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 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 29, 18 7:48 PM
Hi skpjazz

LOL and yes, it made sense! I think with PF's it's more a matter of what's familiar and getting used to it. If I think back 11 years ago and on BF here, it was also 'strange'. I think it was probably close to 3 years before I posted

I thought it was the 3rd time is a charm Yep, down pat or downpat either is acceptable . Just call me Ms.Webster

Oh phewww, that commitment thingy is a huge relief. LOL, 'sad ' eh but oh so true
Yep, empathy is a trait that I personally feel everyone could and would benefit by
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 29, 18 6:40 PM
I am sorry, I didn't see this post by you.

You may or may not see this but you hopefully got my PM.

Confusion you say LOL With me around.......not a chance
And ooops, I guess you didn't get my reply at PF's .....I explained my ditzyness in the PM.

No, I'm not as a new member which shocked me. I put my name in and my email address and they said I had an account from 2013 So typical of me. As to any other confusion........I'm totally confused

Hmm, I wonder if PF's had my four leaf clover.
 posted in Travel Mosaics: A Paris Tour on Apr 29, 18 3:27 PM
Thank you squishy2020 !

I'd almost given up hope of any help for this puzzle!

As the forums are closing tonight/tomorrow early I wan't to take this opportunity to wish you
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 7:23 PM
LOL, ooops, leave it to me to get the name mixed up! Yes, Sapphire Dragon , you are correct. I don't think I ever finished it and I'm guessing it was all the talking, reading that turned me off. I also am not crazy about the 'power ups/ abilities' and find them confusing.

You are sooooooooo Synth! You really think that Sleepless Star is comparable to Mundus in Normal mode???!!!

Oh, so what is the other site that skpjazz is on that we cannot mention here? I think probably PF's is a great site, it's likely just that I'm not a 'site going' person and despite how 'active' I've been in this thead, I'm not much of a buzzing bee. Oh, and LOL, did I mention I'm not good with commitments?

ETA I just read your comment to skpjazz and I'm even more confused . Is there a Game manager that you can install and store your games on?
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 11:54 AM
@ SynthpopAddict (yes, I do use your full name when you are being a temptress

But seriously, Synthy I have read your reply , since I asked....... someone please slap me upside o' the head

I played a few levels yesterday and it began to come back to me as to why it was a 'pain game' My gosh, if you achieved that goal I really truly applaud you !!!

I also tried JQ : The Sleepless Dragon. (sometimes I think I really must be batty!)

Reading what you directed at skpjazz.......I am totally confused! Oh, and when I popped over to check the outside and try peeking inside, I wasn't able to click on anything. Is there PM over there? I'm so used to the set up here that is (was) so flawlessly simple. I shan't go on about my likes as it's not going to be here.
Today for some reason I'm really bummed out I guess shock wore off and reality has set in.
However, I'm not one to give up and I care about us staying in a community so I will make the effort to visit you guys at PF. (umm, you do know that I got lost in a Chapter's store .....that may enlighten you all to my inability to find my way )

 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 1:08 AM
Thank you skpjazz!

My head is in a whirlwind of back and forth and trying to get my thoughts organized, so bear with me please, especially if I miss something directed at/to me and don't reply.
It would never be for lack of caring or doing!
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SynthpopAddict wrote:Probably better to try the older M3s since most of those don't have a lot of bells and whistles, but not anything with gigantic scrolling levels. I'm replaying 5 Star Rio Resort now and if you shut off the bouncing coins in the options there's not much "wiggling" of things except in the building scene. At least one other place has 5 Star Hawaii Resort which looks pretty similar to 5 Star Rio Resort, even same storyline character. Button Tales?

I've always enjoyed the DragonScales and Claws and Feathers games but not sure if all the birds flying in C&F will affect you.

[edit] Oh gee, how could I forget Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star! Now there's a great suggestion because that's how we met up! I even have a sick fishie project for you if you want to revisit being "The Sleepless Mysti" once more.

Thank you for the suggestions Synth! I have games still unplayed and will probably try to go through and at least see what I have. It's been so long, I think my games have huge cobwebs

LOL, yesssss, how could YOU of all people forget Jewel Quest : The Sleepless Star
I do have very fond memories from then! Oh boy! Do I even dare ask what you have up your sick fishie M3 'sleeve'
(I reinstalled two of the Jewel Quest and yep, one is the Sleepless Mysti one.
Man oh man I need my head examined! )
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 12:32 AM
skpjazz wrote:Mysti

Since you have explored the "new place", you know that it does take some time to learn your way around -- but it's getting easier....although there's still a lot I haven't explored, but that only means there's lots to look forward to!
It would be extra special if I saw your "face", Mysti, at Pond Friends, as I know everyone would love you there as well.
No, skpjazz , I've not yet explored the new place. I've gone and look at the 'house' and tried peeking in the windows but got lost and followed my bread crumb trail back to 'safety' (wink wink)

It has been forcing me to use a different part of my brain that I hadn't exercised in a while -- so as you can see -- I've been forcing this "older brain" to take in more new data, without upgrading my RAM - yet! (I was overdue for an upgrade, anyway!)

