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 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 9, 18 9:12 PM
There's an Excel chart on the developer's website forum that give every result of every breeding if you want to use it to get past any roadblocks.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 7, 18 11:38 PM
If you leave the fish in the breeding tank, not only can you not breed any other fish (except with the one that is in there), that fish will not give birth until it is in the large tank. Have accidentally done that a few times.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 7, 18 11:36 PM
I can exit the game from either full screen or windowed mode without pausing just by clicking "ESC" and choosing "yes" I want to exit the game.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 7, 18 11:33 PM
In this version, fungus is shown as a purple cloud around the fish and ick (their spelling) is a yellow cloud.

The ? does tell you if a fish is sick and what it's sick with, as well as pointing out which fish are pregnant.

Fish do not die of old age.

If you want your fish to live from day to day, sell every single "uncommon" fish as soon as it is grown until you make the second level of environment and food. And sell all the "rare" fish until you get the highest level of environmental and food research.

It helps if you keep track of which fish breedings result in what fin type and fish type, as there are over 400 species and you'll be lost if you don't.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 7, 18 11:28 PM
Every striped tigerfish is a Magic Fish of Nutrition
Every peachy goldshark is a Magic Fish of Recuperation

Perhaps you just missed the label. Or perhaps you had a peachy tigerfish and a striped goldshark and mixed them up.

I've been playing this game for over a year on mobile and have never had a non-magical striped tigerfish or peachy goldshark.

Of course, that doesn't mean there's not a glitch of some sort in the download version. If you do really get a non-magical one of these fish, screenshot it and send it to the devs. They are really responsive and helpful. I've been playing their games for well over 10 years.
 posted in Lost Island: Eternal Storm on Mar 14, 18 12:39 AM
This game is a FTP available through other outlets. I played it for a while. Got to level 20, then Windows did an update. Lost all my progress. Wrote developers who blamed the Windows update, even though all my other games from the same source were still there. Started again, next week I cleaned my disk and lost my save again. Came to find out that they store your game progress in the TEMP FILES!!! So anything that disrupts your temp files (including disk cleanup) will destroy your save. So if you go play the FTP version, don't spend money or you'll lose it the first time you have to update Windows or clean your disk. I'm so glad I didn't spend any. You get about 15-20 minutes of game play every 12 hours and there are ads all over the screen with an annoying guy who pops up with a "sale" every hour.
I think this dev is rather careless with quality control, anyway. One of the Lost Lands games has a game-killing glitch in the bonus game that makes you start the entire game over (yes, the entire main game) in hopes that you might be able to finish the bonus the second (or third or fourth) time. This was brought to their attention in 2015 when the game was launched and there's been no sign of a fix yet. So I certainly wouldn't hold my breath waiting for an update for this game.
 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 13, 18 11:11 AM
I played the whole demo and am most definitely not impressed. I loved the first couple in this series, but the gameplay has declined into such simplicity that a 10 year old could succeed at playing it. The "story" HOP's now have the actual name of the item instead of a clue, the puzzles are solvable in 10-30 seconds each, nothing stumped me for even a second or two. It's linear and you find stuff where you will use it 99.9% of the time. Even the "collectibles" are the exact same graphic as in the past. Sorry, but won't be buying this one.
 posted in Pick & Tick on Mar 7, 18 1:54 AM
This reminds me of Pure Hidden. Little puzzle gems you can play a little or a lot, some harder than others, but none impossible. It's a fun game to pass some time. No real story, plot, point other than play games and relax. Something different from the usual dark adventure game.
 posted in Cubis Gold 2 on Mar 4, 18 3:42 AM
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Errors like this are sometimes caused by corrupted download or save files. If that doesn't work, I suggest you contact Technical Support.
 posted in Solitaire: Ted And P.E.T on Mar 4, 18 2:40 AM
I downloaded this game because :
1. I love Solitaire
2. I know how to play about 100 different Solitaire variations and thought this might teach me some new ones, allow me to remember some forgotten ones or be some sort of challenge.
3. I thought it might have an entertaining story.

I loathe this game because:
1. It's not Solitaire, it's some weird variation where random cards are "special" and give you a "perfect score" even with cards left unplayed.
2. It's Golf. Just Golf. Only difference in the hands is the layout of cards. Weird layouts with cards at strange angles, which I can only suppose is supposed to increase the difficulty of finding a card that you can play. Fails miserably. I was playing Golf at age 5. That's well over 50 years ago. Thought it might at least be Klondike, Canfield, Forty Thieves...something an adult can feel challenged playing.
3. No story. At all. Why title it after characters you don't ever see?

Oh, one more thing to hate. They give you coins to shop in the store for stuff I'll never use cause what Solitaire addict wouldn't just replay the hand? And while they are giving you coins for seemingly random plays, the whole screen freezes, my cursor goes nuts and I want to put my fist through my new Win10 computer touchscreen. Grrrr.
This game reminded me of another one I've played in the past couple of years where you had to gather "psychic energy" to see events that happened in the past. And (maybe the same game, maybe another) where you had to use your "psychic energy" to see things that have changed so you can be there three hours before to climb the ladder cause it was down then and not now, etc.

