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 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on Apr 26, 09 7:25 AM
I would let customer services know you aren't happy, I think they will often give you a free game credit if you aren't happy with something you've bought.
 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on Apr 25, 09 12:09 PM
vicalana wrote:Why 1888?

The Ripper murder's were all carried out in 1888.
 posted in The Legend of Crystal Valley on Apr 1, 09 7:15 AM
I think the problem I was having was definately me and not the game! Been back for another go and it works just fine so I guess I just wasn't clicking in the right place. Not played for long enough to get a feel of it yet but it certainly looks nice and seems quite straightforward to play.
 posted in The Legend of Crystal Valley on Apr 1, 09 4:46 AM
I suspect I am being stupid but I can't do it I can't for the life of me make her walk to the green arrow on the first screen, I can get her close to it but obviously not close enough. Wherever I click she walks to a point nearby, but not actually the spot I clicked, anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
 posted in CSI: NY - The Game ® on Mar 31, 09 8:38 AM
This took me a while to do, it was the nose I couldn't get! In the end I made sure everything else looked right and then tried each nose in turn untill I got the right one. Unfortunately I think it scrambles the options each time so I don't think it is possible to tell you which to use.
 posted in CSI: NY - The Game ® on Mar 31, 09 8:35 AM
I've not found it hard to play at all. It seems to have a good length to it, each case has taken me at least a couple of hours to play, I'm just about to start the last one. I've not had any serious problems with bugs either, the video sequences are choppy but that's the only problem I've found and it doesn't effect the gameplay at all.
 posted in Lost in the City on Mar 18, 09 8:20 AM
MrsMoe53 wrote:How many levels does this game have? I already got to level 16 in the demo and don't want to buy if there's only a few minutes left!

There's 40 levels in total

I liked this, it wasn't difficult but it kept me gripped right up to the end. It's a beautiful looking game and I liked the fact the story was a bit different. I would have liked to have seen a harder mode, with less clues, but all in all I thought it was well worth the money.
 posted in Annabel on Mar 13, 09 6:21 AM
No ideas but I am getting exactly the same thing, access violation after the first dialogue (which is truely awful!!), not that bothered as if it was only a short one I probably wouldn't have bought it any way.
 posted in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet on Mar 11, 09 10:21 AM
You need to arrange the bottles so that the equations in the small numbers are right, so if the clue is 1st-5th=21 you need to arrange the bottles so that the big number on the 1st bottle, minus the big number on the 5th bottle equals 21. I can't remember the full order but I can give you 1,2 and 5 to get you started, just highlight below

1st is 22, 2nd is 12, 5th is 1

Hope that helps!
On the new release calendar Feb 23rds game was Word Womp Underground. I've not seen 'A Darker Shade of Grey' before?
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 5, 09 12:47 PM
When you get to a later island your scouts will find divers tanks that allow them to swim. Don't worry, you haven't missed it, just not got there yet!
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 4, 09 2:23 AM
Hurray!! I've worked it out! For some reason my laptop wasn't recognising me as an admin account so it wouldn't let me alter the file, changed the security settings and it seems to have worked! 100 % here I come
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 4, 09 2:12 AM
Sorry, I didn't explain that very well! The game still works fine, it just won't let me save the altered version of the .xml file so it doesn't make any difference to the missing gem.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 3, 09 2:45 PM
Has any one managed to do this successfully? I've just restarted the game so I thought I might as well try it so that i could get 100%. I found the offending line ok and changed it but I can't save the new version, I just keep getting an access denied message. Is it because I have got past Volcano island on my other game file or am I being stupid?
 posted in Totem Tribe on Jan 31, 09 2:17 AM
I had to have some help from here, but the line is in the top left hand corner of the map, on a little island.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Jan 30, 09 7:21 AM
You are still missing part of the rod. You need the red and white float/lure to go on the end. Once you have all the pieces it assembles itself automatically.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Jan 29, 09 9:11 AM
You must be magic! No sooner had I read your reply I went back to the game and there was the last sea shell staring at me I must have looked at that spot thirty times already so obviously you are magic and made it appear.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Jan 29, 09 8:55 AM
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm stuck on the level where you first get the fire towers, the one with the penguins and all the ice blocks. I need one more sea shell for the idol and also some fishing line to go fishing. I can't find either! Am I just being blind or do I need to do something else to find them. I have explored all of the map apart from what looks like a little island on the far right but I cna't get a tower close enough to be able to see that. Hope some one can help
Kerry xx
 posted in Totem Tribe on Jan 29, 09 8:27 AM
I like it, it's not the most challenging thing I've ever played (although I'm not that far in yet) but it's easy to get into, pretty, well thought out and in places pretty madening (always a good thing!) I was expecting another second rate Virtual vilages rip off and I was plesantly suprised. I guess it won't be everyone's cup of tea, just as I don't understand why people play tm games, I'm sure there are people who won't like this, but this fishie is enjoying it.
 posted in Dangerous High School Girls on Jan 27, 09 6:14 AM
I wasn't going to bother with this one as the description didn't appeal much but I'm going to have to try it now! It's a shame the awards aren't mentioned in the game description if it is that good.
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