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I beat it but I am playing the standard version so I am not sure if this would apply for the CE version as well.

If they are the same: This is a tough one but doable. upgrade the woodmill as soon as you can. clear the way toward the lower bridge and do the bridge before using the resources bonus. Also clear the way toward the switch-bridge but don't take the pile of wood there or the crossed wood thingies. Do all these when you are using the resources bonus.

Use the first resource bonus with the gold after the lower bridge, the wood pile in the north, and the crossed woods right before the kid. You will need a lot of wood so keep collecting the wood at all times. Now fix the bridge leading to the switch, get the present with the kid and keep collecting the gold at the goldmine in the mean time. Right after you get the present, hit the switch and do the crossed-woods in the north and hit the resource bonus as the worker is about to enter the tent so that you can collect other stuff before the bonus runs out. Get the gold above and keep getting the gold from the guy with Medara. Medara will need to get gold about 5-6 times. But don't get too much because you need 10 wood for the boat. Now you can work your way through to the boat.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas on May 15, 16 11:30 PM
Being a huge fan of the MKFTP series, I thought this was a wonderful replacement. I really enjoyed both IV and V. I was so happy to see that they adopted the "Developer's Record" from the MKTFP series, which was for me the biggest attraction. I don't know how many times I played each of the MKFTP just to beat the DR, and then to beat my own records over and over. What I love about both series is that each time you play a level you can try a slightly different strategy, use the bonuses more strategically and try out different options until finally one brings you through and you break the record.

However, I find very disappointing in both 12 Labours of Hercules IV and V how the way the Developer's Records are set up. Some of the records are just not possible to beat no matter what you do. Forums also confirm this. This shows me that they are not real developer's records but just some arbitrary level that the developers set up without bothering to see whether they can really be reached or not. This one single fault turned me off so much because what is the point in trying to break a record that is just an arbitrary number up there that no one can possibly reach? This made me feel like the developer's are making a fool of us for taking the "developer's record" seriously.

I understand that the update in game IV fixed this issue on some levels but only for the CE, which I didn't have.

I am hoping that the developers will fix this issue in both games so that we can enjoy the wonderful game that 12 Labours of Hercules is. Otherwise, I am going to quit the series really soon.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas on May 8, 16 4:25 AM
When you collect resources that go beyond the upper limit, it makes a funny sound. I think that's what you are talking about. The limit is shown on the upper right hand corner. Each time you collect a resource beyond this limit it makes a sound that sounds like water drops.
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Yes I have. Just keep trying each combination. I did it systematically - kept 2 of the wheels fixed and tried the third in each of the 4 positions and kept repeating) and finally got it.
 posted in Lost Lands: The Golden Curse Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 16 2:13 AM
Did you try giving the trumpet to the guy at the top of the tower? It's been a while so I don't remember but I passed this HOP without difficulty so there are no glitches.
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When the Marionette's arms and legs are in the right place try clicking on the piece once more and it freezes in a reddish color. This means it is in the right place. Do this with all the arm and leg pieces.

Several other puzzles have the same: once the piece is in the correct position, it no longer moves and changes color. But sometimes you need to click on the piece twice for this.
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Jul 6, 15 1:50 PM
Westward 2, 3 and especially 4 are my favorites. I've played them many times and never get bored.
 posted in Toy Defense 3 - Fantasy on Nov 6, 14 5:49 AM
When I first bought this game I found it so difficult that I almost quit. Came here to look for tips but couldn't find anything useful. I kept trying and finally got the hang of it. Now I am almost done (playing the "Hard" option) and can now pass all the levels with 3 stars on my first try. Here are some tips:

- once you do the first couple of upgrades of the towers go for the castle and magic upgrades first (especially endurance, thrift and power of defense) . You cannot get through many of the levels without these

- at earlier levels you have to try to complete the level even if it is only with one star, leaving the three-stars to be done a bit later after you have gotten your upgrades

- Almost in every level I start with a greekfire since goblins appear first, and back it up with archers. I watch what is showing up next and place the more expensive towers (ballista and mage) only when the relevant monsters are showing up.

