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Well, these are some of the best reviews/comments that I've seen on any forum. I'm in for the tent city. Backgammon, anyone? I'll also bring my 2 kitties, Sophie and Emily, and my cockatiel, Stanley (she's a girl, I found out after I named her). And wine, let's not forget that!

I played a little bit of the demo last night. My first complaint is that there's too much hand-holding. Not much of a challenge when everything you're supposed to do lights up and/or sparkles. Also, what's with the black screen between scenes? I didn't think the hidden objects were that difficult to find, although I did have to use the hint button. But someone said they get harder to find as you play so maybe I'm too early into the game. On the fence as to whether to buy, will play some more tonight and decide.

Have a great weekend, fellow fishies!
HoudiniCats wrote:Much too easy even in "difficult mode." Compared to other Frogware Sherlock Holmes games (e.g. The Awakening, The Silver Earing) this was, for me, a disappoinment since instead of focusing on the adventure they decided to try to appeal to less sophisticated gamers with the hidden object aspect. I garnered so many awards in 45 minutes (and I'm not a quick study when it comes to games) that it was absurd. Also, with the extra time I had, (15 minutes or more) I checked out the easy mode and the puzzles were exactly the same (at least as far as the 1 hour demo went).

I love hidden object games and I don't consider myself a "less sophisticated gamer." I also love adventure games, and the combination of the two in one game is heaven for me. I love this game - the graphics are beautiful, the story, while definitely not the original, is good, and the voiceovers are excellent. I'm playing in the "easy" mode and am finding it relatively easy, so maybe when I finish the demo and buy, I'll try the "hard" mode. Thanks again to all the fishies for the great reviews! Have a great weekend!
Poutoule wrote:Before this thread was issued, made a comment in "Sherlock Holmes : The Hound of the Baskervilles collector edition". Bought the game..... Are prices increasing ? That was mentionned nowhere, as far as I know.

I went to buy and it was $13.99 (member's price). Based on these great reviews, I think I'll buy without even trying. It sounds great! Thanks! Goofyduck: Thought we can't use credits for Collector's Editions??
 posted in Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder on Nov 7, 10 8:19 AM
Straight HOG. Very boring. Objects easy to find. When you click too many times, cursor falls to the bottom of the screen for about 2 seconds. Graphics amatuerish. Story so-so. I played 10 minutes of the demo, then deleted. Sorry, BFG, this is a for me. And I'm a huge HOG fan. But I like more of a challenge and there is none here.

Edit: Wow, finally made it to Lobster!
 posted in Mystery Age: The Dark Priests on Nov 6, 10 12:40 PM
One of the best games I've played in quite a while. Also, the first one I ever bought without trying first. The reviews were so fantastic, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. And I'm not. The graphics are great. The hidden object scenes are not too easy, not too hard. I find I don't have to resort to the walkthrough too many times; I just go from scene to scene and I can usually figure out what to do next. The music doesn't bother me - I'm so engrossed in the game I don't even hear it! I really feel I'm getting my money's worth on this one. Well, I just took a break to write this (I've been playing for 3 hours and don't want to stop). This is definitely
 posted in Mystery Age: The Dark Priests on Nov 4, 10 2:24 PM
Well, got home, didn't even take my coat off, opened E-mail, saw I had my rewards from Oct., bought the game and it's now downloading. Can't wait - will I eat dinner? Maybe not, but Sophie and Emily are now crawling up my legs, so I guess I'll have to feed them before starting the game! Thanks everyone for the great reviews - long AND short!

Edit: Thanks, sinshack, did get the credits in Email!
 posted in Mystery Age: The Dark Priests on Nov 4, 10 4:28 AM
Wow, it's only Nov. 4th and I'm already broke - can't wait to get home and try/buy. Wish I had my credits from October!
 posted in 3 Days - Amulet Secret on Nov 4, 10 4:22 AM
Just another to Goofyduck! Also, I loved Zoo Mystery so will try this, but not too keen on sacrificing animals.
 posted in Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors on Nov 2, 10 6:15 AM
peglegann wrote:Is this a new thread on "how long reviews should be". We had a lot of this yesterday. We all have our opinions, what does it matter how loooooong or how short a review is? Booooored with this now . Sorry

Oh look! This thread is for comments and reviews on this game! LOL!

Edited for spelling

You're absolutely right, peglegann! Shouldn't have posted my comment on this thread! Can't wait to demo this game tonight.
 posted in Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors on Nov 2, 10 5:24 AM
sinshack wrote:
carolinacat wrote:I'm going to download and try it but it doesn't sound promising...

Side note - what's with the really LOOOONG comments and reviews?? There should be a limit to how long they can be. Differing viewpoints are more meaningful than one extremely long one from one person, IMHO.

No, there should NOT be a limit, and more than we limit the number of people that post the useless one-liners like "terrible," or "boring," or "worst game ever" without bothering to say WHY they don't like it.

We had this same discussion yesterday on the Bloodline of the Fallen forums, and it's come up in a few threads in the past couple of weeks. If you don't like the long USEFUL reviews, don't read them - but don't discourage the writers who are putting in a lot of effort to make sure that everyone understands the functionality and gameplay to expect in the new games. I'd rather read the two or three detailed reviews than the 20-30 posts that simply trash every new game in 12 words or less.

Are you paying more for the long posts to "print" on your computer screen? Or is it just too much work to scroll down to the next entry?

