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 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 1:16 PM
Thanks! I never talked to the Entomologist again! And I apparently had never been to #99 where the shower guy is.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 12:44 PM
I've completed 116 quests and have some items from shops and stuff that I picked up and no one has asked for. I'm about to go to the island and feel like I really missed something here. Anyone know what to do with these items:

Magnifying glass
Old scroll
Soldering Iron
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 12:38 PM
Use the scissors from the barber shop to detach his detector.

The crosswords and puzzle go to the business man hiding in the bushes near the cop and criminal. He also wants an enema later (nice!).

When you're at a water source (fire hydrant, fountain, hose, ocean), take the card and click on it a few times. It will make you pooey first too, so just click till you're both clean.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 21, 12 2:00 PM
The hose on lot 55 and the hydrant near 70/59.
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Oct 2, 11 6:27 PM
This took me forever too!! But I changed a few things in my strategy and went from not being able to finish, to finishing in expert time in one attempt!
1. Use all available helpers when Carlos is there.
2. Buy EVERYTHING from the trader, sell sprinklers or 2nd barn if you have one for the cash.
3. Buy and use fertilizer on every patch of soil before you plant something. So important since it really refills the helper bars.
4. When you meet the goal for wool and cheese, sell all the cows, sheep, cheese maker, shearing shed, xtra water tubs---don't sell the hens unless you have met the egg goal as well as the bread and croissant. By selling the animals and equip, they are not in the way, you don't have to feed and water them, more cash for trader, etc.
5. Don't be afraid to click into move mode and rearrange the patches of dirt/crops. Put the ones ready closer to Carlos--if you have at least one sprinkler, move the ones that need water around it so you don't have to waste game time watering.
6. Use that extra space from all the animals and machines you'v deleted to plant (don't forget to fertilize) more stuff, whatever you still have seeds for. Your helpers can't harvest what's not there. Good luck!!
 posted in Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun on Dec 16, 08 9:58 PM
It supposedly is just past the fountain, but the door I can get to is always locked. Am I missing something? Is it in the garden area that's gated off? I'm in act 4 and have consulted a walkthru to see if I need to do something special to make the police station open and it doesn't mention it. I have done everything else in act 4 except the police station, can anyone help?
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