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 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 24, 12 2:45 PM
This level had me stuck, too. Here's what I did:

1. I started building cabins in the middle plot on the left hand side; then 3 ice cream stands on the right hand side next to each house.

2. I built the the 3 greenhouses on the far right plots, bought my 8,000 seeds.

-- I think I tore down the factory (memory's not as good as it used to be, lol!) and built some kind of house.

3. I held events at two of the i/c stands and BAM! I got the happiness.

Hope this helps!!! :-)

 posted in Egypt: Secret of five Gods on Mar 18, 12 8:50 AM
Thanks! I'll give your strategy a try! :-)
 posted in Egypt: Secret of five Gods on Mar 14, 12 9:39 AM
I've managed to damm up two of the scarab holes, but then scarabs keep flying out in droves! Every time I kill one, another one flies out. I've been on this level for almost 2 hours and I'm getting frustrated. Any tips? Hints? Thank you in advance.
 posted in Egypt: Secret of five Gods on Mar 14, 12 9:36 AM
It's Mission 14 - I've got two of the Scarab Holes dammed up; but I've been playing this "level" for over two hours and I every time I click on a scarab and get rid of it, another one comes flying out. Very frustrating...
 posted in Egypt: Secret of five Gods on Mar 13, 12 2:33 PM
Ok, I started this level out fine but then all of the sudden scarabs are flying all over the place and as soon as I kill one or two, three more come flying out! Anyone know how to deal with this flying scarab problem? Am I not working fast enough? HELP! Thanks in advance!
 posted in Egypt: Secret of five Gods on Mar 13, 12 2:28 PM
I had the same problem! Here's how I do it: when you see the trader come in, click on the market. I believe to the left is the "food" and to the right is "stone". Click on the NUMBERS; not the little circle in the middle. It took me forever to figure this out, so I know how frustrating it can be. Hope this helps!
 posted in All My Gods on Feb 28, 12 8:10 AM
How did you do that? It's all marked in red & says "You can't build here"... eek!
 posted in All My Gods on Feb 27, 12 1:57 PM
I can't figure this one out either...the "markers" point you towards where you're supposed to go, and it looks like you have to build the road on the Magistrate building but it won't let you. Very frustrating.
 posted in Mountain Crime: Requital on Dec 12, 11 11:31 AM
I uninstalled, reinstalled but all I got was a black screen. I'm done with my credit back. It's too bad, because it looked like a good game. Oh well!

 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Sep 1, 11 6:49 AM
You can "skip" the bashing of the wolves...after one gets into the lodge, there's an opt-out. I was very happy to see this! :-)
 posted in Path To Success on Jul 6, 11 12:56 PM
I'm on the level where you have to buy the fastest car. My Day Stats say I have 0/75. Did I just kill myself or is this a glitch or do I have to wait for her to rest? AFLAC!
 posted in Fruits Inc. on May 20, 11 7:30 AM
Thank you!~
 posted in Fruits Inc. on May 17, 11 9:55 AM
I have tried several things on this level, but it's not counting my juices, fruits and pies towards the 750 w/4 brands. Any clues?
 posted in Bistro Boulevard on Apr 20, 11 11:15 AM
I'm really enjoying this game but I have NO IDEA how to get a Perfect Day on the first two restaurants. Any hints, fellow fishies? Thanks!
 posted in The Revenge on Mar 23, 11 8:51 AM
I found the first sword and gave it to the knight. Now I'm trying to get the 2nd sword; I clicked on it and it said "Need bones for ashes to forge sword" or something like that. Found all the bones, went back to the sword was and there's a white sparkly area. When I click on it, a picture comes up that says "Find all the missing bones" or something like that.
I have no clue. Did I miss a step?
 posted in Farm Mania on Mar 20, 11 11:28 AM
I have played all the Farm Mania games except this one and I'm stuck on level 17. There are no goals listed at all! I'm getting frustrated....please help!
 posted in Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers on Mar 11, 11 10:58 AM
I'm sorry - but your post about scaring off customers made my day! ;-)
 posted in Dancing Craze on Dec 7, 10 7:17 AM
How do you figure out what move the dancer is going to make on the mini-game? I'm losing money on this part! Thanks!
 posted in Alice Greenfingers 2 on Nov 15, 10 11:40 AM
Oh my gosh this game is so boorrrrinnnng! No point to's like they forgot to end the game~very disappointing.
 posted in Dairy Dash on Nov 12, 10 1:10 PM
The corn is in the shed by where you get the cow wash. Just click on the shed. Hope that helps.
I've been stuck on this level for 2 hours. Can't get to the sheep fast enough. It's a fun game, I just wish they didn't set the goals so high when you only have about 10 minutes from sun-up to sun-down. Very frustrating!
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