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 posted in Push The Box on Mar 22, 13 6:51 PM
Had to get my 12-year old involved.

Ignore the ice and the bombs. They are unnecessary.


Enter the portal. When you re-appear, move the box down onto the spikes (watch out for wolf.) Move down below the row of boxes and rescue the pig at the bottom left while the wolf is above the row of boxes.

Move back toward the top and hide in the cardboard box.

When the wolf moves down below the row of boxes, come out of the cardboard box, above the row, and push down the 3rd box from the left, trapping the wolf.

Press the button and turn off the lasers.

Rescue the piggy near the ice cube - watch out for the camera.

Re-enter the portal, so that you end up in the narrow hall where you began. The laser is now shut off, so you can reach the first pig, without dousing the flames.

Flip the switch for the gate and exit room - timing your exit to avoid the spikes.

Hope that helps!
 posted in Push The Box on Mar 22, 13 6:28 PM
Me, too! I came to the forum looking for help. Maybe LizzieK will post a video soon.
 posted in Push The Box on Mar 13, 13 4:16 AM
Can't seem to get this one. Any help would be appreciated.
 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court on May 14, 12 11:00 AM
The only problem with the youtube "walkthrough" is that the numbers don't add up. When they finish harvesting trees twice, building and upgrading the houses, building the mill, and building the first bridge, they have 50 wood left. As far as I can tell - that is impossible. Harvesting the trees twice gives you 240 wood - and you use 200 wood with those tasks - 30 for the mill, 40 for each house, 20 each to upgrade the houses and 50 for the first bridge. How do they get the extra 10 in wood??!!
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 24, 12 6:06 PM
Completely stuck here. Any hints would be helpful. I cannot produce seeds fast enough to get gold.
 posted in Art Mogul on Aug 5, 11 9:48 AM
I realize that plenty of people like HOG games. However, when it is an HOG game, it should be labeled as such. I, however, avoid them like the plague. C'mon, Bigfish, let's label the games accurately. Or at least give a two-game description - strategy/hidden object.
 posted in Catwalk Countdown on Feb 26, 11 9:26 AM
I'm having the same problem that PrincessCajun and a couple of others mentioned - the game doesn't recognize when a task is completed. I have my reputation to 79% (the game wanted 70) and was told that I didn't have enough buzz and had failed the task.

That's a lot of work to have to do over.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Dec 22, 09 8:22 AM
Can the population be higher than 45 people? I have built a house, but the stat counter still shows 45/45.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Dec 10, 09 1:16 PM
Near one of your gold/coal mines, there will be a place to dig under a tree stump. I think it was in the upper right corner. (My son was playing as I'm not 100% on the upper right) :-)
 posted in Fish Tycoon on Oct 3, 09 7:40 PM
You should be able to set up a new player profile. Click on "change player" in the bottom right-hand corner of the main menu.
 posted in Fish Tycoon on Oct 3, 09 7:38 PM
You need to research their environment. Go to the supplies store. Your hybrids cannot live in less than a level 2.
 posted in Magic Academy II on Oct 2, 09 6:18 AM
I'm trying to find the hidden training mosters. The only objects that light up are the lock on the five-headed monster, the keyhole on the table and the large round object on the right. When I click on it, I'm told that I need a potion.

Can anyone help?
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Apr 12, 09 8:40 AM
Sin67 - re: Pizza Road 4

There is a great walkthrough on this forum for Pizza Road 4. The only thing I did different - the walkthrough tells you to immediately buy 1 pig and send for a flour and 2 leavens (bottles) for the remaining $40. INSTEAD - I buy 1 pig and immediately send for 1 marinade ($40). This way, I am able to marinade a truffle sooner. Hope this helps.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Apr 12, 09 8:30 AM
Sin67 -- I can't really add anything original to the tips everyone has already posted. Whenever I had trouble on a level, I just checked the comments on this wonderful forum.

I was totally stuck on Pickle Lane 1 until the new build with the additional time. Even then, it took a couple of hours of play on that one level, just over and over, until I was able to do it.

There is a great walkthrough on Gamezebo. The only thing I would add/change. The walkthrough tells you to plant all your grass in a horizontal stripe below the well. I had much better luck and saved more animals by just watering in random patches.

I waited until the truck (selling 2 pigs and 2 goats) was about halfway to the city and clicked twice in the lower left hand corner of the "field". When that grass was about gone, I clicked once on the right side, slightly higher. When the animals moved to that patched, I clicked once each on the lift and right upper "corners" of the field.

The animals seem to be okay as long as there is SOME grass on the field somewhere.

Once the truck gets back, immediately click on your well to refill, buy a cat, upgrade the warehouse twice, and upgrade the truck completely. Then click a bunch of times (about 7) in the middle of the group of animals as this waters and picks up items.

Then click on the truck to see what you have collected. You should have 5 milks and 5 eggs. If so, sell all your cows and chickens.

Click on the well to refill and water your animals. If you do not have 3 pigs left, start over.

Follow the gamezebo walkthrough from there.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Apr 11, 09 7:18 PM
FINALLY completed this - gold on every level - every award! Woo hoo!!
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Mar 4, 09 9:21 AM
So...I have 10 truffle recipes, I have made 9 of them and delivered them to everyone I can think of. I cannot make the 10th truffle until I find Sesame Seeds. Someone else posted that they show up in Tangiers after you have gotten coffee blends from Evangeline.

The truffles I have made are: Lemon Raspberry, Spicy Currant, Cameroonian Dark Truffles with Saffron, Specialty Cacao Espresso, Peruvian Cacao Cardamom & Nutmeg, White Chocolate, Honey Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Wasabi Cashew. What am I missing?
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 19, 09 8:30 AM
MUCH more difficult, but I love it!
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Feb 16, 09 7:55 AM
Thank you - that did it.
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Feb 16, 09 6:33 AM
How do you get the hat trophy? I have all nine hats in the store, but the trophy has not been awarded.
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Jan 2, 09 2:25 PM
I have found the cave (I think - does it look like the entrance to a mine?) and put two lamps in front of it, but my hero won't go in. Any ideas?
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