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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 20, 14 5:48 AM
I often wonder if the scores you see are genuine, because I am never below 6th, yet I have 80 friends, so presumably I should be occasionally knocked off the score board. Is it just randomly generated to make you try to get more?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 20, 14 5:43 AM
Always interesting to see when they change the names of things in the HOS - like the "toy soldier" became a nutcracker previously and this time the diadem is a crown, and the "casket" is a box (box!!??), and yet they don't correct the misnomers, like the fleur de lis is a lilly (close, but no cigar) and the opera glasses are binoculars. Makes one wonder if english is their first language. Probably not the right thread to make the observation, but I like this one. Lots of friends here
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 20, 14 3:55 AM
Nice to see that today's update has addressed the problem of duplicate items for opening the (what do you call them?) places where required things are held. However (I guess I just have a problem being positive) there is still the issue that the same items are being used on these spaces: I mean things like the Demons Eyes are used on 3 or 4 of these, yet other items we have an abundance of, like the balloon or the witch's hand, are rarely used. Some balance in this would be nice.

Also noted with this update the flowers have even more locations on screen, which ic nice.
Is it my eyes, or are the things in the HOS smaller?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 20, 14 3:24 AM
Patzy140 wrote:Can someone tell me how to see who sent a gift? Just received a couple and would like to reciprocate. Thanks to all who sent me the Immortal Treasure

This is a common problem - if you click the stupid "collect all" button, you just get the gifts, but if you click on each gift picture individually (the picture of the present) it will show you the gift and the name of the person who sent it

I have, a couple of times, made the error f clicking the "collect all" button, and cursed the developers for incorporating it. Only a selfish person would click it on purpose. Or, like you and me, a person who made that mistake and then has no way of finding out to whom they are indebted.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 18, 14 6:37 AM
Duncan_14all wrote:
Debbie2456 wrote:Please add me to wish list.

Great feature imo, and don't know where it's for, but since when can players be added to the wishlist?

LOL that was mean and funny at the same time; you know she meant to add her to the friends list.... But i will wish for her too Maybe there will be a Debbie egg.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 18, 14 6:30 AM
Hildeguard wrote:Hi, may I make a suggestion please.

Instead of being on the defensive about the topic maybe some can explain a little how you did it so we might be able to do it also.

I have spent for diamonds but not coins. I am stuck on level 19 right now and trying to build up some coins. Everytime I think I can get ahead I have to spend thousands of coins to craft something to finish a quest. It has brought my coinage back below 100 so many times I am at my wits end.

Helpful advice would be a great help. I will not by coins and do the HOS's till my eyes go buggy.

Thanks for all the support and it is good to know it CAN be done, I just wish I knew how.

Hi Hil
My method is to walk through all the screens once, picking the flowers (Oh! I am such a barbarian!) - you find 3 in each, and they take a couple of minutes to regenerate, so once you have been through all the screens the first one is refreshed. When I am not questing (as now) I go through once, then go through again, doing one HOS from each scene, and biding my time - checking level and achievement requirements, friends wishes blah blah - and collecting the flowers again. Then back to the start (FYI - I navigate back to Tooky's bar using the "craft" window. At the moment I go to "bemusing potion" and select the ... middle picture which is something you get from the drunken skeleton, that takes me back and I can just start from there again) Then I go through again, picking flowers, getting annoyed by coins not dropping, doing the second HOS in each. Unless there is a mini quest to do, like "go to the tower x3" so I do those first. If you rush you can do all the screens in half an hour. If you take your time, maybe pause the game to look here (as I am doing now) etc, then you can make it last near an hour, so the first HOS you did will be ready when you have finished the last

You are right about the craftings - it drives me crazy that our characters are so dumb: spend 4000 gold coins to craft something, with items you have struggled to find, only to be rewarded with 340 or whatever piddling amount of gold coins. Our characters are REALLY bad business people!

Right now I estimate I am half way through level 27, but as I have noted from the comments, the next series of adventures is not ready yet, so while the golden creature wants me to spend near 6000 coins on crafting, I am not doing that right now. Just ambling around, stockpiling goodies and coins until I feel ready
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 18, 14 6:19 AM
jandetta wrote:
KSeale wrote:If I uninstall a game to try to fix a technical issue and reinstall it, will I lose all my progress? I know it is a dumb question but I am frustrated.

No, I did that several times before the big fix and nothing was lost. However, doing that didn't help any technical issues I had at the time. Only the update to the game fixed it.

Jandetta is right; I, also, was told to unintall the prog, delete various files from folders and basically remove all traces of MC, and I thought as you do. However, having gone through the process (and, as Jan says, it does nothing) I learned that all your details - position in game, coins, level et al - are stored on the BF server (that overloaded one that keeps losing connection). Kind of like a "cloud". So don't worry about it, just gp through the motions and wait for the fix
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 17, 14 7:09 AM
Trouble connecting to the server again; no surprise, I suppose, when you consider how slow their webpage is to load up
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 16, 14 6:02 AM
bubblesc1 wrote:I'm on level 27 and I am directed to talk to the Keeper of the Castle but then it tells me I can't until the next update

