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 posted in Art Detective on Jan 13, 09 3:05 PM
This was a very disappointing game.
 posted in Casebook on Jan 13, 09 3:01 PM
I had that problem too, but when I changed the name and made it shorter, it worked fine. It's a good game.
 posted in Casebook on Dec 18, 08 12:20 PM
I found a very good walkthrough on gameboomers. But with 'intuition' it's not really necessary. And I think this game is supposed to be difficult. I did find it hard, but I really enjoyed that aspect of it. It was like REAL forensics.
 posted in Casebook on Dec 18, 08 12:16 PM
Yes. I downloaded it no problems.
 posted in Casebook on Dec 12, 08 2:29 PM
deliag wrote:Where is Casebook? I can't find it, but I realllllly want to play it!

It's a large file game - check it out under Large File Games - it's worth it! I really enjoyed the whole thing ... okay, some of the repeated games got a bit tiresome, but the story line was AMAZING, and ythe crimescenes were totally wow.

Good luck!
 posted in Casebook on Dec 9, 08 8:53 PM
montysgirl wrote:I notice that casebook is showing available for downloading again, does this mean that we can repurchase it without the problems?

I haven't tried it but a friend downloaded it a few days ago and it worked OK apparently (didn't work the first time around)

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