- You need to spend your money wisely: you have to choose between upgrading a tower or buying an additional tower. This is tricky. Because if you upgrade too soon, you are left with no money to buy the ballista or the mage and you have rock monsters or the flying ones streaming in. But if you wait too long to upgrade, you will waste all the experience points that would have accumulated for the next upgrade, and then your flamethrower may not be sufficiently upgraded for the upcoming stream of goblins.

- don't waste any of your towers on roads that are not common to all monsters (except for the mages). Put all of them in the intersections where all roads join. Sometimes this means you need to place your towers very close to the castle if the roads join there, but this is still the only way to beat the monsters. There are a few levels where multiple roads never intersect - in these you need to watch which road monsters will appear first, place your towers in spots where you can hit as many monsters as you can, and then with the money earned from them, you can buy the tower needed for the next flow on a different road.

Once I had most of the castle and magic upgrades, I started to go through the levels in fast mode getting all three stars on the first try.

 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 17, 14 11:04 PM
I came here to make the same complaint and happily saw that I am not the only one. I was persistent and managed to get through the Goblin book and the Moonflower sprees. But now at level 47 three different quests are asking for Moon Fountain Tea mix, and by far this is the worst. Because for some reason Gnome Village, where it is found, gives out much fewer items than other places and the Tea Mix shows up once in about every 10 trials if you are lucky. This means that you have to play Gnome Village at least about 300 times to complete these quests! This is ridiculous.

It looks like the developers think we'll want it so much that we'll go and spend real money to buy these rare items. But I'd rather just move on to other games. I loved this game and wouldn't mind to spend a few bucks to get through if I were stuck, but the way they designed this game, you'd need to spend much more than a few bucks to play on.

As much as I love playing this game, I'll be moving on to others if an update that doesn't fix this issue is available soon.

 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 24, 14 1:58 PM
Yes absolutely! Great tips... thanks everyone... solitaire is working for me...

just one question though katseye: how in the heck did you end up having 257 needle and threads? The most I got was like 10... Did I miss something? (I'm at level 25 now)
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 20, 14 3:11 AM
I am at level 18 and I am enjoying this game a lot. But I don't want to spend real money - maybe just once under $4 but not more. I want to ask more advanced players:

What is the best way to get lots of energy? I keep buying food from the store but then I don't have enough money remaining for the updates

What is the best way to use collections sets? I kept exchanging completed sets to level up, but then I realized I need these for various quests. So which collectible items should I hold on to and when can I /or should I exchange them when I need something?

I find myself needing a lot of glass shards, blueprints, tool kits, sewing sets etc for the quests. Is there a cheap way to get a lot of these? It looks like the only way is to play the HOGs (they are too expensive at the store), but to get plenty you need to play a lot, and for this you need a lot of energy. Anyone know a better way to get this stuff?

Any other tips and hints for beginners?
 posted in Farm Up on Mar 22, 14 3:06 AM

Definitely use the 16 gold/4 hour unlimited energy option at least twice if not more - this is very helpful on earlier levels so I suggest you use your gold for this first. During this 4 hours have the hubby keep pumping water as much as you can (at least 3000 water) and have Jen keep planting the fastest growing crops - especially cabbage, potatoes and cucumbers - you need lots of these later anyway. When I planted potatoes and cucumbers during the 4 hour unlimited times, I also watered and hoed them so that they come out faster and you get extra blue jars and experience points for watering and hoeing as well.

I always use gold to buy off demands that involve planting single crops with gold, and also demands for large number of bakery goods that consume 10 or more sacks of flour. Other than that I used my gold for learning all the school lessons for everyone, and for updates. After all this I still have more than 300 gold left.

