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 posted in Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come on Feb 19, 11 1:55 AM
Same here.

I deleted the game and redownloaded with no success again the second time.

Perhaps I'll try a new profile and see how that goes..
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 14, 11 1:51 AM
Agree with the Bing thing..

The game looks like it was made on a shoestring budget..

Whilst the Intro grahpics look appealling once you are into the game they fall by the wayside.

Items tiny and hidden and could present a challenge for poor sighted people.

Printed dialogue on screen and i could see that

Its a no-buy for me unfortunately.

I'm still waiting on another good quality game something like Shadow Wolf Mysteries CE was great and i am happy to pay for a game of that quality.
Same thing as all the other fishies, so enjoying this beautiful game and I am disappointed not to be able to move on - i tried the 326 code on the box but was also told to get the code first - all lenses stuck and no good clicking in the centre part of the telescope.

Closed up, restarted twice and no good so guess we all wait for a fix..

On the positive side, i think this game is great and I hope more like this arrive in our fishbowl.
 posted in Project Rescue Africa on Jan 16, 11 2:25 AM
A lovely time management game with cute animals to raise and set free.

The one thing that led me to unload it and give it a miss was a requirement to fast click on the helicopter in the mini window once it carries off an animal which you have raised to adulthood.

My arthritis just can't handle fast clicking unfortunately. Apart from that, it looks to be a great game and I am sorry I cannot get it.

Enjoy to those fishies who can happilly click away!

I am so impressed with the Quality of this game -

Artwork is stunning
Music not intrusive
Story interesting
More of an Adventure than a HOG
Very Interactive
Thought provoking
Puzzles fun but found my cursor not responding in a smooth manner when trying to place puzzle pieces in toy room. (may just be my pc tho)

Just one thing dear Developers.. being an older fish, I find it very difficult to cope mentally with the Cursor going Round in Circles when I wrongly click in HOG scenes, I feel dizzy and almost nauseous when this happens.

I Respectfully Ask that you do NOT program this feature in the next episode Please..

Apart from this distraction the game is marvelous and I look forward to buying the next one, its definately worth every cent I paid. out of 5. Thank You!
 posted in Curse of the Ghost Ship on Dec 29, 10 11:20 PM
Boo Hoo I was hanging out for another good game and then jumped on this one.

What a frustrating game

First, despite lightening my screen the game was blindingly dark. Second, trying to find hidden objects was nigh on impossible but to be fair, my eyes are not great. Thirdly, running all over the joint and getting nowhere.
Fourthly, that cursor should get the chop! Curly arrow cursor and the only other shape I got was a hand when it shouldn't have been a hand.. ggrr.
Fifth, trying to navigate back to another screen couldn't get the down or sideways arrow in order to move away from the current screen.

Not a buy for me unfortunately. On the happy side, we have had some very good games lately and I guess you take the bad with the good
 posted in Build It Green: Back to the Beach on Nov 8, 10 2:49 AM
Barrels match mini-game does not work anymore after clicking two cards.
The puzzle mini-game works but is unstable and does not 'stick' down when trying to match the next piece.
Winning these games DOES matter as you win money so SKIPPING is not an alternative.
Apart from teething problems in this game I am enjoying it and love the concept.
Restarted the game, went back to the basement, picked up the brush, put the chalk in the poison and looked at the brain pix on the wall and octopus etching in the drawer at the desk.

Then, instead of going to the sparkly area at the basement door, i went BACK to the house and saved the people ... going to the basement door comes later after performing certain tasks.

So its not necessarily the game that's at fault but the ORDER tasks need to be completed i think at this stage of the game..

Its a great game and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges and the funny humour as well as the scary bits. I can relate to the fears of some of those patients!

I would buy the next instalment no probs..

lynn106 wrote:I thought the game was great and was playing along in the demo, figuring at the end of the hour I would buy. I just put the poison on the sugar and clicked the hidden object scene - freeze! No cursor, just frozen eyeball. I had to use the task manager to get out of it. I had 14 minutes left - glad I didn't make it to the end and find this problem after purchase, expecially since it's a CE. Maybe when it comes out in regular version, technical problems will be fixed and I will definitely buy.

Same here, I purchased the game not 5 minutes ago and I am so disappointed, tried twice and twice I froze at the HOG scene (sparkly door). That is exactly what happened in the Trial version and I thought, oh only had 1 minute left so thats why it froze up ready to go back to desktop.. Now I have purchased the game and I have frozen at the exact same spot. Ohh I have been waiting for this game please BF save me...
 posted in Mystery Valley on Oct 30, 10 7:25 PM
I am heartily sick of being penalised by frozen mouse pointer, blurring of screens, cracking glass screens and any other stupid ideas game developers think we should suffer when trying to find items in HOG scenes and clicking more than THEY THINK we should..