Holy mackerel, do they sell RAM for brains somewhere? I gotta get me some of that

And, in case I haven't mentioned it to you Mysti, you would love the animated smileys/emoticons/emojis (whatever the correct term is!) at Pond Friends.
Another temptress I see You know how much I love those little 'guys'

I decided I'm not saying, see you later!

Okie doke, see you later!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 12:23 AM
SynthpopAddict wrote:Not to sound like I don't respect Mysti's decision, but I found out you can play Zuma within the online gaming forum there.

LMFHO Synthy!! you are soooooooo bad

Thanks pal, I know you do respect my 'decision' even though it isn't written in stone as of yet, and good grief you, how can I resist you both!?!?
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SynthpopAddict wrote:Pond Friends game reviews are under the Game Reviews section in the area called "Games and Technical Support" - you have to scroll down the page a little to find them. The reviews are then divided up by platform. If you were looking for the review I'd told you about elsewhere, it's in the PC and Mac game review area there (reviews are alphabetized by first letter of the game name). You have to be logged in to see all the forum content.

This is helpful Synth! I don't have an 'account' over there as I have no idea what I joined as 5 years ago and haven't been back for over 4 &3/4 years Whatever my password was is long gone from memory.

I think a number of people look at it and it does seem 'complicated' as it does to me and it's like........where do we even begin etc. We can figure it out as I really do want to have access to your threads!
And of course, since skpjazz is NOT say goodbye to me I guess I have to go to her new 'home' (cute skpjazz, you are cute!)
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 27, 18 1:41 PM
I just saw these 3 new posts and have stuff to say! ( I know that will shock both of you )

Right at the moment I'm trying to get game things worked out with CS as I cannot install from Purchase History.

One thing I will say *ahem* Synthy you temptress and evillle doer to my sanity.
(I just know you are going to tempt me into a 'pain' game )

I'll be back after I gather back up my missing grey cells
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 26, 18 2:29 PM
Not sure where to post this and likely it's kind of pointless now, but.... any suggestions from anyone about another M3 game, not with a lot of motion that I can play ?(and make myself stop playing Mundus for awhile)

And no, not Jewel Quest 7 Seas. I did it and it was painful to get through both times.

A 'tip' to myself that I notice playing Mudus , which I'm sure must be similar in other M3 Limited moves is as I'm about to make a match of 3, often if I look I'll see a way to make that a match of 5. Needless to say, given that the larger matches give the power ups, has been very beneficial Okay Mr.Puzzler, I'm ready for the your next game!

And yes, you make a great point Synth about luck and timing!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 26, 18 2:01 PM
Oh you are an eeeville one Synth!

(maybe one of the reasons I like you

I guess between the two of us we could make a 'sick fishie idea/challenge ' on a regular basis .

I ate some Haagen-Dazs coffe ice cream last night! A rather 'strange' coincidence hmmm, eh,

I did try to look for a review by you but I can't find my way around over there

skpjazz, very quiet on your end, I do hope things are okay!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 25, 18 3:41 PM
skpjazz I hate saying goodbyes as well! I still haven't posted a general farwell to the pond but as the d day approaches (too soon) I better get to it.

Thank you, do know where you all will be and I'm truly happy that there was that option. I'm truly unbelievably angry with BFG! My first 'sore spot' was the announcement and why, if they can get to my email to tell me all the gaming news, sales etc. ..........don't you think they could have managed a person email to us about this closure!! (rhetorical question) That was insulting to me!

I do feel bad for the mods as they have taken all of our gripes etc. and none of what goes on is their doing.

I've sung BFG's praises in all ways and have encouraged people to join. I am sorry for that , if any of you have joined. Slap me, I can take it

skpjazz, you do know that I did write you and attempt to answer your questions as best I could (I know some PM's don't go through and still not sure why)

LOL, ummm as far as Amy's, oh my gosh Synth, you do KNOW how addicted I can get

I'm being interrupted so will go for now
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 23, 18 9:24 PM
LOL, I knew I posted in the wrong thread I swear if something doesn't hit me in the head sometimes I would totally not see it! Wadda ya mean "Am I blond? "

I think Pond Friends is a FANTASIC site and I'm so truly thankful that you all can keep track of one another, stay in touch and compete at M3's I will be with you in spirit for sure!!!

