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 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 8, 14 9:57 PM
Yep, I am very glad for the added help and encouragement about this game, It was/is strange, I was determined to make something happen toward other progress besides the hidden objects aspects. I cracked up when another poster said they spent all the points/stuff for energy food, etc. My motto: if one thing doesn't work, try something else until you hit the other wall! I still am experimenting with what/how the game is to go, etc. however. I loved the different style, but when frustrated lost all focus on the fun/enjoyment of the process! Great potential here for successful gaming experience. Proceed with caution! LOL, NEVER GIVE UP!
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 8, 14 3:14 PM
Thanks, I had somewhat of a breakthrough right after this and got into the fireplace room and some new stuff. When I hear the alarm sound and it goes dark, I just go back into the scene ASAP. It seems to be working better. I have also attempted to buy some more points items. I will do the waiting you suggest, I just wanted to get somewhere in the game that I knew I wasn't wasting my time...LOL. I am a bit more relaxed about it-playing for playing sake. Thanks
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 8, 14 12:57 AM
It is appears that when you run out of time you get no credit for correctly id of hidden object scene up till that point. I do not feel this is fair because if you miss the time limit and only have one to go, you should not lose everything- in my opinion. I have lost lots of points. The game while interesting-like shooting in the dark because of large amount of materials, and very little instructions is a ittle much to begin with. Then, if you have a challenge/ jumbled letters/or new objects to locate-makes for alot more frustration. I also get alot of fatal errors about "default copying something" I am going to see if info on correcting this is available. I have deleted the game and refreshed it many times and still happens. I suspect it is with the firewalll and/or antivirus on my puter, Both of which I know nothing about. I don't want to not be able to play any game because out of error. I deleted or did something else I should have left alone. Can anyone help me understand better? Also, I have read threads that suggest I am not getting the full experience of the game because I don't know how/what to do. I have purchased items with points, etc. and cannot...Energy or speed up time for creating objects for examples. I have spent hours trying to find a key to mailbox, get the stuf out of the fountain, and do whatever with the horses peuteut. This is a real downer in this game.How can I help the inventor when I am doing nothing but creating stuff to survive the game or be able to do anything else? Just saying, I hope I can get a little direction here. Thanks for any spoiler info, etc. I need some specifics, not vague. I am growing weary here, and like the HOS, stuff, but it is extremely frustrating.
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 7, 14 1:42 PM

Hope I got the name right...LOL. Thanks so much, I will keep on, keeping on! Hope they can get the kinks out of the game, so I can figure out this stuff.
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 7, 14 8:53 AM
I need some help to understand how to access much of the different scenes you are talking about. I have been doing HOGames, and I have only 4 things in the inventory. It keeps telling me to build the bridge or go to it. It requires more diamonds than I have, etc. How do I help the scientist iwith the medicine, etc. How do I get the controller thing in the mountains by the car to work? How do I get rid of ice. etc. I am really frustrated here. I hope doing the hog is not a waste of time? Give me some directions , please? Anybody?
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 6, 14 4:03 PM
Sorry about butting in, but I am having terrible time with the tree /mansion, and all
the anomolies? LOL. I have found only 4 things and don't know how to use them. I found a stone nose, a butterfly, an odd symbol that is connected to the winter scene that the window opens from the inside. Can anyone help me with where and how to use them. It has been extremely long stretches of time before I find anything for the inventory, and I don't know what they mean anyway. I have been using the inventor to make things, but the quest for him is still nothing? I kept being told to go to the bridge and build a bridge before preceding and yet I can't because of diamonds? Help me somehow. When I search around, click around I get fatal errors too.Please help me understand how to put things where they belong. I am beyond frustrated ,bu have kept playing hoping something opens up soon. How do you get the control panel stuff to work also. Lots of questions/no answers
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 5, 14 5:34 PM
Why am I having fatal exceptions with ths game. I have reinstalled several times and still have problems. If I click around attempting to find a wayto make something new appear or change. I get a clang sound and black screen. I have attempted to get the hang of how/what I am doing and my problems might be a glitch? Help.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Mar 28, 14 4:51 AM
Are the clay tablets and signs the same thing? On or near level 74 the guru says you can have him for a couple of clay tablets or signs. Is this the ones with the ghost and the ones you banish with the renegade whatever? Need to know.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Mar 20, 14 9:07 PM
I put in request about the following and got answer to first update if I hadn't done so. I had updated the latest version of Found too. Within days it seemed another update was listed, so I updated again. I was hoping it would solve a problem with the coins I purchased but it didn't look like I got. It was just the 3.99 but I don't need to be spending any extra right now. When I updated it didn't fix anything. I am leary to delete game and reload it. I like how things are now, a little slow...a lot sometimes- but doable . I have already started over 3 times...and cannot bear to work back up to 70+ level again! Anybody had the coin issue and did you delete and reinstall game to the same level? Thanks
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Feb 27, 14 9:55 AM
I bought a fruit basket and had 22 energy points. I still have them and did not see an increase after buying the basket. Can this be fixed?
