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 posted in My Tribe on Dec 20, 08 7:35 AM
in 2nd mystery i was able to lift the that stone or whatever it was but now there is small tree and when i a put any villager on that tree it is saying " the soil around it is unnaturally parched regular water just won't soak in"

help please
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 20, 08 7:25 AM
i am on Neptune's island. there is flower ring mystery which i was able to crack,

but other two's i don't understand.
2nd one says "not strong enough to lift the glowing stump."

3rd one says "rusty rock made of iron."

need help please..............
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 20, 08 7:15 AM
To solve this mystery i planted each type of flower next to the flowers mystery

in e same way they are in build menu and then i start Compared all the colors of flowers and in every ring i found out which one was missing. i got red color flower as new color. that is all i dont know what to do with that one.............
 posted in Farmer Jane on Dec 13, 08 9:51 AM

The following is what I bought after each month in Farm 5:

After April: The Well
After May: silo and tools
After June: upgrading the 2 stables, otherwhy you can't deliver more horses and milk and the produce almost at the same speed then. I need that in the future months so I had to buy these upgrades sooner. I upgrade also the greenhouse.
After July: the tractor is the only thing I can upgrade
After August: I don't know exactly what I upgraded but it is something of the following: store, fields, orchan (apple) or tractor. I buy 2 of those upgrades.
After September I buy the other 2.
After Octobre: the well, tools and the greenhouse
After November: I restarted many times this farm cos I couldn't find out what I need here the most. Then finally I had to buy the upgrades for the stables as well. Do this after November and get thru the next months easily. If you don't buy those upgrades you can't get expert on the next months. And that's something you want, don't you?
After December: Fields and Silo. I think there are some more upgrades left. But I don't know when I buy them. I just do, cos I have money left.
From this point on, it's every months the same. Although more chefs are coming in.
What you buy the first 5 months is most necessary. That's why I restarted so many times.

I replayed the game now 2 times. I get expert on all levels. Sometimes I still need to replay levels/months cos there's something where I can't get expert in the first place.

I'll Hope this works out for you too!

please will help by telling how to use sprinklers on 5th farm???

please i am really curious about it.

sprinklers dosent work.
 posted in Farmer Jane on Dec 13, 08 9:15 AM
how to use sprinklers on 5th level (5th farm)?
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