I just commented on this on the Bloodline of the Fallen forum (and thanked you for your great post, Sinshack). I really appreciate the long reviews. They give me an idea of what to expect when I demo the game. The ones that say "terrible game, I won't buy" or "great game, definitely a buy" don't tell me anything. My feeling is, if you don't like them, then don't read them, but let's not limit them. That would be a little drastic, don't you think?
 posted in Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice on Nov 2, 10 4:46 AM
sinshack wrote:
kdubs wrote:
Here's to everyone finding the perfect game, very soon!

Unfortunately, finding the "perfect" game is nearly impossible when the comments in recent forums (games in the last month or so) complained that games were:

Too hard
Too easy
Objects too easy to find
Objects to hard to find
Subject matter too dark
Subject matter must have been made for kids because it isn't dark enough
Too like other games
Too different from other games
Too much hand-holding
Too hard to figure out what to do next
Annoying click penalties
Lack of click penalties means you can just click anywhere until you hit the spot
Grapics too grainy
Graphics too cartoon-y
Objects out of proportion (ie. 3 foot high paperclip)
Objects proportionally sized (weensy paperclips)

That kind of makes it hard for the developers to create a "one sizze fits all" perfect game, but there seems to be something for everyone somewhere!

Excellent, Sinshack. Yes, there is something for everyone and not everyone is going to be happy with every new game. We just need to pick and choose what's best for us. And on another note, I love the long reviews, especially Goofyduck, Casualgran and Cherb. They give me a lot of background on what to expect before I demo the game. Keep it up!
CasualGran wrote:
sunloving wrote:How do you early-reviewers do it? Even though I check my email and then BFG right away in the morning, I don't seem to get to playing the new releases until the evening Thankfully many of you play these games immediately and write reviews, so by evening I've made up my mind whether or not to even try them. Good job, everyone, and thanks for saving me time.

I think it has something to do with time differences. Here in Holland it's about 9 in the morning when BF releases the new TGT. So it's not that difficult to play the demo then and write my comment about it.

This works the same of course for all other fishies on this timeline!

CasualGran, you just answered my question too! You, Goofyduck and Cherb are usually the first reviewers on the forum (and three of the best), so I was wondering how you did it. Also wonder where Goofyduck and Cherb are located?

I just started playing the demo, so appreciate all the reviews. I need 3 more games to get my 3 credits next month (no wonder I'm broke), so this one may be it. Will let you know!
 posted in Mystery Valley on Oct 30, 10 12:28 PM
Well, after reading the first reviews that praised the game, I demo'd it and boy, was I disappointed. The graphics are ok and I don't find the game at all spooky. I'm playing in advanced mode and still find it way too easy, especially the hidden object scenes. My demo ended when I was outside the house trying to find the ax. So I guess I'll have to buy it (glad there's a sale price this weekend), because I MUST find that ax! But I wouldn't have bought it at the regular price. Happy Halloween, fellow fishies!
 posted in Great Secrets: Nostradamus on Oct 29, 10 4:36 AM
I'm with Heatherington. Think I'll check myself into the Sanitarium this weekend and read my Letters from Nowhere!
 posted in Letters from Nowhere on Oct 27, 10 7:57 AM
Why aren't I surprised that the first 3 comments are from Cherb, CasualGran and Goofyduck? I can always count on them for great reviews! I love these types of games and can't wait to get home to play. I still have a credit, so sounds like I will be using it. BTW, I bought Siberia II, but haven't even played yet. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?
 posted in Mystery of the Earl on Oct 24, 10 1:18 PM
Once again, I find myself in the minority! I'm really enjoying this game. I like the music and the characters. I don't think the hidden objects are any more difficult to find than in other games - true, a little smaller but I haven't had too many problems. I was able to find 14 of the flowers before using the hint button. I think it's a fairly intuitive game at least so far - I've just gotten to the castle and have about 29 minutes on the demo to go, so I'll continue playing and see what happens. Based on the game so far, think I'll use a credit to buy it.
 posted in Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone on Oct 23, 10 2:20 PM
I too find the objects a little small, but I like the challenge of trying to find them. I like that you can click without penalty. The hint system is good - circles around the object. I got stuck in the first room, so went to the others and was able to get through them before my demo ran out. At $2.99, it's a buy for me.
 posted in Column of the Maya on Oct 23, 10 12:18 PM
I guess I'm in the minority here. I didn't think the objects were hard to find at all, in fact, some of them stuck out like a sore thumb. I found the dialogue pretty funny. So I used a credit and bought it. And guess what? About 45 minutes later I found myself at the Epilogue and confronted with a puzzle I had no idea how to solve. Very frustrating. Back to Phantom of the Opera for me!

And Goofyduck, I've said it before and will say it again: Love your reviews. And Casualgran's too. Also, CG, I'm in wholehearted agreement with your comments re "Buy American." It's a shame such a comment was posted on this site, where our fellow fishies come from many different countries. That's one of the things that makes this forum great!
What can I say that hasn't been said before? Finally got home, d/l'd game and it's just as everyone has said. Wonderful! The music, the graphics are great. The hidden object scenes are perfect, not too easy, but not so hard that I can't find everything. It really helps that you can see an outline of the object when you cursor over the name. So far, the puzzles (only had 2 so far) are typical, so not much of a surprise there. The strategy guide is built into the hint system, which I really like. I stopped about 20 minutes into the demo to write this, so back to the game. A definite buy for me!

slinkysmom wrote:Hi Fellow Fishies.......
CE IS ON SALE TODAY FOR 13.99. 2 credits instead of 3. Reading the reviews and though I never buy CE's, I might make an exception especially since it is now 13.99
Thought I would pass it on!

Thanks, Slinkysmom. But fishies, correct me if I'm wrong. I think all CEs are now $13.99 every day (they lowered the price recently from $19.99!) and you get 3 punch card credits for each.
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