As for the animals, I have one bird pen, one cow pen and 3 sheep pens, which takes care of all my needs so you don't need more. In the bird pen I have 2 chickens, one of each of the other three, and that is more than enough. To get the "breeding birds" awards, I kept selling and buying them back instead of building a second pen, which is much more costly and time consuming. in the sheep pens I have a total of 7 black, 4 white sheep and one goat, which keeps me comfortable for demands like pants or sweaters. Don't ever sell any of your wool but you can sell turkey, goose and ostrich eggs and the goat milk.

Now with cupid you can leave the game running when you are away and when you come back collect all the arrows. I get the biggest gift box with the arrows because that gives the most gold coins. These gifts also contain silver and energy so keep your game running at all times and collect as much as arrows when you are in need.

Apparently the keys are for treasure chests that are going to be introduced in a later update so hold on in case a working update comes along.

have fun!
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After the updates my game files became corrupt, so I ditched the old game on my laptop and started a new one on my desktop, where it is working fine now. I have new tips for the earlier levels of the game:

In early levels what you need most is energy and silver coins. The best way to get energy is from butterflies. Click on all the butterflies, go to the Main Menu and come back and the butterflies multiply. Keep doing this 5-6 times or more if you have the patience and soon you will have lots of energy. When you run out keep doing this and you will never have to worry about energy until you get the diner.

For silver coins, the best way is to plant carrots as much as you can and sell them. Have as many land patches as you can for this. Later turnips are also a good source of income, until you get the lake and keep breeding/selling the red fish. The fish is the easiest because you don't need energy to "plant" them. Make sure you have two lakes for this.


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.. continued...

- For energy I had my diner working all the time producing chicken soup. Combining this with the blue jars (I also use the 10 energy option) always gave me enough energy for everything. Except for a few times early on when I ran out of blue jars, and couldn't wait for the soup. This is when I used the summer collection.

- *** Among the factories, the one you need most of is the Bakery. I have three of each of the factories, but the Bakery wasn't enough. I am now building my 7th bakery. This is because in the Bakery, most of the products require flour - and lots of it - which you also produce in the Bakery. Whenever your bakeries are free, have them keep producing flour. You can't have enough of it.

- To be able to produce lots of flour, you will need lots of wheat. So whenever my field is empty I plant wheat. I usually do this over night because ripened wheat stays on the field for a day until it dies. When I harvest the wheat (in about 80 squares that I have available for crops), I always end up with more blue jars than I used when planting it.

- For things that grow on trees and bushes, don't wait for demands to come in. I have about 30 squares that are constantly filled up with trees and bushes. I plant 2 of each of these, except for the ones that require gold (but I did plant the walnut tree about6-7 times), and I continually replant them when they die. You can sell the ones that are not used by the products in the factories like gooseberries and stuff, but don't sell apples, billberries, cherries, nuts, bananas, raspberries, currants, grapes and walnuts, you will need these .

- Things that you should never sell: wool, milk, eggs (chicken), wheat, flour, the things I listed above, and also cabbage, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, cucumbers, pineapples, garlic, squash and courgettes.

It might be a good idea to save the map quests for later when you run out of the others, But I think there are fewer map quests than the others anyway. Most of my cities ran out of quests several levels ago (some before the 30s). So I am hoping that the developers will provide a new update that adds several (many many more) quests both from the map and the transportation routes.
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I am at level 38 now and here are the things I now wish I had known when I started:

- You don't have to spend a penny of your real money if you strategize. I did not use real money even once, and I now have around 200 gold coins. This is after I used the 16 gold/4 hour energy option at least 10 times, bought several of the building upgrades with gold and also bought off some of the quests with gold especially when it cost more gold to plant the things demanded. I also used gold a few times to save the crops when they died out. This is worth it only if you need to save your whole field (I have more than 100 land squares) I also used gold at the School to buy up to all 3-gold diplomas. Doing this also gives you one of the awards, which is good for a boost of experience points.