And yes, I do have your '#' Synth (contact silly people) I also am dying to try Amy's Ice Cream

ooopsie, sorry, couldn't resist
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 23, 18 9:16 PM

I don't know how I didn't see this Synth! I am sorry and gosh, sometimes I feel like I'm missing a LOT and I truly hope that anyone who's directed a post to me, with me, etc that they know ...........if I do not reply, I just didn't see it and hope no one has been offended by my 'bad eyes and manners'!

Hahaha No I am not the Mundus master but hey, if there's a cash prize in it, I'll gladly accept the title

But seriously, and perhaps irrelevant given 5 or 6 days have passed and given the morale in the pond I debated whether to post anything.

Back to the game. I am convinced that for whatever reason(s) there are visual differences that one might see and another might miss that can make the board seem very hard or not so much. (with or without using powerups bought) ALSO, I played a level earlier and I KNOW the first, second, time around I completed it with my M3 sickie fish project no problems. Today, I've had to replay and replay and....

Very glad to hear you aren't retiring Synth! And as you know from many games in the past (M3) I have relied on your expertise many times!! I'm not playing anything currently, I am anxious to get back to some of the more motion filled M3's I own but haven't been able to play yet. But gosh, I cannot begin to express how much the timing of Mundas: Impossible Universe was PERFECT for me and I've loved the game! (even when I 'hated' it Also loving the mechanics and no glitches!
Thank you!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 21, 18 11:37 AM
BlueStarFish wrote:snip from 3 days ago:

Hello mysticalla, I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. To heck with proper forum rules anymore, what are they gonna do - ban us?

Thank you so much for this above, I had a quick look in that thread just now. It has almost 1400 views, which clearly indicates that some sort of non-tech game help is needed and appreciated. Even if people only view and don't respond - so many must have gone searching for answers... BFG is mad to do away with the forums, I think.

I have really enjoyed meeting the whole gang here, and one may hope we run across each other again, in other forums. I tend to use the same name on forums, so if you see a BlueStarFish it will probably be me

There are still days until the shutdown, and I already feel its loss

I wish I knew how to 'snip'

I'm sorry I've not replied earlier BlueStarFish! I know! I cannot believe (accept) that people who looked to you and others will not be able to get your wonderful tips and help!!! I'm upset, sad, mad.... not for me so much as I've not been in that help level as you and Synth skpjazz and many others have contributed to the forums in so many games! As I've mentioned, this game Mundus was my coming back to the forums to participate after a long absence.

You make a very valid point and tech issues are a totally different 'ball game' from the hints, tricks and help get through a puzzle, or a level which in my opinion has been invaluable and essential to moving forward in some games!

I will miss all of you! Even the ones who have no idea how they've helped me over the years!
I wish all of you moving on to new places a happy and informative venue to continue the great work and fun!
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LOL, tonight I'd say "snapping turtle"

Well I am very shocked that you weren't asked and I have to think it was an oversight because holy bleep! you did begin the thread and got the interest going in this game that has been a venture and adventure! Well yes! I would be hurt if I were you and rightly so! Also, I think we are all entitled to feel sorry for ourselves at times.
We are human afterall.

Venting! LOL, it's funny you say that because my son and I were talking about that not long ago and how necessary it is and good for the mental health! I encourage it with everyone I know. Lol , he's made the comment a number of times about how his female friends can be soooooo hard to deal with because they get silent and he doesn't do the "guess what's wrong with me" game at all well.

Hmmm, let me ponder that glass thingy and see if I'm seeing it that way tonight.

Ummm, nope, no I am not! lol
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 9:40 PM
No skpjazz you didn't ask me to explain, I just needed to so that you were sure I wasn't offended in any way.

I wondered how you did that magic trick, including us both in the quote thingy

The was good I thought, it's like clinking a toast .
Whatever you wanted me to forget.........consider it forgotten

Well that is truly very odd! I can't imagine why you were left out! I just assumed you were included also. If that person is looking for 'volunteers' are you interested? I've not replied yet but that's me........sooooo slow call me turtle

I completely understand! I haven't been myself either and found myself snapping at a couple people today! Well, almost snapping
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 8:49 PM
skpjazz NO NO NO! You didn't offend me at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure what part of my post made you wonder but no, you have never even come near to offending me! Quite the opposite!

Yes!, we are still friends, of course! <even if I don't drink beer

All I can think of is that I was explaining why I write all over the map sometimes and can often find mistakes in my messages. I think my other point was when I write a message here / a post etc. I spend less time on it than I should . Hence the >>> Hey, I wish I was more detail oriented! I am in other ways but because reading and writing to a degree aren't something I can do for long periods (long story......and boring) I want to write and read what I can rather than not at all.

Clearer? Or is it still just clear as mud?
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