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Temple ruins (at Sensei level of mastership)
1. Machete
2. Ribbon
3. Gift box
4. Old Button
5. Eagle feather
6. Glass vessel
7. Claw
8. Fairy’s wings
9. Dragon’s egg
10. Protection suit
11. Pirate coat (“Dashing pirate” collection)
12. Jackboots (“Dashing pirate” collection)
13. Parrot (“Sea dog” collection )
14. Hook (“Sea dog” collection)
15. Uitzilopochtli’s mask (“Sacred totem” collection )
16. Fresh Orange (“Soft” drinks” collection)
17. Mojito (“Soft” drinks” collection)
18. Beach chair (“Beach set” collection)
47. Beach hat (“Beach set” collection)
19. Bathing suit (“Beach set” collection)
20. Pasque flower (“Curing balm” collection )
21. Fly agaric (mushroom – “Curing balm” collection)
22. Energy container (“Power trap”)
23. Lemur (“Two of every sort” collection)
24. Microchip (“Super machine” collection)
25. Sugar (“Camping food”)
26. Dried fruit (“Camping food” collection )
27. Witch’s brooch (“Family jewels”)
28. Scepter of power (“Family jewels” collection )
29. Persian carpet (“Luxury articles” collection )
30. Bird of happiness (“Amulets” collection)
31. Golden sphinx (“Amulets” collection)
32. Violin case (“Violinist” collection)
33. Ritual dagger (“Secrets of magic” collection)
34. Tarantula (“Poisonous things” collection )
35. Shaman tambourine (“Mystic charms” collection)
36. Chest
37. Clay sign
38. Toothy one (“Two of every kind” collection)
39. Tobacco pouch (“Smoking set” collection )
40. Coin necklace (“Fortune teller chest” collection)
41. Black cat (“Fortune teller accessories” collection)
42. Fortune dice (“Fortune teller accessories” collection)
43. Rattlesnake (“Poisonous things” collection)
44. Branch of sakura (“Collection of the East”)
45. Monk’s slippers (“Collection of the East”)
46. Combat rings (“Lethal metal” collection)
47. Leprechaun (“Cornucopia” or “Horn of abundance” gold collection)
48. Rabbit ("Plush Pets" collection)
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Pirate ship (at Sensei lever of mastership)
1. Hacksaw (“Repair set” collection)
2. Machete
3. Bomb
4. Mirror
5. Ribbon
6. Gift box
7. Glass vessel
8. Pirate’s chest
9. Dragon’s egg
10. Pirate hat (“Dashing pirate” collection)
11. Saber (“Dashing pirate” collection)
12. Old pistol (“Sea dog” collection)
13. Tlaloc’s mask (“Sacred totem” collection)
14. Milk cocktail (“Soft drinks” collection)
15. Fresh Orange (“Soft” drinks” collection)
16. Mojito (“Soft” drinks” collection)
17. Beach hat (“Beach set” collection)
18. Beach umbrella (“Beach set” collection)
19. Chestnut (“Curing balm” collection)
20. Sea Lily (“Curing balm” collection)
21. Gravitation generator (“Power trap” collection)
22. Moon cat (“Two of every sort” collection)
23. Card (“Super machine” collection)
24. Ship biscuit (“Camping food” collection)
25. Sleeping bag (“Survival kit” collection)
26. Burning sword (“Family jewels” collection)
27. Cloak (“Vampire cape” collection)
28. Black candles (“Luxury articles” collection)
29. Water key (“Key keeper” collection)
30. Neptune (Collection of Figurines)
31. Music notebook (“Violinist” collection)
32. Coin necklace (“Fortune teller chest” collection)
33. Arrow-poison frog (“Poisonous things” collection)
34. Medical alcohol (“Medical Instruments” collection)
35. Sack of gold (“Cornucopia” or “Horn of abundance” gold collection)
36. Fugu (“Eastern dish” collection)
37. Protection suit (to barter with Alien floater)
38. Lockpicks (“Detective set” collection)
39. Violin (“Violinist” collection)
40. Handcuffs (“Detective set” collection)
41. Fake mustache (“Master of disguise” collection)
42. Rice (“Eastern dish” collection)
43. Salmon (“Eastern dish” collection)
44. Nori (“Eastern dish” collection)
45. Daikoku (“Netsuke” gold collection)
46. Royal Lily ("Exotic Flowers" collection)
47. Sneakers ("A sound mind in a sound body" collection)
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When we examine a location, we gain progress for the level of mastership in each location. With the progress increased, we gain more experience and coins from the exploration of a location and we have more items available to find.
The higher level available is Sensei (in Japanese it means master or teacher, a person of great authority).
 Levels of Mastership at locations:
1. Newbie
2. Apprentice
3. Trainee
4. Experienced
5. Old stager
6. Explorer
7. Detective
8. Professional
9. Master
10. Expert
11. Sensei

