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 posted in Dark City: London Collector's Edition on Nov 30, 17 5:07 PM
OK - should NOT have to do this much futzing for wide screen - but did find solution.

I had same issue as above - when I clicked Widescreen box - nothing happened & when I went back in to Options - it was once again un-checked.

So - went in to Options again & un-checked Fullscreen (eek! so teeny!) THEN from teeny non-full screen view I again checked both Fullscreen & Widescreen and - voila! THAT did it.

Still disappointing that last two 4 Friends games have had this "quirk" their previous games have not - they should be able to fix this.
Use the file on the chains at the back of the room, then you can use it on the chain in the soap
Happily I'm not experiencing the tech issues so many seem to be - so just popped in to say "Thumbs up, devs!" Great game! More please!
 posted in Scrabble on Mar 20, 13 8:39 AM
As a Scrabble-aholic this is a buy for me. I've got the older (on disc ) version of this dev version for PC, also have Scrabble on every device possible - iPad, iPhone oh yes and those funny old 3D things called "Board Games"

Plusses for this version - finally! You can re-arrange the tiles in your tray to make words (you can't do this on some other "virtual" versions). Plays well - do trot by the tech thread for some 411 on some issues - I found it most helpful!

Very clear graphics (then again, I've played it on a phone screen lol) truly though, they are well done. Sound affects got on my nerves, but that's subjective & of course they can be turned down!

Upshot this is a nice virtual version - it's great to hone your skills if you like to play 3D Scrabble, huge plus. Super bonus - this is a game you'll never "finish" to say that it has "replay value" is an understatement.

You just can't beat Scrabble for a classic favorite & this version has lots of bells, whistles and gameplay options which make it worthy of checking out even if you own other versions!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 19, 13 2:31 PM
Here I sit on the fence yet again. On the one hand beautiful graphics, smooth game play, nice level of difficulty, awesome attention to details by devs - so many things to look at within the H0 scenes and without.

On the other - the story. Now, vampires aren't my "thing" (well not since I read Interview With...) so this is highly subjective and my opinion only! I think you really, really have to like vampire stories to get into the plot on this one. Also most of the games we see have a pretty "grab you by the shirt" need to save a life, or solve a crime while the criminal is still afoot, or you're jumping through time, etc. This plot lacks that "life and death" urgency we are used to.

I think this stands as an uber winner for folks who have an affinity for the theme, and a dev I'm not familiar with - so this could be the start of some new great games!

If the subject doesn't flip your switch - give the game a go and see which side of the fence you land on!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 13 9:55 AM
Oh eesh - I'm going to do it again - compare a sequal to the original. Bad Eoa! As cbtx said you do not need to have playe the original in order to play/understand this game. That said, if you haven't played the first - you may want to play this one then go back.

When the first Secret Order came out we were all jumping all over ourselves with excitement - reviews included things like "gritty" and "original"! While this game is nice, so far it seems just that "nice". Mhhu's update gives me a bit more optimism that this game will draw one in, but the demo is so "ordinary" compared to the uniqueness of the original.

What to do? I do try to take every game at face value, this one may have hit me as "nice" without the first to compare it to. Danger, mansion, quest...

I do love the voice overs! I also love the music! I also love concept art in general cbtx - yep, I'm the one! I like to see how a game went from sketch to completion. Graphics are sharp, but aren't quite "beautiful" and don't have that "gritty" real quality of the precursor. Back to "nice" *sigh*

The story seems interesting and may get very involved, but it lacked that "pull you right in and make you want to solve the mystery" initial punch - for me.

I like the color scheme and feel of the game - I just didn't get a "wow"!! or even a "squee"!! I did hit the Aspect Correction, though you lose full screen (just barely) it makes it more pleasing to my eye. Bit of a hinky cursor - not a deal breaker, but always a tad dissapointing

I'll finish out the demo and decide

Everyone else, try for yourself! It is a well done game and you may just "squee" all the way to the Buy button!