 posted in World Mosaics on Feb 20, 14 2:40 PM
I had bought one or two mosaics and loved them. However, with the Mosaic Chroma or whatever. It says it is a free game and then has where you put in your email and a password. Is this your Big Fish password or not. I have not seen another game here at Big Fish do this. I need to find out more so I can it correctly. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks,
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Feb 20, 14 8:00 AM
You want the barge....I do too! LOL. I also want the ice cave to open up, etc. I enjoy drawing and painting and see so many different things that can be elaborated on. It just technically says a future update-not the next. I guess we will have to wait and see and I hope it is not much ado about nothing. I have liked the new updates and while I cannot play as often without paying alot more. I like the game very much each time with the far!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Feb 6, 14 6:30 AM
I got a lever...LOL, and now I am wondering about if in a future update or something, if part of it could include a Christmas in July? At least that would be a way to make up for the lever problem, etc. Of course, as usual some of us like stuff and some don't! Can't please us all! It was just some of the Christmas stuff wasn't clear as to what to do, etc. Oddly, once I got my lever, I still met a Christmas task, etc about two weeks ago. Now, I want to get the ones I missed and can't! LOL. Just thought a way to catch up would be nice. I know most this would be out of the question, but it was a thought
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Jan 15, 14 4:45 AM
Hi! I read about this before Christmas about the pull handle for Christmas, special items not being there when a quest is met. Can this be fixed? Not that I will be Christmasing, but it has come up twice and this might mean more points? LOL. On another note the Amulet that is suppose to give you more energy faster is not working correctly in my opinion. If it is working 3 times as fast, it should give you energy faster than I seem to be acquiring them! It is very slow compared to before the updates.Any way this can be checked? Curious? Thanks- Trying to get back my progress as soon as possilbe. Had to get another computer and lost all progress. I am much faster this go round, thankfully, just wished I could speed energy up abit.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 30, 13 9:54 AM
No, I cannot pull up anything on the other computer.I will have to wait until I can do up to that level again! I just won't have the wherewithall to do it again. I will eventually do a game, etc. Then, maybe I will be back to being hooked again? LOL. Who knows.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 30, 13 4:56 AM
Ok, I got another computer and downloaded update which had Christmas on it. When it is over will /can I get my level back where I was before, or do I have to start another game. I sure hope I can get my levels back. The Christmas stuff seem to begin at the beginning levels but I was hoping it was because it was an update with new holiday. Help me know ahead of time. My other computer died, but I downloaded my games from bigfish. I hope I can retain my progress from before? Thanks somebody please answer
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 28, 13 2:42 PM
My other computer died and I need to know something. When I redowloaded the game onto the new computer, the Christmas celebration was apparently in full swing. It started at zero I I was new to the game. Now, does this mean when everything goes back to normal after January or whenever,will I have to start the game all over again? I was on level 80+ or somewhere higher like that. The other glitches set me back two or three times. I sure hope I don't have to start over. I might can do it again, but have nothing but time right now...A wreck broke my leg...enjoying Christmas stuff=bright but graphics are great!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 9, 13 12:49 PM
Anybody else having a problem with not getting blood vials anywhere I normally get them with the avatars, island searches, etc. Is this normal for the 80's levels? It doesn't seem right to request you to look at the vampire castle and not give you a way to get the blood when you are out. I have been playing around this problem so far in hopes a vial would accidently come my way! Help if you have feedback. Not alot of feedback to some of my inquiries, so not sure if people read the post Some people do obviously, but I don't get anwer????
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 2, 13 8:37 PM
Why do you gain certain items and lose them? Quest is for 33 vampire fangs and I had 28 and now 24? This has happened several times. Is something I am clicking affecting them? Hope this makes sense? Why do you lose what you gain on some items. In the past it seems to stabilize after abit. Hope this happens with the fangs, Can anyone tell me why this happens. I was clicking on another floater that barters for the other object say the fangs. This doesn't seem to be the case now- so, I need to figure out how to keep what I collect.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Oct 19, 13 6:10 AM
I hope to get the kinks straightened out, and purchase some diamonds and coins-if it seems feasible and is going smoother. I can't tell. So far, the game hasn't taken away progress again...and I hope it doesn't. I am hopeful, but will absolutely give up if the problem happens again. Please, has anyone used the store yet? I got an error message on this too.
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