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 posted in Virtual Families on May 25, 09 1:53 AM
Well, guys. Briana passed today. I left for a cook out and she was 65 and Stephan, her husband was 62. When I opened the game Stephan was standing next to her at the bed. I thought she was sleeping, when I clicked on him it said, "mourning for the dead".

I wound up choosing Rosiana, one of the triplets for the next generation. Although all 4 children never contacted their parents after they left for college. Rosiana has the sweetest personality. She is a worker like her mother.

She was left pretty comfortable. All upgrades except the toolbox, air purifier and pool. They have #2 upgrade in bathroom, sheets, tv, kitchen and office and she has right at $20,000 in bank.

When she first got home she checked out the house!

Miss Briana though. Stephan was sorta of lazy around the house. Briana fixed the toilet, sink, stove much quicker than Stephan. I had to constantly put him back on every task he ever did.

It is going to be interesting to see what is going to happen with my 2nd generation.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 25, 09 1:23 AM
I lost Briana, the mother today. When I left for a cook out she was 65 and Stephan, her husband was 62. When I came home she was laying on the bed and he was standing next to her. He was then 65, so I guess she was about 68. At first I just thought she was sleeping but when I clicked on him it said, "mourning the dead" and Briana just disappeared.

They walked on the treadmill, ate organic foods, stayed elated 99% of the time. I thought they would live longer than that.

I still haven't figured out how to get two or more families going at the same time.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 23, 09 3:27 PM
Thanks, D. I will give it a try.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 23, 09 10:01 AM
I need help in how to create another family. How is this possible and where do I go to do it?
 posted in Virtual Families on May 23, 09 9:58 AM
I agree, it is slow and very boring right now that Briana is 56 and Stephan is 53 and the triplets and the baby have left for college.

I would like for someone to tell me how to have several families going at the same time. I've only had the game for 4 days and would like to run another family also until Briana or Stephan "kick the bucket" and I can start another generation.

Help . . . how to start another family while I'm still playing this family.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 23, 09 9:35 AM
Thanks so much for taking the time to create this list for us. I have a Recruiter and a Marketing Agent. We are maxed out now at ages 56 and 53.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 23, 09 9:33 AM
Wonderful suggestions. See my comments under New Improvement suggestions. I hope the creators listen to us.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 23, 09 9:31 AM
I'm with you guys. Stephan just asked to go on a vacation. HOW . . . They sure have enough money in the bank as my two are real workers but they can't leave the house. My people have never left the elated mode except when they are feeling sick or not feeling fresh or are tired at the end of the day so I have taken very good care of them. However, I can't even send them on a vacation and they ask very little of me.

The triplets left for college yesterday and the baby left for college today and all Briana and Stephan do is sell collectibles, eat, treadmill, etc. It is now a boring game. Very dysfunctional if you ask me as we have no neighbors over for the barbecues, not even the whole family can interact with that. Why not let the family have the barbecue, invite a few friends over and be able to sit outside on the patio and have some fun. The kids never go for sleep overs or have friends over for sleep overs. Don't participate in any extracurricular activities. No wonder the kids haven't even e-mailed us once since they've been gone. They are out having a blast making up for a very limited, boring life at home.

In 4 days, Briana is now 56 and Stephan is 53. They have maxed out in their careers at $300 a day. I've upgraded the kitchen, they have everything but the air purifier, the tool box and the pool. They age several years each night. We have plenty of money in the bank. Another thing, I've bought a lot of outfits but cannot change back into any of them. It would also be nice to be able to change the hair styles and to have a nursery when the baby is born so Mama doesn't have to carry the baby around all the time. Also, maybe the Daddy and the other children could help in caring for it. I could go on and on!

I still have not found the last leaf, the last piece to the picture and the last 4 bugs. I've bought the tropical rain twice and only got bugs to sell as collectibles.

I really enjoyed the game for the first few days but now the couple is just functioning. I turned off the game for the day and will check tomorrow to make sure they have enough groceries but until they pass, I'm pretty much done!

Thanks for letting me "vent".

 posted in Virtual Families on May 21, 09 8:35 PM
How do you get more than one family going? I just bought the game 4 days ago and the triplets have already grown up and left for college.

I've never played a game like this so am very sims illiterate.

 posted in Virtual Families on May 21, 09 8:27 PM
I just bought this game 4 days ago. The tripletts left for college today and left a 12 year old sister at home. The mother is 48, the father 45. The stay elated most of the time. They go to bed on their own now as I praised them in the very beginning when I put them to bed. I turn off my computer about 10:30 each night and they are all sleeping when I shut down.

About mid-afternoon the mother gets tired and goes by herself to take a nap. As I said above, they now go to bed by themselves. The problem I have is they brush their teeth over and over. Also, even though they sat down to dinner, 5 minutes after the meal is finished, Mom or one of the tripletts call the children to dinner. Their fed monitor is full!!!

I'm still learning, don't know if it's just not enough knowledge or if I've done something wrong. (Wish I could change their clothes each day back to some they had earlier, need a closet.)
 posted in Virtual Families on May 21, 09 3:01 PM
Their 12-year old sister said, "Huh" when they disappeared.

I spent $500 for the Baby Booster and have been putting the Brenini and Stephony together off and on for 10 minutes and they just keep going to watch T.V. or work on their career. I hated for Sandrina to be all alone.

Empty nest syndrome already!
 posted in Virtual Families on May 21, 09 1:49 PM
I just bought this game 4 days ago and am still unfamiliar it seems. How do you change their names?
 posted in Virtual Families on May 21, 09 1:38 PM
I'm down to the last two and even bought the rain and all I got were "repeats" to be sold online.

Same with the leaves. I'm down to one leaf and all I get now are repeats.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 21, 09 1:27 PM
I agree with all that each of you have said. I have tripletts that are now 18 years old in 4 days. They are all elated most of the time if I could just get them to not brush their hair and warm their hands all the time.

I am constantly "manning" the perimeter for new objects needed to complete the collectible's trophy.

Also, at $225 a pop for clothes, it seems when we change their clothes that the clothes we took off them would go to a closet so we could change clothes. I have never played a game like this so I don't know if the clothes are stored somewhere and I can change their clothes. If so, someone please tell me where to find them. Also, the Dad is lazy about working around the house. The teenagers do more "fixing up" than the Dad. I had bought the wall repair kit and it disappeared before I could get him to finish. The kids were too young at the time to help him.

They have done well in their career. In four days the are already up to level 7 but it still takes so much time to accumulate money. I've bought them a bathroom upgrade, the patio furniture, a grill, a fish tank, pictures and sheets. I keep the refrigerator full, we've repaired the floors, twice. Once initially and then after the earthquake.

Any clue about the clothes or is it something we could add to the list for future programming?
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 12:05 PM
Thanks so much. This is the cutest game!
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 11:21 AM
How do you put out the dryer lint fire? I've tried to get the Dad to pick up water bucket, I've tried the workshop, etc. Also, how do we open the shed? I just purchased this game yesterday and it is so relaxing, at least until there is a home emergency like the dryer lint fire and I can't find a fire extinguisher, not even in the store.

Help, someone!!

Thanks for any guidance!!
 posted in Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients on Apr 22, 09 9:06 AM
Is it possible to sell a factory or something as I have "over extended" myself and can't get anywhere. Stuck in the Sahara!! I've had my sugar and my milk products stolen and that set me back. Or . . . do I have to start all over since I am broke!!

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