Happy Gaming & Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 posted in A Wizard's Curse on Mar 16, 13 9:28 AM
Beautiful game! As others have said, this one pulls you right in! Love the atmosphere including art, music and ambient sounds. Mind anything that starts with a gorgeous raven is going to get my attention, but so far the game is living up to this nifty opening. On the one hand it's got that typical H0 look, but there's a bit of a graphic novel vibe going to. Our protagonist is being set up as quite the "dark hero".

Oh play! Runs great (though I do see more posts in tech issues than in reviews - it seems like luck of the draw as to whether this one will run or not). Smooth cursor and scene changes. I do recommend playing this on Expert mode unless you're very, very new to the H0PA genre. As has also been said, you can switch difficulty modes if you get really stuck! I'm not even missing interactive H0's with this one - it's that well done.

Seems we have some very different comments on length, some folks are flying through, for some it's taking quite a bit of time. I can't really weigh in because I'm "stopping to smell the roses" a lot, so much to look at in this game & I'm enjoying the atmosphere so regardless of length it'll take me a while. Sorry I'm no help in this area!

Give this one a try, it seems the only real downside may be length and if folks are left wanting more - well heck - that's about the best review a game can get (ok, unless it literally takes 10 minutes to play )

Happy Gaming!
 posted in European Mystery: Scent of Desire Collector's Edition on Mar 14, 13 12:08 PM
Thanks everyone for reviews - super thanks to joyfulady & imberis for your clear organization of plusses and minuses! I'm not that organized

Got to this one a little late in the day - but am glad for that because it gave me a chance to check out the tech issues thread (as I reall Web of Deceit had quite a few tech issues) - very few posts & that's a very good thing! Game runs great, quick transitiions, quick cursor and we can click throuh dialogue.

Beautiful graphics, lots of extras (my favorite - achievements ) and a very compelling story. Interesting twist with both an epidemic and a nasty, mysterious bad guy...who is really to blame?!

Found the optional interactive map a really nice new addition! Most folks love the interactive map, but nice to have the option to shut it off for those who want "uber difficulty" level!

Great music and VOs as well. I'm on the fence with the "what can I use here" black box info *sigh*. On the one hand the game isn't blindingly easy, on the other - yep, kind of tired of reading that lol! Maybe a "tool" icon vs. a magnifying glass so you would know an action is needed without the constant reminder? Hey - really had to search for a negative, that's a good sign!

Upshot - another great game from a dev we are beginning to know and love. Give this one a go!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition on Mar 7, 13 2:17 PM
Well I'm a fan of fluff, and cute animals and collectibles and wallpapers and being able to re-play puzzles and jumping maps and...eesh - I can barely keep track of all the bells and whistles in this one!

Now - the particular bells and whistles in the game may not be everyone's cuppa (though Elephant games has a fair amount of cute animals and collectible animals and animal companions and animals you photograph & everyone loves those... ) (Oh and 9 had the glowing amulet which you used to find hidden items - we loved that too!) Any whoo - this new offering leaves no doubt that ERS does pay heed to our comments and reviews. Four games ago they were raked over the verbal coals for having "non-CE worthy 'extras'" OH! Coloring book! Remembered another one! Love this game, or hate it - you can't deny it's got every bell and whistle imaginable.

I suppose with this offering there's alot in a name - Azada - pretty hallowed name too. The original is still on my "replay often" list. Part of me misses the straightforward "puzzleness" of that game, but I just can't hold that against this new version entirely. This is a lovely game in its own right. It's kind of like comparing a film to the book it's based on - a no win situation - you just have to try to enjoy each medium on its own merits.

Luckily I haven't re-visited Azada the first in over a year - so I'll just meander through this new world with my companion and see where it takes me.

For the technical; runs well so far - there are scads of instructions at the get go - but that passes soon enough and I'm curious to see where this journey will take me and plan on enjoying the sights and creatures and puzzles along the way.