Here is a list of the items available in each location. I wrote them down as they currently appear at the locations’s thumbnail icons:
 Wrecked Airplane (at Sensei level of mastership)
1. Mars dog (“Two of every sort” collection)
2. Combination pliers (“Repair set” collection)
3. Machete
4. Mirror
5. Ribbon
6. Gift box (green gift)
7. Strong glue
8. Scissors
9. Glass vessel
10. Dragon’s egg
11. Jackboots (“Dashing pirate” collection)
12. Leather gloves (“Dashing pirate” collection)
13. Boatswain’s whistle (“Sea dog” collection)
14. Hook (“Sea dog” collection)
15. Bottle of Rum (“Sea dog” collection)
16. Sweet cherry (“Soft drinks” collection)
17. Soda with ice (“Soft drinks” collection)
18. Sandals (“Beach set” collection)
19. Bathing suit (“Beach set” collection)
20. Fly agaric (mushroom – “Curing balm” collection)
21. TV set (“Super machine” collection)
22. Canned stew (“Camping food” collection)
23. First-aid kit (“Survival kit” collection)
24. Leather shoes (“Vampire cape” collection)
25. Athena (“Collection of Figurines”)
26. Tweezers (“Detective set” collection)
27. Modular camera (“Spy satellite” collection)
28. Head Hunter (“Deadly beauty” collection)
29. Multi-tools
30. Spool of wire
31. Rivet
32. Geiger counter (for bartering with Androids)
33. Signal flare (for banishing Vultures)
34. Bio detector (“Power trap” collection)
35. Iron key (Key keeper” collection)
36. Ashtray (“Smoking set” collection)
37. Violin (“Violinist” collection)
38. Black cat (“Fortune teller” collection)
39. Glasses (“Master of disguise” collection)
40. Hornet (Poisonous things” collection)
41. Nori ("Eastern dish" collection)
42. Monk’s slippers (“Collection of the East”)
43. Ebisu (“Netsuke” gold collection)
44. Fortune –telling cards (need 3 to explore the Tent each time)
45. Grand Piano ("Jazz Band" collection)
46. Valentine ("Whole-hearted")
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You got me!
I have just been doing this...
I may post it anyway because I write after each item where you use it.
Are you sensei level in every location?
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Valdy, you see, playing the game, you get the sense, and you make the right decisions.
Diamonds only for food is my advice.
I am in level 87.
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Thank you for giving me credit, robin94122!
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At Vampire castle, at the Temple ruins and the Camp.
I dont know if it is available in all three locations in early levels. I would check the vampire castle first.
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And during the quest, if you keep searching the UFO location for 10 times, you will get them all. One comes every time.
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ipad2 and still crashes after the update
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Indeed a small reward...

And yes. Some of the quests will take some time. I think that the reward for the difficult quests could be 500xp and 500coins instead of the standard 200.

This was not a major update, though. I believe it was a quick one, an aspirin, because people were getting frustrated and they were about to abandon the game. The update where major issues will be addressed/solved and where they will add the social option, etc. will take some time, in my opinion.
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You are right.They just chaged it with the recent update.

Until december 19 it was
green- CHARGE (ready)
yellow-CRAFT (buy missing secondary items)
red - BUY (buy collection)

Now it is the same but they Changed CHARGE to CRAFT.

green- CRAFT (ready)
yellow-CRAFT (buy secondary items)
red - BUY (buy collection)

That, actually, may complicate things for people...

Thank you anyway.
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Thank you so much smashedpumpkin.

I was trying the same thing before the quest was complete and it didnt work. But, after, yes. It works!
I dont believe how many weapons I ve wasted...
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Coins, yes. But other items never. At least from my experience.
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Crafting and charging collections are not exactly the same thing.

You can CHARGE a collection when you have the 5 main items and the right number of the (2-4) secondary items needed (such as green gifts, scissors, ribbons, fairy wings etc.)

