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 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Mar 5, 14 11:11 PM
Yes, i use that well also alot. Whenever i have some 1500 cash or so and it's not necessary to spend in on a quest i begin playing the well with 500 until i have a free spin and that one i use on the one for the crystals. You be surprised indeed how many chests, honeypots and items that come in handy you get that way, even with the 500 spins.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Mar 3, 14 11:20 PM
DivaDoodle wrote:HI I don't know how to put on a spoiler tag so be forewarned, I am spoilering

I was trying to make Archie end up with Betty, just because as a kid I always wanted it to happen! LOL anyway I made them do a whole lot of activities together, since there seem to be Many quests for Archie & Veronica but only a few with Archie & Betty.

Well I got Archie & Betty's relationship up to 95%. Then I felt safe to accomplish the Archie and Veronica quests and after finishing them, Archie and Veronica"s relationship was to 87% and the game had a pop-up asking me if I wanted them to became a couple!

um, NO! Betty has dibs!

WHY the game did not ask me the 'make them a couple question' when Betty & Archie's relationship hit 95% a week ago I do not know.

Anyhoo I thought it was interesting and wanted to share

fun game, I am enjoying it

Maybe the developers think Betty and Archie were made to be together, just like you.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 25, 14 4:07 AM
I am beginning to wonder if this freezing has to do with the servers that are used to play the games. Because the last week or so ART isn't so smoothly playing as it used to do also. Maybe too many players are playing at the same time that causes to overload the servers ? Because there are moments that i don't have any problem with freezing.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 22, 14 11:25 AM
I made it to the festival, i completed all the festival quests and received a nice reward also. I was glad i kept playing after all the other quests were completed and it helped because i saved 135,000 money and 65 crystals and lots of resources so i completed some quests with ease.
I too had problems with the game freezing, but i just used the taskmanager to quit the game and started again and continued playing, never happened more than twice a day. Offcourse this may not happen while playing but it never stopped me from continue to play.

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Feb 18, 14 5:50 AM
OddlyEnuh wrote:I thought about asking this before but did not do so..... I was at around 82,000 XP needed and with the new update it dropped down to around 41,000. It meant I was able to go up about 9 levels in the last couple of weeks without using any food in the rush to take advantage of the large number of resources.

Did anyone else also experience a big drop in needed XP.

Mine dropped from somewhere in the 80.000 to 38.000 when i reached level 50, i thought it was ment to be with that level, apparently not.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 16, 14 3:48 AM
DaisyMaeDriver wrote:Try going to your games manager, click on options and then where it says check for updates change it to manual and click. If you are able to get the update change it back to automatic before you install (or write yourself a note to go back in and change it) I have left it on manual without using the reminder. Hope this helps

Thanks for your help.
I did that but the manager don't recognize the game because it was installed from another site without the manager's assistance.

I am afraid i have to install the game again with the assistance of the game manager and start from the beginning. A pity because i allready was at level 58.

 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 15, 14 12:14 AM
Is there another way to update the game instead then using the game app ?
I installed this game last year from another site because my game app did not work at all, after contact with techs from BF we couldn't resolve it and i was adviced to install the old game manager. I did and this manager worked without problems. But it will not recognize AK as installed and therefore don't mention an update.
When i install the game again from the BF site will this be the new updated version ? I have to do this and start all over again i'm afraid that way.

Thanks and regards.

 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 24, 14 5:04 AM
charlieisr wrote:Every time i try to inter the words sprocket or cockatrice in the auction. All i get is ??!!!?!?!?. Whats up?

I guess cockatrice has to to with the 1st 4 characters, COCKatrice and perhaps for sprocket, it's because the developers don't like to rock, spROCKet.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 23, 14 11:53 AM
Amerzone wrote:I'm at 31 with no real money and I only need 3 more items to finish the collectibles. Seems I have a long way to go. Is 56 the highest you can go?

My biggest regret in the game is that I played Fahleed's number 6 mini game until I had 2 trophies and turned out that getting two trophies was not what was needed to unlock the next mini game. I could have used all those spools on game 1.

