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 posted in Christmas Wonderland 5 on Dec 22, 14 4:11 PM
I can't find it either!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Oct 9, 11 3:58 PM
I have now played this level three times but when I get to the slider puzzle almost at the bottom, the water will not flow all the way through! The first time it wouldn't even start into the pipe; next time it went through the first two. Third time it stopped in the 8th segment - right at the end of the first loop. I am getting very tired of restarting this level! Can someone help me out here?
 posted in Super Granny 6 on May 9, 11 9:06 PM
If it is what I think I am hearing (which some others have mentioned elsewhere) it disturbs me that this is in what I consider a game for all ages. I also don't appreciate the comment about "skid row" in World 3. Are these game developers from the US? Maybe they don't know what "Skid Row" is?
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