elementals: The Magic Key on Nov 16, 09 9:02 AM
They issued me a credit as I am not computer literate and can't go thru their instructions for them to look into your computer etc.
 posted in Elementals: The Magic Key on Nov 12, 09 8:23 PM
I just sent off an email to customer support. I am about half way thru and it just shuts off. I dont even get a message from BF asking if I want to play again. It doesnt go black, it just shuts off. Why arent these game better checked for these problems? This has happened 3 times before I quit for the nite.
 posted in Hidden Magic on Nov 4, 09 6:39 AM
Was waiting for the new build for this game but if they haven't done anything on the screen size, I won't buy it. I need to use my IM . Too bad. Will finish the demo.
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