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 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 23, 11 11:18 AM
that was nice of you to say that.
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secret Collector's Edition on Dec 23, 11 12:15 AM
I played the demo half way through and had to buy it. looking for morphs and hidden objects bring a nice touch. This game has variety. I never sit down and play any game steady for hours, I play an hour or so here and there and they last me days, it allows me to really enjoy them. I have no clue how many more hours of entertainment I still have ahead of me. Colors are vibrant, and I have no problem with any voice overs at all, they sound good enough to me. Hidden object scenes are nice, dont need a magnifying glass to find the items. I had previously finished playing the exorcist, and I am amazed at all the great games we have been getting. I am blessed. If you're looking for fun and adventure, I highly recommend this game.
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secret Collector's Edition on Dec 22, 11 11:55 PM
I totaly agree with you.
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 21, 11 8:46 PM
Well I just finished the game, and I really hope they make a part three. I enjoyed this game alot. I love spooky stories, have to say I am not fond of things pertaining to the exorcist, but, this game was fun and challenging for me. Hidden object scenes were big enough to find, really liked that. Over all, this is excellent.
 posted in Christmas Tales: Fellina's Journey on Dec 21, 11 8:36 AM
I recommend everyone demo the game to see if you like it. Make your decision to buy or not to buy from your own experience.
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 19, 11 5:31 PM
cyndrap wrote:I read through the reviews as the game downloaded - I thought perhaps I should just trashcan it from the negative reviews
I am glad I did not - I enjoyed the demo and will be buying the game

The widescreen / black bar issue was resolved with pillars draped in roses - nice touch

The humor and offbeat humor at that was refreshing - a slightly different take on what has become a rather stale scenario - the grainy appearance was meant to be [at least this is my take on it]

I liked the story line and the voice overs

Good game

I am glad you tried it for yourself. I have not purchased a game myself because of reviews. never again, I will always demo it myself. Different strokes for different folks. I am still loving this game, I think it is probably one of the scariest ones yet.
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 19, 11 1:23 PM
All of a sudden my game became real sluggish, any suggestions on how to fix that?
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 19, 11 10:45 AM
maggisaxby wrote:Ah, but Christmas is the PERFECT time for ghost stories!