56 is not the highest level until now. You will get an award when you reach level 75, as you will notice once you pass level 50, so level 75 is for sure still reachable with this version. I just go on playing to save money for the next update.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 23, 14 9:39 AM
derbyteam wrote:Have you found all the relics yet? I an on 30 and 4 more to go was wondering if you maxed out did you find them all, good job!

Yes i found all the relics needed to fullfill the quest and received an award. But there came another reward for finding 30 relics, so i guess these relics can be found after the next update en in new places.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 23, 14 12:56 AM
I came to level 56 without ever using real money. Just played with patience and had a good eye for bargains at the auction to complete collections for materials, money and experience. Especially the 1st level of Fahleed's emporium is a good and easy moneymaker. I have now all the hog-scenes at the maximum with 5 trophy's, that is the reason i continued to play until this level 56. My plans now, play each day a few levels with the energy that automatically renews to gather money and materials to complete collections to gather more money. This way i hope to have a nice some of money when the upgrade will be there, i presume that will come in handy. My point actually is, you can have a good time with this game for free also. Not when you want to reach level 50 in 2 days or so offcourse, then you have to buy things with real money.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 15, 14 6:20 AM
Thanks shagwendy, i completely overlooked that scrolloption in the collections.
I knew i overlooked something obvious.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 15, 14 4:43 AM
I can't figure out what to do with the quest from the Goblinpunk. He says, complete and exchange 3 sets of goblin gears. But where are these gears to be found and how to exchange them. I can't see them in my collection. Obviously i overlooked something, but i don't know what.

Thanks in advance.
 posted in Be Richest! on Aug 8, 12 3:04 AM
You can do something to get rid of most rats. Just keep your appearance way above 1000 always. When you want more money and or more days to finish just adjust the file levels.xml in the map with the data with a program like wordpad, you can change the days and money you start with each level for instance. Make sure to make a copy of the file in case you make a typo.
 posted in Be Richest! on Aug 7, 12 10:13 AM
Like many said before me, the game is nice but the rats and other pests are too annoying for me. There had to be a way to completely get rid of them, like for instance with a special building or worker that you can buy. So you can choose to spend money on it or build along and go clicking like crazy.
 posted in Burger Bustle on Jun 20, 10 3:26 AM
gailsgame wrote:
BoutjeFedankt wrote:Hello.
Hello, can you please help more as I do love this game & would like to increase the times. I have gone to the files as you say, but the levels file seems to be an excel document and when I adjusted those in excel & saved, it said I had finished the game and wouldn't let me play at all. So I uninstalled the trial and reinstalled and started again which worked out fine, but no time adjustments.

I opened levels excel file up in wordpad but it just shows one line, so I'm really confused. I have gone looking in all the other files but can't find the text you are talking about. Thanks.



Maybe it is because you have the trile version and i am talking about the complete version. And i opened the file just with wordpad to make the adjustments and not with excel.

I hope it wordks out good for you,

 posted in Burger Bustle on Jun 17, 10 11:07 AM

I just found a way to adjust the timesettings for the levels so you can make
levels that you can not pass for gold easier.
It will take some effort and better make a copy of the game just in case you
make a mistake.
I played allready the 1st 20 levels and they all worked fine with the adjusted timesettings.

Go to the map where the game is installed, look for the map data and
then the map properties and then the file levels.

Open this file with for instance wordpad.

You will see a large text with all sort of numbers and figures.

Look for this :

[removed by moderator]

ce3 stands for the time in that particular level, after the first "number" the time is for gold the second for silver.
In this example 160 seconds so that is 2 minutes 40 seconds for gold and 280 seconds is 4 minutes and 40 seconds for silver.
Just replace 160 with 360 and 280 with 500 and you will have 6 minutes for gold and 8 minutes and 20 seconds for silver.

You just have to figure out which level is the right one to adjust or just adjust every level from the beginning.
I believe there are 60 levels so there are 60 lines with these figures, the first time you will see this line with ce3
in it is for the 1st level, the second time you see it is for the 2nd level and so on.

Just save the file when you are finished adjusting.

I am sure there is much more that you can adjust, but this one is allready a great help.

I hope i explained it a little understandable for everyone who is interested.

Good luck and pleasure with playing this great game.

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