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I'm really stuck on this one. I did something right because the woman in the room on the left disappeared, and there was a note for me. Carried on trying to get the twins, but with no luck.

Then, oh no, the woman on the left was back again!!!!

Those who have finished must have figured it out. Can you help us please
what patient's room - the red book I found in the room with the doll house just gave the patient number

this is a really tough game - and I'm totally hooked - won't give up
I can see it on the shelf behind the broom, but I can't pick it up
 posted in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy on Nov 17, 11 8:33 AM
can you help me, please, with the door puzzle in the big hall on second floor - there are four circles that revolve and I have one key (heart attached) that works on two circles

is there another key somewhere?
 posted in Around the World in Eighty Days: The Challenge on Aug 25, 11 1:44 PM
I enjoyed the game and the puzzles so far, but got stuck at the train station - can't find the last crate of coal - even with the hint that circles a pile of stuff - can't find it there - anybody else?
 posted in Mystic Diary: Haunted Island on Aug 14, 10 1:57 PM
Playing this one and loving it, but I think I missed a step - is there any way to get back to the house after you've left in the balloon?

Checked the walkthru and it seems I should have done something with the stick and the frog in the jar - oh no, do I have to start from the beginning again?

 posted in The Heritage on May 30, 10 11:18 AM
I can't get past this chapter (can't remember if it's 10 or 11) - can't get the last piece of the rat. I'm on my third time thru, and it still is missing. I've been following the walkthru carefully. One more try, and I'm done with this one.

Very glad I only paid $5 for it on the Memorial Day Sale

Some of you have finished - can you give me a clue about the rat and the pot on the stove, etc.

 posted in Unexpected Journey on Mar 28, 10 6:18 PM
I'm can't get past this puzzle with the lights on the wall to get out of the cave either - BrownEyedTigre (at GameBoomers) left a link to a clue on Gamezebo but it didn't help much

anyone here been successful yet ... it's driving me nuts
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