Do give it a go - if nothing else it will elicit a strong emotion one way or the other! Heck if you land on the "hate" side of the argument you'll 99% go back and paly the original Azada & that's a fine way to spend a Thursday!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Barn Yarn on Mar 4, 13 7:56 AM
As one who bought Gardenscapes but not Farmscapes - I'm not missing M3 at all Guess that depends on your perspective

Game runs great - which is a must when speed is involved! As with previous and similar games this one is fast, simple fun. This is a fun break from "deeper" games and just good silly fun. Helps if you like the "against the clock" nature of these games - I do! You can turn the timed option off, but for me that's part of the fun.

Genius new bit of functionality - you just scroll over coins to collect them - no more clicking! It's a very minor change - but was a breath of fresh air - makes you feel like you're selling things even faster!

Typical storyline for a game of this type - cute characters - some fun options for upgrading the barn and the usual silly "in between" sales mini games and challenges.

Simple, silly, fast fun if you don't have your heart set on M3! Give this one a go, it will sure wake you up on a Monday morning!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Scarytales: All Hail King Mongo on Mar 2, 13 9:20 AM
LOL twins - Mongo is a silly name - but then again this Prince is pretty silly! With bits like the Mongo moniker my first instinct is to call this a "cute" game - but I suppose there's nothing particularly "cute" about it! It is pretty scary in a bright Fairly Tale kind of way. Odd mix.

Runs swimmingly, I'll say that first! Interesting, though certainly not staggeringly original plot, but seems like we're going to meet several interesting characters during our journey and so far the VOs are really well done, so meeting more characters is a thing to look forward too (when there are bad VOs and you want as little talking as possible )

I wasn't sure how I felt about the graphics at first, clear and bright, but stylistically not the prettiest, but the are growing on me! Very detailed world being built up here, that's always a plus. Used the hint a couple of times to see how it works, made sense to me Didn't pay much attention to re-charge time because I didn't need it again - sorry.

All in all a nice little SE - test the demo for yourself and see if you're drawn into the intrigue!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collector's Edition on Feb 28, 13 8:10 AM
Because this is the third in a series, it's a mixed bag of "Did they keep what I liked" and "Wow! What's all this new stuff?" Yes it's ERS so the graphics are stunning & the cast of characters flat out eye candy and the animals? Adorable! I liked the shopkeeper in previous games and am glad to see him back.

As for new stuff, I'm eager to see how the casebook portion of the Diary plays out, we also have Trophies for the first time in an ERS game (I'm assuming these are achievements...we'll see ) and a trivia game at the end!

So far (demo) it has all the positives of the best ERS games and additions that show promise! On the tech side, well done VOs and a very smooth running game!

The only real issue I had with the second in this series was the ending, no way to know how this one will play out without buying (so it goes with mysteries!), again at the front end it shows promise of being a well thought out story (case book) I'll have to play and see. Also looks like we'll have quite a cast of characters in this game vs. the "solo" protagonist. Nice to have a variety in games (in general, non dev specific) - sometimes wandering alone, sometimes meeting lots of folks along the way.

As always - try for yourself!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Strangestone on Feb 27, 13 10:13 AM
This one will be a buy for me. It's a nice little SE Immediately drawn in to story - well, by "drawn in" found myself thinking "None of this seems like a good idea, I should really leave now!" not leave the game - but take our protagonist and high tail it!! What ebil will be lurking in this house? Won't games be dull if our protagonists ever do lose their nerve and run when they ought to?

Great atmostphere in this one, solid sound effects - I'm always a sucker for rain things you move sound "spot on" whether leaves, stone, items in the H0 scenes.

As to the H0 scenes - so far these require quite a bit of thought! Lots of interaction and multiple interactions. Some plusses and minuses: most, but not all of the interactive objects vanished when you finished interaction (vs. needed that extra click) "most" is the problem - they don't all vanish - small bummer. One interactive object in first H0 wasn't yellow highlighted - small bummer, but not a deal breaker. H0s aren't a cake walk, some small and/or well hidden objects. Not so hard you want to bang your head into the keyboard though!