Sometimes its very hard for me to find items with my not so good eyesight and, sometimes, I even get frustrated and want to click madly till I calm down..

I really do have a mind to boycott any HOG developers who penalise people's game enjoyment this way and, for what? Will they suffer if we click the heck out of a scene? Will they encourage us not to overclick this way. NO.

Do any other fishies feel this way??

 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 18, 10 6:32 PM
I love this type of game and thank you for making improvements to similar games already on the market.

My suggestions to improve Farm Tribe are based on my age and abilities. I am older and have arthritis in my hands so its difficult to click quickly on moving targets.

My comments are this - Remove those Worms please! They are hard to click all over the place and they reduce the quality of your game.

Also, some little people do not respond when I try to make them do a job, in particular is picking the flowers near the hospital hut.

Cooking is fun but I need little people to go and eat something by themselves because I feel like I am just cooking and feeding most of the time.

The food storage hut could be much bigger please.

I would definately buy any sequel games you make like this I just love them and always looking for them. You have got it right with the size of the people and I love that I can pick them up with goods in their hands and move them without losing the goods. The game is very addictive! Thank you so much.

 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 26, 10 9:39 AM
Please BF could a SKIP button feature be added as an upgrade?

I really like this challenging game and, as some other fishies, have arthritis which limit my abilities to do the mini-games.

I was rather disappointed with the mini-games apart from the cheesy look of them - all this wacking stuff was not inspiring however the main game is as attractive and addictive as chocolate and potato chips!

 posted in The Tarot's Misfortune on Feb 19, 10 6:37 AM
Having the same problem as all the other fishies! Includes being locked out and the same spot the difference card already finished but still glows!

I tried again and started a fresh game but unfortunately am in the same boat again - i am dizzy from going around and around.

I hope there will be a fix for this soon as i buy a lot of games from BF and there's only been a few I would call buggy..

Apart from this issue I really like this little game and it was well worth buying for the content.

 posted in Anka on Jan 19, 10 2:58 AM
I too am guilty of overlooking this game purely on the cartoon character presented, I thought it was a simple kids game... I will give it another try.

I agree with the other fishies that we need all the good quality games we can get because there are still some doozies out there!

 posted in The White House on Jan 12, 10 4:58 AM
Just wondering - has had a chance to iron out the technical probs with this game yet please?

Would love to give it another go..
 posted in The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 on Jan 10, 10 6:56 PM
Thanks so much Its a very tricky game, I did get the walkthru as I'm just a baby fish whose in the woods with adventure games..

I'm trying to work out the magic mirrors now he he..
 posted in The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 on Jan 10, 10 4:25 AM
Love this game but I'm stumped already I have managed to stop the moving blades in front of the many armed statue but the blades are still in my way and won't allow me to collect the statue. I did take the objects from her hands even tho the guy's voice said why fill up his pockets.

Anyone know how to collect this statue please - I think I'm going to need a walkthru for this one and there are none around as far as I've searched today including You Tube.

Thanks to Big Fish for this lovely game and to all the fishies for their friendly help.
 posted in The White House on Jan 9, 10 8:57 PM
Was looking forward to this game but as with the other fishies, problems with graphics. Screen size is way too small in window and full screen settings.
I tried resetting screen resolutions to no avail.

I run Windows Vista and tried to run the game both in Vista and WinXPSp2 mode but nothing seemed to work.

This is the first game that has caused me real problems... Now what am I going to do today lol...

BTW I'm in Australia and its 43 degrees Celsius here today - having a heat wave.
 posted in Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise on Jan 2, 10 1:50 AM
The shovel is to the right of the x from what I remember, it is standing upright, click on it and use to dig. Hope that helps..
 posted in Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise on Jan 2, 10 1:47 AM
I also jumped in and bought this game after Ámsterdam'. It was difficult to see some objects and the hint only showed a general area of the object. The screw by the fountain was very tricky even with the hint. I kept clicking on the large screw on piece of iron roof on right. I find it very annoying to have the cursor crack up when we are trying to pinpoint an item - talk about dizzy..
I also found the game rather short.
Apart from that, it was a good story, puzzles and graphics. I thought the heroine was a poor cartoon drawing whilst all the other graphics were so nice.
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