To CRAFT a collection, you have to have all 5 main items, BUT some, or one, of the secondary items are missing, so you can buy them by spending diamonds.
If you press the yellow button that says "craft", a new window appears where you can buy what is missing.

My advice: Dont waste any diamonds crafting, unless you really need to charge that particular collection.

I am at level 86.
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Quests always reward you with 200 red stars, that means 200 experience.

And this is another issue I d like them to change.
There are easy quests (explore a location) and very difficult ones (time and coins consuming, as when you need an item 13 times and you can find it only in a location. That means you have to search the location at least 13 times). It would ne nice if for the difficult quests we had a larger reward, e.g. 500 experience.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 19, 12 10:16 PM
No, you don't have to be connected to the internet to play. Only if you want to buy diamonds or coins.
A message appears that you cannot connect etc. Just tap on it a few times and it disappears.
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glascot wrote:Matahari, I have 44 scissors lol but not enough buttons or green presents.

Hopefully this is some of the things they will address or open up the social side so I can exchange scissors for something else, as I obviously have more scissors than I need right now.

Loooool. Glascot I have 87 buttons! Green presents are never enough, since we need them for charging most of the collections.

And indeed, the social button will help us a lot. I keep reading different experiences about the quantity of items from different users...
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 16, 12 12:05 AM
Thank you glascot!
I wish we could have an update by the end of the year, but you are right, let us not hold our breath..

I am in level 83.

Aaaa! Dear developpers! ANOTHER SUGGESTION. Let one of the floaters give us some scissors (like the criminal gives us the green presents)!! It is essential!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 14, 12 11:07 PM
Hammrsgl wrote:Excellent summation, well done.. Don't hold your breath for an update.

Thank you!
And... your thought is that an update is not coming AT ALL or that it is going to take a loong time?
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Dear Developpers,

First of all congratulations for a wonderful game. You must know by now that you hold a treasure in your hands! I have NEVER bought any app/game or program online until now, and here I find myself for the first time spending real-and a lot of- money.
You know that  we are ahead of you and you need to fix and progress a great amount of things in the game for the next update. I thought it might be useful to collect  into a list all the issues that I have encountered and need to be addressed and some suggestions as well.  Most of them you may already know by other players' posts.

1. Energy regeneration. 8 hours game shut down entirely = ends up in approximately 200 energy units (my experience). It used to be quicker though.
2. Crashes while tapping on the last items at search locations on levels Expert and Sensei. 
3. In Sensei level the indicator showing the progress for the level of mastership in the location remains at 0%, even if you complete successfully the search.
4. At locations, items that are very near each other or overlapping can't be picked unless both of them have appeared on the list.
5. Some items at  locations need multiple taps to be picked (ex. Goat when on the right of the screen at Temple Ruins, most of the items behind the window at the Lab).
6. Long items (such as spade, golf club) can be picked only if tapped in the middle of their "pole", otherwise not.
7.  I don't know if this next is one is on purpose to make it more difficult, but when searching locations, the dropping coins, presents, energy, stars, etc fall on the screen preventing us from seeing what we are tapping on. And that slows us down.
8. Some of my achievements that I see when I tap on the Achievement "button" are not in harmony with the list of achievements of the Game Center. (ex. I have completed banishing all 500 Lemutes (Machete Achievement) and in the Game Center it is indicated that I have completed only 99% of the achievement. Note that I have banished much more than 500 by now.)

1. The statistic odds for some rare items that help us complete collections that give us energy (ex. Owl mask at the School of Assassins) should be higher so we can get them more often and not once every 30 searches!
2. When using amulets like the Crystal Owl (10mins) I  have observed that even if I start searching a location with the amulet on, if I havent finished it within its expiration time, I dont get the double energy. It would be good if starting ontime would be enough.
3. You could add more levels in the achievemnts and not just up to 500 (ex. Collections). Those of us who have completed more than 500 I imagine we will lose our not calculated extra achievements...
4. Of course quicker energy renegerator. It is important for you to make it difficult enough to make us buy things but you don't want to make too hard for us to be frustrated and give up on the game.
5. Don't forget we have still to use: invisible cloacks, radiators, torches, meat, vampire tangs, blue diamonds, dried geckos and many many plates!

I hope this is helpful and not tiring.
Thank you.
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