- The best way to make money is by selling red fish, which you don't need for anything else, and it brings in really good money. I have two ponds and 4 fish in each, I keep fishing and filling the pond constantly. Whenever I am short of money, I sell all my fish, which brings more than enough to cover everything I need and then some. I also sell honey (I have 3 bee hives), and constantly produce it. Until I had the fish pond, I used the 4 hour unlimited energy option and planted fast-growing crops over and over like tomatoes, cucumbers (which you need for pickles anyway) and cabbage (which you need for some pastry later). Harvesting of plants also gives you lots of blue jars and kitchen collection items which you can exchange for gold. So you can end up making more gold than what you spent if you get lucky with the kitchen collection.

- Among the collections you only need two of them: the kitchen collection for gold and the summer collection for energy. The others are good only for experience stars so you can keep exchanging them whenever they fill up, but be sure to hold on to the summer collection and exchange it only when you need energy and don't have any other source.

...more to follow...
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chiari_survivor wrote:Spoilers as to things being asked for in the new update. Highlight to read. One issue I have found with this new update is one of the farm updates we are asked to make is upgrading the cow pen up to a higher grade. Well I did that already and the update is not recognizing that I have previously done that. In the original edition, the game remembered if you had already purchased something even if you had later sold it prior to the update being asked for. Unfortunately this update does not remember so besides the cow pen that I am having to either delete the one I have & rebuild or start a 2nd, which is what I have chosen. Grandma also wants certain upgrades that costs gold and I have already purchased early in the game but again the upgraded game is not recognizing that I have already purchased.

I had the exact same problem with the new cow-pen upgrade quest. I tried to build a second one to upgrade but I don't have space big enough for a 2nd pen. If I'm going to have the same problem with other quests that ask for things I've already completed, I don't want to continue playing. Any chance that another update might fix the problem?
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The only way to level up is by getting stars. The fastest way to get stars is by planting fast-growing crops. Here is how I do it:

At the earlier levels (before level 20) I save my gold and whenever I have 16 gold I buy 4 hrs of unlimited energy. But do this when you can play 4 hrs straight. And then for 4 hours I keep planting fast growing products - mostly tomatoes, and some cabbage, potatoes and cucumbers. I fill up all my land patches (I have about 80 now) with these. The first couple of times, also get lots of water (a couple of thousand) so that you always have a supply. Keep planting, watering, hoeing and harvesting all of them continuously, I usually do this in the evening, and then use the last half-hour of the unlimited energy time to plant turnips and Brussels sprouts, and water them so that they'll be ready for harvesting the next day. Even though it says 30 hrs for turnips, if you water and hoe them, you can harvest them in about 6-8 hours. Turnips and sprouts give lots of money. You make money also with tomatoes because if you keep planting non-stop for 4 hours, you have lots of tomatoes to sell.

At the end of 4 hours I have hundreds (later stages in to the thousands) **** gems, accumulated energy (in the hundreds) and lots of collectibles some of which can be exchanged for gold. Each time I did this, I ended up with at least 10 gold coins, sometimes if I was lucky, I got 20 or more gold. And you level up of course. At earlier stages sometimes I leveled up two levels in one 4-hour episode.

In later levels, I keep planting whatever is demanded (but also have apples, oranges and stuff, and some berries going on at all times), and some random crops - but don't water or hoe them - using the **** gems and the snack bar (I always use the 4 hr chicken noodle soup).And then use the 4 hr unlimited energy option when I am about 10-12 000 stars short of the next level.
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Hi i am stuck here and since i don"t know dark holy i use gigavolt(same as nuke).Can anyone help me?? PLEASE??
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Hi unicorngranny! This is how you are going to do it. press switch1 and go to switch2. press it and go back and through the path blocked by 2 flames a little south of switch1. Good luck!
 posted in Deadly Sin on Aug 28, 10 8:24 AM
Hi Gieyo! Can you gimme a few tips about killing him?(PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEE?)Thanks for listening Gieyo!
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