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 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 1:00 AM
dad has maxed out his jobs levels & has no reason to work. he can draw his pension pay. however he's very insistent about continuing to work, even if his job is only repairing toasters.

i am trying to train him out of this. i've red-gloved him a million times for working, he is still insistent...
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 12:47 AM
i would agree. i sold a few collections too soon & now am having trouble finding the rarer pieces.

better to keep the collectibles than buy the bathroom upgrade...
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 12:44 AM
you can actually get a marriage proposal after the spouse dies? that's good to know.

i have a widow (i killed off the husband on purpose as a test). the game has sent absolutely no emails for marriage since he died.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 12:41 AM
there are 4 kids in the house & yes, they had an evil conspiracy! twin #2 was the worst. twin #1 i've managed to semi-train out of it as a teen. the oldest has gone off to college. so the towel rack is less of an issue.

the evil twin is now being condemned to cook for his aging parents. should give him something to do besides snuggle with towels. if he's smart he'll go off to college instead of hanging around the house.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 12:36 AM
huh. i will have to check for that. thought it was just bad animation.

ok i keep checking at dinner with their heads looking backwards, but i'm NOT seeing any collectibles in the direction they're staring. nor anywhere, for that matter
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 12:34 AM
if you WANT a depressed character it can be pretty amusing. i went to some lengths to keep him that way. he'd sit on the welcome mat or in doorways. or wandering the lot aimlessly.

i really should not have deleted this game, but i wanted one lot WITHOUT the towel rack...
 posted in Virtual Families on May 19, 09 12:31 AM
a couple more:

a cooking class wants to practice at your house. they "leave the kitchen a mess," but they also leave plates of food on the table.

kids selling cupcakes door to door. if you buy some ($25 i think) you get 100 food in your fridge.
 posted in Word Zen on May 19, 09 12:14 AM
that's my biggest criticism of the game. the dictionary is not as good as bookworm but tolerable.
 posted in Bookworm Deluxe on May 19, 09 12:12 AM
okay, the dictionary isn't perfect, there IS some limitation on words beginning with re- & un-. however you can make a lot of words ending in -er & -ing & -ed since these are common letters.

however the dictionary is probably better than many other word games. the downside is you get used to certain words in bookworm, then can't use these same words i other games.

a good strategy is to give yourself "protection" by having a horizontal row of bonus tiles at the bottom, this will slow down your burning tiles. you can keep a game going a long time.
 posted in Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow on May 19, 09 12:05 AM
this game's high on my list of hidden object games because the backgrounds are convincing & well done. also you can actually LOOK at the art design because of relaxed mode. games that have only a time mode, you can't really enjoy the design as much.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 09 11:23 PM
wondering if there's any correlation between play activity & future jobs. like, if they play in the workshop a lot, will they have this kind of job? or play cook, will they have a kitchen job? thanks.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 09 10:39 PM
i look at poking the plants to be gardening. they also get a lot of walking in. jumping on the bed no doubt gives em exercise & the kids i encourage in this seem to be pretty healthy. if they're little kids, no harm in it. if they want to do it as teens, swat em.

banging dishes i encourage in small children especially if mom has a cooking job, just as i did in RL. (the trick here is you give em a WOODEN spoon not a metal hehe). i was hoping my daughter would make big bucks growing up to be a drummer for a rock band, i bought her a drum pad age 5 & she lost complete interest in banging on things.

now in my game i got kids that are obsessed with the towel rack & "admiring self" at age 3. i swat em constantly & they keep going back to it. truthfully i would rather see em banging dishes

 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 09 9:22 AM
the scale/weight option is definitely more amusing after age 40. i will occasionally allow them to do this.

i am definitely getting more cruel to my characters due to the bathroom. the red-slap CAN be useful. when it doesn't work, there is an obsession...

 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 09 9:14 AM
i have a couple who are both past 50 who still haven't fixed the hose due to lack of tape in the store.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 09 9:11 AM
they will also "bother the fish" & make boogah boogah gestures.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 09 9:10 AM
sadly you can't get 2 boys to initiate play together. i've dropped them on each other several times. BUT if there's 2 girls already having a giggle party, the boys will join it.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 09 9:06 AM
there is sleep & "hurried age." if you turn the game off & come back to it, the characters have aged a few years. BUT the sleep meter isn't consistent, it's not or partially full. figure if they'd aged a couple years, the sleep meter should have filled up better than 2/3.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 17, 09 10:24 PM
the problem is the attraction rate. there are 90 other activities they could choose to be doing, yet the bathroom upgrade draws em like a magnet. there are OTHER ways to stay healthy besides drying your feet. exercise works pretty well too.

the towel rack will call them from the far corners of the yard. you can pick them up & drop them repetitively & you'll keep getting towel rack choices. red-glove slapping has its limitations, it doesn't always work. conversely, if you put em by a lot of objects, you get no object choice. like you can never do birdhouse choices just by standing by the birdhouse. only when the game is good & ready to allow the option on its own may you be allowed to do a birdhouse activity. the birdhouse, the fountain, & many other objects do not "call" from the far corners of the yard as frequently as the towel rack. the fountain does not appear to call at all, even when constantly green-gloved. if the joke was suposed to be a crowded bathroom, it got old quick.

because the game continues even when you have it turned off, in your absence characters may learn all kinds of evil tricks, resulting in "personality changes." sadly this includes obsession with the towel rack. they will actually STOP doing activities you have carefully green-gloved & nurtured, or they will rarely do them. this is real annoying if you spend a lot of time micromanaging characters.
 posted in Upwords Deluxe on May 17, 09 8:08 PM
agree, the dictionary is really lousy especially compared to bookworm (which also has its limitations). one of the main drawbacks with these games is the limitation of normal words beginning in re- or un- or ending in -er or -ing. (these are some of my better bookworm tricks BTW). geez i thought bookworm was limited. upwards is worse & these word types are so limited it's a joke. even bookworm does accept many of these words which upwards does not. since when is "tossing" not a word? felt like "tossing" the game when upwards wouldn't take it.

the problem is not having fancy obscure words added but a whole host of normal everyday words. add to these not one but TWO censor filters which limit playability of words with a "normal" meaning. i would REALLY like to see a game where you could edit your own censor filter OR have an "add to dictionary" function. a game like this would probably sell 10 times as well.

anyway the idea for the game is good but the frustration level makes it virtually unplayable.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 17, 09 7:45 PM
yeah, i know, but the red glove doesn't always work. i started slapping one kid for wanting to warm hands every 2 minutes. 5 minutes later he's back in there again. slap. couple minutes later again.

strangely kids who get slapped in their youth tend to exercise as teenagers. maybe it's all that running?

patio does have a function. teenagers will study at the patio.
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