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 posted in Casebook on Apr 26, 09 4:19 PM
yeah, there's a free demo too. i'm not sure why its not on bfg, but it's great and goes into the background of burton and his family ... i found it by googling casebookthegame and went to the website of the people who made it.

really lilked it. 7/10. and a whole free game!
 posted in Casebook on Jan 19, 09 12:12 PM
I didn't have that problem - it ran fine on my computer, if a little slow i think - but io've been having that problem with quite a few newer bfg games ... might be time to get a new machine ... ? mine's getting pretty ancient, and casebook's obviously coming out wioth sequels, which i WANT to play ...
 posted in Casebook on Jan 19, 09 12:05 PM
I'm playing through Casebook again and really wanted to say that I think I used 'i' too much the first time ... because it was quite easy, but if you don't use it, and follow Burton's directions it's harder, like real forensics would be, i guess, because you never know what you're looking for. It's like Ravenhearst, but different, not JUST a matter of pointing and clicking, but actually thinking about what you should be looking for ... So i think some of ralhul's comments miss the point - this isn't a game where everything's laid out for you, it's a game where you need to think a little bit. It's a MYSTERY. A real one. I love it.
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Jan 18, 09 1:45 PM
I loved this game - it's not as good as Ravenhearst, or quite as interesting as Casebook, but it's great ... I tend to agree a skip would be good for the minigames, though ...
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jan 7, 09 1:12 PM
deliag wrote:I loved Ravenhearst. Definitely the absolutely best yet. Something I'd like to see, though, in a future version is for the game to get a little more like Casebook - where you can move around the whole room, and zoom in and out of evidence. If you could combine these two games - Casebook and MCF - you'd have the perfect game!

I LOVED Ravenhearst, it was amazing, definitely the best in the series. It was so well crafted, so much fun. I know what you mean though Deliag, I liked Casebook too and thought how cool it would be if MCF was like that - if you could move around the rooms looking for the evidence like you can in Casebook that would be amazing ... in a way, they're quite similar games. And both great!
 posted in Casebook on Jan 4, 09 3:46 PM
pnk96722 - you can always press alt + tab at the same time, which will minimise the screen for you! that way you don't have to quit - it might take a second, but it'd still be faster.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Dec 18, 08 11:46 AM
This game is definitely the best in the series so far, but I must admit, for all of that, I actually found myself getting tired near the end ... Ha!I know that's heresy round here, and there were lots of interesting new puzzles, but I kind of found myself thinking - why am I looking for a croissant here? does anyone know what i mean? i guess i just want to find objects that relate more to the story ... which was excellent - wonderful, atmospheric story ...

sorry to be a complainer!
 posted in Casebook on Dec 16, 08 7:52 PM
I didn't get that error. I just found it really hard! Does anyone have a walkthrough for Casebook?
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island on Dec 11, 08 7:48 PM
Nati59 wrote:
prpldva wrote:
Hi zzzmom- welcome to the forums!

I do recall some other players having problems at this puzzle. You should contact tech support, and they will be able to assist you.

Unfortunately the tech support can't help by this problem.
I've the same problem and it wasn't possible to give me a solution for this.

(sorry for my english, I'm from germany )

Hopefully BFG gave you both a coupon! They're normally really good at repsonding when something doesn't work - This happened to me with Casebook (which is why i joined the forum - to try and find help), and they gave me a credit. Sorry your game won't work - and your english is great!
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