Excuse me saying so, but I think we should not press BF to release the new levels: wouldn't we all be happier if they spent their time fixing what we already have before moving on to release a new set of screens with the same or worse issues? Personally, I am content to follow the merry-go-round of HOS while waiting for the new levels; as long as I can be sure they are working to resolve the bugs that are currently driving us all crazy Just my thought
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 14, 14 3:13 PM
Hi All
Just wanted to say I am nearly at L27, not bought coins of gems, simply because I have no money. And if I did, I don't think I would: it would (to me) be rather like cheating. Aside from the frustration of flaws in the game, like when you collect 5 flowers and the coins are stolen by some invisible fiend, or the HOS doesn't give you what you went there for, I enjoy the merry-go-round of HOS, because I make a separate game of it: constantly trying to beat my own time. I once managed to do the well in 29 seconds, but that was a fluke - usually 33-44 seconds per screen (except the mirrors one, which comes on with 5 seconds on the clock!)
This go round has 2 distinct advantages to the enjoyment of the game - 1) I can stockpile items for when they are needed (unfortunately, the HOS often give the most useless ones, and things like the liquid for the carnivorous Lilly come out only occasionally) and 2) I then have some goodies in my bag to help my friends, which fills me with good cheer.
So, if you want the challenge, enjoy beating things with just the sweat of your brow and can make a game of repetitive actions, you can get up the levels effectively

Keep on keeping on, gamers!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 14, 14 10:23 AM
Ok here's a question that seems to have slipped past most people: when we do quests (mostly) you get the item you want from the HOS. This does not happen when you are not in a quest but are simply trying to stockpile the items you know are most useful (ie: not the stupid witch's hand!). We know that, hate it but accept it.
HOWEVER, why do we not get the items we need from the HOS when we are doing the mini-quests? The daily quests, if you will, are genuine quests, so surely we should get the items to complete them. No? I wasted most of a day continually going back to the game table to get the demon glove, to get the final item for the quest (from the totem pole thing) and each time got a mushroom! Then time ran out. This, to my mind, is simply unfair. Or maybe it is part of the "let's frustrate the sh-t out of them" mentality of the programmers; the same as their predilection for putting flowers - with small touch areas - next to HOS or the storage thingies, which have touch areas way beyond their actual size.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 11, 14 12:17 PM
buttons369 wrote:can't log into the game. I get "unable to connect to server"

Just happened to me too. Usually, I just run a connection troubleshooter and it resolves the problem, but not this time. Hope they invest all the gem and coin money they have been reaping hand over fist in a bigger and faster server
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 10, 14 3:06 PM
I had the problem with freezing a couple of days ago (and got very irate) but I ran a "performance troubleshooter" (in windows - open control panel and search for it there). Amongst whatever arcane things it did, it reduced the brilliance (brightness for the ignorant) and now the game is not freezing. May not work for all, but worth a try
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 10, 14 3:04 PM
wigwag53 wrote:I posted before about Craft smith achievement not giving me my points. When I started today I had 14 of 30 & now it took it away & said I had 10 of 30, This is not right. This is the second time I got taken. I should be way beyond this. What gives?
I am not sure, and may be talking out of my rectum, but it may be that you are looking at the "craft 30 items in 30 minutes" achievement, in which case it counts up to 30 minutes and deletes any craftings that took place prior to that time. so you may have done 10 craftings in the first 5 mins (for eg) and then the next 4 over the following 25, when the timer hits 35 minutes those first 10 crafting credits will be deleted and you would have 5 mins to make up the difference.

Or I could be totally wrong
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 10, 14 2:58 PM
Ah, my friend Player Liz has returned so nice - we support each other a great deal. With her, Bev, Cowgirl and Stephs Mystic Manor we have a great team of mutual support. Shame the other 84 friends I have are not so reciprocal. But I continue trying to help them.
I hope Player Liz joins the forum - I would be VERY interested to know if, when she started playing again, all the gifts I had previously sent her were waiting, or if BF deletes them after a certain time :|
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 8, 14 5:56 AM
I'm getting the freezing now - makes the game unplayable. Will wait for the next update before trying to play again. Forget new levels B F = fix what is already here!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 7, 14 7:04 PM
chris_2_4 wrote:seems like they fixed the flower problem Was the issue just cause by them "falling", and now they bounce up from the background

oh no my mistake - just had 2 successive lots fail to give. Guess the "bug" will always remain, so people pay real money when they can't save enough from flower sales to achieve the craftings. (still find that amusing "I am a great seasoned adventurer, and I will search this strange terrible place and... pick flowers )
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 7, 14 5:56 PM
XzyvaGreenfern wrote:
rosiebvt wrote:Chris_2_4,
One thing we found with the old bow figuring is that it's much easier to play the game in later rounds if you only do one character's quests at a time. If you have 2 or more quests open, you will probably split what you're getting from the HOS between the two, so it doesn't feel like you're getting anything accomplished. I've kept to that for the most part since the latest update and it helps. I just forgot my rule and in level 26 opened up 2 quests - both needed the carnivorous lily. I will not forget again, lol

I have often wished that carnivorous lily would devour itself, along with the blood rose thing-a-ma-bob, and a couple of those other thing-a-ma-jiggys in the mystery chamber! Everybody wanted that blasted blood lily! And it is really hard to stockpile because it requires 7 jewels to open the thing! (The one in the ice Rock. Don't Even[i] get me started on crafting the Bouquet of Fear and Dust, or the Suffering Lily in the town Square. LOUD SCREAMMM HERE!!!!!

LOL Calm down and go talk to the new Vampire Lord - he is so cute! Like the mouse with the eyepatch in the bar HOS. That HAS to make you smile
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 7, 14 5:52 PM
seems like they fixed the flower problem Was the issue just cause by them "falling", and now they bounce up from the background
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 6, 14 6:11 PM
pilot1950 wrote:Yay - an update!!!
Now to see if it fixes all the problems...
Dammit - I was in the middle of a HOS when the game stopped because of the update. It should only show up when loading the game, not when you are in the middle of a game!
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