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 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 19, 09 10:18 AM
soymocha wrote:I love the challenge of this game....the only beef I have so far is the gold timer. On one level it says gold to 1.05 I beat the game three times with my timer at 1.05 and it gives me silver instead. That is very annoying.

That's an old Farm Frenzy 'feature' - had it in the other versions too
 posted in My Tribe on Jan 3, 09 4:05 AM
I did once. I had just lost my first tribe member, so I guessed that the system might have taken pity on me.
 posted in My Tribe on Jan 1, 09 4:19 AM
What are people doing to keep the game interesting while trying to get a char to 969 years?

I have decided to let no one die and get them all maxed out on all skills. On my current game, I've got about 6 maxed so far, but all 50 are now maxed on construction
 posted in My Tribe on Jan 1, 09 4:15 AM
BossBrat wrote:The most you can get is 51, but only if you have twins when you have 49 people. So make sure you always have people who are young enough to have children.

I actually managed to have 53 by having a number of couples paired up before the 50th child was "born".
 posted in My Tribe on Jan 1, 09 4:01 AM
You have to wait for it to rain, or you could use a potion to create rain
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