In the demo game is fairly intuitive, but not so easy that you fly through scenes and tasks - good balance Cursor runs like a top - but icons are very small - you'll want to scroll with care or you can miss the change from regular to hand etc.

Upshot, since my protagonist won't turn tail and run as a prudent person would - I'm eager to find out what the heck is going on in this creepy old house! Give this one a try!

Happy Gaming
 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Feb 23, 13 9:29 AM
This does seem to be a fairly nice game. Interesting storyline, runs well. I'm trying to get past dissapointment that as a "sequal" it's nothing like Tiny Dancer. It's a little hard to be objective with that in my head Had a real love/hate with the first one, but it left an impression! It was incredibly uinique!! This (so far) seems "nice" but nothing that will stand out down the road.

If you haven't played the first in the series - don't lol - take this one at face value and likely you'll enjoy it! It does have an "older" feel to it, but some days you want a fairly basic game.

What I will say about the first is, it was the story that drove it! This may stay true with this game. It does start out with the requisite car crash *sigh*, but it may take some unique turns! We'll have to wait for some folks to get past the demo and let us know

I'm going to leave it in the GM and come back when I can look at it with "fresh" eyes and not compare to TD

As for general comments, the graphics are quite pretty - they have a "soft" look to them. Runs well, with my resolution I can't get wide screen though a third difficulty option would be nice, I'll get through on Nightmare, but that middle ground difficulty is always a pleasant option. Nice VOs, nice music and good atmosphere so far as well! Also will second that it's not a sequal which requires knowledge of the prequel!

Truly a "try for yourself" game!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Feb 16, 13 8:05 AM
Definitely wasn't expecting a Halloween game in Feb - but I'll take it. Game does run a bit slow - cursor isn't hinky, but every scene change, etc. is slower than we are used to & tutorial was very long. Long tutorial would rock for those new to the genre, but was a bit frustrating for me as it was a slow one to click through. That's over with though - so not a huge "minus". I didn't experience the tech issues others did, so it's worth demoing despite the growing tech thread Obviously hope there will be a fix for those who are having issues!

Beautiful graphics and very interesting interactive HO scenes, dev has come up with a couple unique twists. Story is interesting - not quite "I can't tear myself away" compelling - but interesting Puzzles don't seem mind bendingly hard (so far!). Seems fairly intuitive so far as well.

Upshot - this is a very nice game. Worth demoing and for me worth a PCC or maybe a BOGO with this weekend's sale. Likely one that would sit in the GM for a while on my "maybe" list without the sale.

Happy Gaming!
For me this is another winner from Blue Tea - but I'm a fan of bright colors and High Fantasy! Yes, some of the backgrounds in cut scenes are blurry - mild bummer I suppose, but in-game graphics are nice and clear! Nice touch of having VO during the tutorial as well. Shows the devs put a bit of extra effort in Got a little click happy at one point and had two VO dialogues going at once - oops - don't do that

Runs well - what a relief - cursor obeys and does not seem to have a mind of its own! Cut scenes, scene changes and the like moved with speed.

I'm enjoying the story and looking forward to the promised "over 20" characters - I think they will add quite a bit to this game! Frequently we just wander alone through HOGS and FROGS running into only the occassional antagonist or ghost!

Cut scenes aren't a bother to me as this particular game seems very heavy on story as well as adventure, FROGS and puzzles! Nice that the very first puzzle was not impossible to solve, but wan't crazy easy either! So often we breeze through the demo portion of a game and wonder "Will it all be this simple?"

I'll second FROG scenes seem a bit tricker than in previous Blue Tea games - this is a good thing! Often as not you can gather 80% of the items without really looking at the pictures of what you're trying to find...found myself really working at these FROGS! Again - this shows an effort on the part of the devs - extra work placing the FROG objects.