I agree!
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 19, 11 10:28 AM
I really like this game, finished the demo and purchased it. The voice overs are so good, its like watching a movie. Hidden objects scenes are really good, items are big enough I dont have to squint to find them. I'm a clicker when it comes to hidden object scenes and so far I have not been penalized. The scenes are done really nice, has the spookiness I love. I'm able to actualy enjoy this game without getting frustrated and stuck, wondering what to do next. I have no clue how long the game is, I'm usualy not concerned about anyways. I figure for $6.99 its cheap entertainment for a few hours, I spend three times that amount for nothing in a grocery store. I think they did a wonderful job on this game, can't wait to get back and finish playing it.
A big thanks to the developers for making a game like this, keep up the spooky ones, I love them!!
 posted in Mountain Crime: Requital on Dec 13, 11 9:32 AM
Thankful for the forums, I needed an answer to this also. Thanks for the help.
 posted in The Last Express on Dec 9, 11 11:13 AM
I am thinking about myself on why I hate games like these, truthfully I want to give it a second chance. I do like having to think things through, I love challenges, but for some reason I try playing one of these games and I wind up frustrated. I own dracula, siberia, and there's another one I can remember off hand. When I play I find that I am walking around in circles, I even walk into the walls, I get bored and anxious because I have no clue what to do. So, I have the ability to change my thinking and approach these games differently. Problem, I dont know how to enjoy them and seriously I wish I did. I don't know how to find clues and what to do next. To you folks who love them, why and how to you get yourself into the enjoyment of playing?
I am so willing to give them a second chance, like I said, I just don't know what kind of mind frame I should put on. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who loves them and why, and how do you get yourself involved mentaly into the story.
 posted in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 11 10:49 PM
I think sometimes we are spoiled, these are games that bring entertainment into our homes that otherwise we wouldnt have. I often wonder how much time and work goes in to making one. I enjoy hidden object games and they continue to get better. To some people it's just never enough, not good enough, and flaws seem to be magnified. You can only have one thought at a time, if your thankful you cannot be negative. Reviews for games are great, I do read them, however when I first started playing, I actualy didnt buy a game because of the negative review. Come to find out, the game was terrific, the person was negative. Back to this game. I am enjoying it. I am not fond of fairytale type games, but the darker side, spooky ones, I like. This one got my attention right off the bat, and I enjoy wandering all over looking for items. This one in particular I am able to play without running to the SG, so far. The last MCF game was way to hard for me and took some pleasure away. This game has a good feel to it, I like the scenery, hidden objects are large and I am able to find them. It's alot cheaper than going to a movie theatre. I've got my popcorn and soda, and going back to play, to me its a good game.
 posted in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 11 6:17 PM
For me, this game has it all. I dont expect hidden object games to be english literature, so any grammer or misspelled words is the least of my expectations. This is a really good HOG game with lots of adventure. Right off the bat it grabs your attention. I am able to spend more time playing the game than the strategy guide. The last MCF game had all the graphics I love, except it was hard, this game is really enjoyable. The characters are life like, the mini games are not bad at all, I am able to do them, usualy have to hit the skip button often. The hidden objects are nice size, I dont have to squint my eyes to find them. Lots of different places to check out and things to do in this game, just a nice variety.
I am one who loves games that are spooky and on the dark side. I have tried others dont need to mention names, but for some reason I get annoyed with fairies and things along that line. This game brings me pleasure on the darker/suspensful side.
Its nice to have choices of games and to demo before you buy. I really apprecaite that, if you dont like it, don't buy it. These games bring entertainment that I normaly wouldn't have. The biggest plus, is that I am entertained without anyone being here with me. Thanks for a great game, I think its even better than the last one. Off to go play some more. Great way to start the holidays.
 posted in Revenge of the Spirit: Rite of Resurrection on Dec 7, 11 9:48 AM
I really like the game, I buy these because I enjoy hidden objects and finding clues. I am one who could care less if the story is good or bad, I watch movies for that. I love almost all games that are spooky, enjoy car crashes if they have them, its a good way to grab my attention right off the bat. I think this game is awesome, love the graphics and scenery. The darker/spookier the better for me. For only $6.99, I have the pleasure of playing at home anytime I want, so much better than spending three times the amount going to a movie. Thankyou again to the Devs who work hard at making games for us and to Big Fish for making it available. If I were to add anything, I love morphs, wish all the games had them. Off to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 11 9:34 AM
I handed over my computer to my daughter and she figured it out. I'm embarrased, I was trying to unlock the wrong cabinet.
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 11 4:00 PM
I am not sure if I should post my question here or in technical issues. I have tried over and over again to unlock the cabinet by the table. I know I have the correct key but it wont work. I tried different angles etc. Any help on this?
Ohhh ok, I was doing one at a time. Well go back and finishe the game, thankyou very much. Now the problem I will face is; how am I ever going to play a simple game after playing this game, wow have to say its a one of a kind.
Beings the chapter is pretty much the eyes. I to am stuck. I read all the reviews. My question, I count etc go back to the monitor and type in my answer. Starting with the twins, heres my question, I feel like i counted correctly, once you enter your answers, does something automaticaly change so you know you were correct, or after entering, do you still need to click on an enter button somewhere once your done. Getting this answer would at least tell me that my counting was not correct. Thankyou, looking for a reply
Hmmmm you should be able to go up the ladder, in fact to get the recent code you have to. You might have to get in touch with Tech Dept. Or try closing down the game and re-starting it. The patient number in the book wont help, you have to get the code the same way as the right door, (new updated one). Good luck, hope you get it to work. This game is definitly challenging.
I needed answeres several times and always found them on the forums. I just noticed that Margie said she is going to be posting a walkthrough today or tomorrow.
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