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the code is not the solution but baseline - button #1up 2 down 3 down 4 up - moving numbers up or down will make green light above appear
Thank you to the three wise ones who responded to my comments. Nice to know am not alone - and even better when someone else gets you.

Thought the games were the best thing ever but am loving the forum and how beautifully it is set up making even more wondrous things possible!! Playing in the pond is almost as much fun as the games!! So many reasons to love BFG even more!!
Am really enjoying this game!

Not a child of computer age so everything is new and different. Plus over 65 with first laptop just 2 years ago and accessing anything is an accomplishment for me.

Each game is a marvel as know I could never even begin to design one - ever!! Am in awe of those who create these wondrous things - and love the escapism they provide. Also admire those fishies who compare graphics etc with such knowledge and expertise.

All I know is there are very few in the match 3 and hidden object that have not enjoyed to some degree - and some which absolutely love.

Having fun with this so THANK YOU!!
 posted in Legacy: Witch Island on Oct 14, 13 11:48 AM
is a nifty little game - never had items remain all thru game for use.

have purchased and really enjoying as different from many others.

re matches - is a lighter and knife always there for use throughout game.
 posted in Jeweller: The Cursed Treasures on Oct 5, 13 1:21 PM
cannot remember where read it in discussions BUT one of you wonderful fishies has figured out how to add time - believe he (or she) said to put unwanted jewels in box. BRILLIANT!! (jewel joke comment).


Have now purchased and am looking forward to even more fun!! especially as may even know what am doing!!
 posted in Jeweller: The Cursed Treasures on Oct 5, 13 12:48 PM
still fighting with this one!!! more than just match 3 - have to find shapes to finish the level!! and just when think have hang of it - have to really think and rethink.

going to get as do not have enough frustration in life as it is (ha! ha! ha!)

very challenging - think is worth it as whoever wrote programme very smart and a little twisted.

PLUS - is unlike any other match 3!!!
 posted in Mystery Age: Liberation of Souls on Sep 23, 13 7:11 AM
did not notice two paths after chopping down tree - hmmm!! will revisit and THANK YOU!!
 posted in Mystery Age: Liberation of Souls on Sep 23, 13 6:51 AM
try just hitting just run. have only ever used run. hope this helps - if not, sorry you are missing out. also, try contacting customer service or live chat OR BOTH - they are very good!!!
 posted in Mystery Age: Liberation of Souls on Sep 23, 13 6:41 AM
Stuck without fruit - have been all the way through and backtracked - HELP please!!
 posted in Magic Time on Sep 8, 13 8:00 PM
ever thought of increasing computer zoom level instead of complaining about a perfectly good game - not a small board to begin with!!!!
Sorry but I liked the racoon!! Best pet ever!! At least ERS trying to make games not so pro forma with different twists.
try changing player to new profile - is such a fun game hate to see you miss out!!! I added name so were 2 players listed - both me.
Hi Moonwalker!! Orphaned here, Sorry have not checked in for awhile, First, did you also try what Severine Snape also said ie new profile?

Sorry the reinstall did not work - that is the last resort to use and if that fails ......

All I had to do was new profile - and can do that two ways - either delete player altogether OR just change player name so you have more than one player listed. When you get back to knife - if chisel touching knife does not outline segments in green that get removed, then cannot help as beyond my experience. But fingers crossed it works!!! Such an interesting game and such fun - ERS games always a hoot!!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
Dear A 1 MOM - sorry to offend - but answer not directed to you!!! apologies regardless. believe me am not sooooooooo smart at all - barely computer literate but Big Fish has helped me improve a little anyway.. seniors with computers are so pathetic - at least I am. but learning in spite of myself and never touched one before mom passed away 2 years ago. great company - if and when lit lets you in!!

but back to game - did you restart after deleting profile? only little ways in and this is fun so not too bad. start again as if never played before. now if that doesn't help still - the good people at Big Fish taught me a real nice trick last year - remove game completely then reinstall. was actually afraid would have to do that but deleting profile amazingly worked for me!!!

when was reading other emails re this - said was a fragmented one wrt knife but there were some tech issues in some cases,

again, no intent to offend.
just restart game!! when you get back to knife, areas that will be removed turn colour - did you not read answer first!!
Loved it!!

Always eagerly await new ERS as original and fun and something unexpected. Blew credit limit to get it!! Play games to escape and relax and ERS has never let me down - seem to have them all thus far. Sorry for those who did not enjoy.
simplest solution is start game over - when you get to knife this time, area to be removed will be outlined in green when chisel comes near it, usually above it.
to those having a problem with this - first, this is an ERS game and always a fun ride. until this game, never ran into a problem.

By the way, will get these games before food!!

what I did was simply start again!!! when you get back to the knife again - the areas that will be removed are outlined in GREEN when chisel touches them - you are usually above area that will go.

hope this helps.

 posted in Corpatros: The Hidden Village on Jul 12, 13 1:05 PM
most difficult and crazy making game ever but thanks to Frankly Speaking and the recommended youtube site - got passed the seemingly unpassable. success here more gratifying than other difficult games - you just have to really think and really work. feel almost clever!!!
 posted in Inception of Darkness: Exorcist 3 on Nov 21, 12 11:32 PM
need help and walkthrough

reached point where have placed false red crystal on pillar but can go no further
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