Always get a bit of a chuckle when a game starts out with our protagonist immediately doing something that seems like "Not the best idea ever" - but you know you have to muck things up before you can fix them, so you dive in anyway! Human naute "Hey, what happens if I do this??" oops.

As others have said - give the demo a go - seems one way or the other you'll have your own firm opinion! If this isn't your cuppa (Tea!) you can take advantage of the sale to meet your gaming needs today!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Timeless: The Lost Castle on Feb 12, 13 5:53 PM
Second...nope...third that! It was amazing! Was totes bummed it wasn't a CE - could have played that one hours longer (and it took HOURS)!!

Definitely not easy - but awesome & the story kept you engaged the whole time!
 posted in Motor Town: Soul of the Machine on Feb 12, 13 10:09 AM
I will say I like this game and it will be a buy (either with sale or PCC) - however, I really hope there aren't a lot of cutscenes. Wow. Truly bad VOs. Our protagonist is so, so - but her boss? Wow. Yeah beyond that I'm speechless (make note...this is rare )

As with previous offerings from this dev the intrugue gets you! Great creepy atmosphere, very nice graphics! Bit of a draggy cursor *sigh* it's almost to the point where I expect and accept this bummer. Love the way these artists depict movement with various effects, lighting, etc (not people movement lol - scene atmosphere). H0 scenes are challenging - lots of interaction and as was mentioned above, pretty precise cursor work! Within demo flow is pretty logical - find X do Y - seems we'll have lots of inventory items in this one! Every handle in the house is missing no crowbar yet, but many sought after items will give you a sense of "Oh I know what I'll need here" comfort. Again - often the demo portion of a game is far mor linnear than the balance!

We've had several good games of late, so I'm not rushing to buy and play this one, but I do like the dev and have high hopes for it! Really unique plot to be certain - that's nothing to sniff at!

Definitely give this one a go, see if it revs your engine!

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Whispers: Revelation on Feb 12, 13 9:57 AM
This is one I'll definitely chew on for a bit...

Possibly one downside is this appears to be a sequal - but the original isn't available on BFG - this may put us at a disadvntage - may not...helpful, I know

I found it really interesting we didn't just jump in this game with both feet - you wander through a few areas before you get your first action. This does give you more of an adventure feel & for me, at least, did get me curious.

Graphics are nice, very dark so far (who knows where you go after the demo), H0 scenes have a good level of difficulty, IMO. Once you get going, there seems a logical flow and there is a map and a list of tasks. Cursor movement, scene changes etc not the fastest, but we've seen worse.

On the one hand, I do find myself wondering where the heck this game is going to go! On the other hand - this one has angst to spare! This is one depressed teen girl protagonist! Not without reason - but let's just say "If you love Twilight - this is the game for you!" You get it...

It is worth trying! I'll leave it in the GM and chew on it for a bit m'self!

Happy Gaming! (bit of an oxymoron for this game...still...)
 posted in The Invisible Man on Feb 11, 13 7:59 PM
Well what a Monday! Just got the chance to play the demo (so folks in Austrailia - this review is for you ) is dark. Dang if I don't like it anyway though! I'll bear the frustration of shadow to support a dev that has put a lot into a lovely SE! Detail, detail and more detail in this gem! Lots of creativity in the H0 scenes as well - you really need to put some thought into the interactive items! Love the phantom lens - been a long time since we've seen a game where you can see the outline of an H0 item! Penalty free too I'll let you all see for yourselves where you find the mouse in the first seen...ew - that is some creativity devs!

Like the misc folks you run across too - click on everyone! Sure took me by surprise!

Oh yes...great plot and setting too - it's a classic! Cursor is not giving me too many fits - it was awful in the Main Menu and I just about switched to system, but gave it a try & though it doesn't "fly" it's pretty well under control!

Icing on the cake, love a task list and clear objectives (it's so easy to forget sometimes!)

Absolutely worth taking a look for yourself - darker the room you play in the better - but don't pass this one up out of hand!

Happy Gaming!
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