I think we are making noise at BFG for something they can't control: the mass exodus of game developers to the fertile big-money fields of mobile gaming. There are far fewer developers now than there were and they put out far fewer games in total compared to the past, though they crank out way more games a year individually from templates that get used, re used and re used.

I do think there is something BFG CAN control. I think if they want to keep their loyal fans, they need to give up on the "new game every day" thing. It was possible when there were literally hundreds of game devs lining up with original games begging to sell to BFG and they could take their pick, but now it's just not feasible without taking literally every game they are presented with, regardless of quality or originality. Perhaps we need to have the HOG game of the week, the Match-3 game of the week, the Time Management game of the week, etc. Just one for each major genre, which would give an opportunity for "weeding out" the real bombs. Quality over Quantity wins every time.
 posted in Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came on Feb 8, 18 7:58 PM
OK, I've been playing adventure games for years. I played the Evening installment of this with perhaps half a dozen hints, 99 per cent of them showing me some object I had clicked on the wrong pixel of 50 times already. So I can usually figure this stuff out.
I am on the third scene at the very beginning, perhaps 5 minutes into the game. I'm in the town, wolves are going to tear apart this woman in the phone booth, I have a revolver, a dagger, a towel and a badge and the flippin hint tells me to go to the ice cream cart and do something with the frozen strawberries. What?! None of my objects work, how am I going to scare off two wolves with strawberries and why can't I just fire my gun and scare them away?
Too goofy for me.
I like brighter games. I don't much care about graphics and voiceovers and music (except I want the objects I have to find to not be blurry, smudged non-shapes). Achievements, collectibles, meh, whatever. Just give me a storyline that makes some sort of internal sense and a few puzzles to strain my brain a bit and I'm having fun.

Well, there's just no fun in this game. Get object in location A and use it 3 steps away in location B. Turn the dials until the pictures look right. Follow a path so you go through all the nodes and don't retrace your steps. Roll a ball through a maze by turning it. None of them took me more than 30 seconds. No challenge, no fun! I played a whole 90 minutes waiting for it to get better, thinking they were starting off easy and getting harder as the game went on. Nope, no such luck.

If you like The Secret Order (the first 2 games), but thought it was WAY, WAY too hard, you'll probably like this. I guess it's not a bad game, per se, it just doesn't seem to fit the bill of "Puzzle" game.
You missed a step. The retreads of Madame Fate and Dire Grove were developed by Elephant Games, THEN Eipix took over for the finish of the Ravenhearst storyline.

Along the way, we lost our regular forums, contact with BFG and the regular green envelope customer service that was so stellar. Let's hope the new owners (BFG has been sold by Churchill Downs) have values more aligned with gaming and less with shoving BFG Casino and pay to play down our throats.
Thought I'd replay all the MCF games again. Spent hours being frustrated and grossed out by this thing just to remind myself it's a game and I can quit and not have to finish it and I'm still an OK person. For me, this is the nadir of quality in the MCF games. Yes, I like 13th Skull and even Shadow Lake better than this gross-out, confusing mess of a game. It could have been good. The storyline was unique and intriguing. But I'm done blowing up pregnant abdomens, trimming toenails and popping pimples. It's just too purposely sickening for me to continue.
 posted in Halloween Stories: Invitation Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 17 10:17 PM
Only played the demo, but I ran across "find three objects to unlock three lists", multiple-scene (scrolling), silhouette and some interactive scenes (move the sticky note to see the object, find missing parts, etc). I'm not sure if I saw any strictly traditional HOP scenes.
 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 17 11:58 PM
NVM, went back in and found it. The scrolls on the nodes are in the proper colors for the balls. Just the hint I needed. Easy puzzle once you figure that out.
 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 17 11:22 PM
All the instructions say on the second Doppelganger puzzle is "swap the nodes into the correct position". That's all the strategy guide says, too. Am I really that blind that I'm missing a clue as to what that "correct position" would be? Color cues or something? I'm going to skip the puzzle, as I have fantastic doubts that anyone will ever be by to read this, let alone answer it.
BTW, I have solved all the other puzzles with absolutely no problem. The first time I consulted the guide the whole game was for this puzzle, and there's no help at all. I can't be that thick if I've managed all the rest but this one. Or can I?
I also cannot play Dire Grove on Windows 10. Nothing seems to help, especially not tech support. I've always thought BFG had the best tech support around, but what I got when I asked straight up back in the spring if DG was unplayable on Win 10 and, if so, why does it say on the site that all games are Win 10 compatible was that they can't guarantee all computers with Win 10 have the same configurations or can run the same programs. They offered me a free game credit so I could replace DG with something I could play. I didn't want another game, just a straight answer about this one would do, thanks. Not the propaganda answer, just the real truth. DG is one of those games that BFG actually created back in the day when they were a game developer as well as a game portal and Picman still came onto the now-defunct ChitChat forum to talk. Yeah, I've been a member for waaaay too long. Seems that if they could re-code Huntsville and Prime Suspects to run on modern machinery they could give the first-ever collector's edition game a little love, too.
 posted in Leaves: The Journey on Sep 1, 17 1:35 AM
Yep, good old NCC-1701. Put a big grin on my face.
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