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 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 17, 16 6:28 PM
Congrats to the couple who got married during the work on the game. They look like they are a perfect match!
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 17, 16 6:24 PM
Most everything I felt about this game has been said by others but wanted to offer a few tidbits. First of all, I am not a cat person but this little guy had me at "hello". So cute and definitely had a mind of his own ~ would move my cursor where I thought he should go and he would look up and shake his head "no" to the point, I was calling him names because he wouldn't help. Then in the underwater scene, the diving mask gave me a chuckle. I'm sure I missed other things that were just as unique.

I don't mind FROGS on a limited basis and these were better than most. The art work was beautiful and also enjoyed the music. A refreshing game that was not the usual run-of- the-mill type these days. Thanks developers for an enjoyable few hours.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 25, 15 7:33 AM
I upgraded to Windows 10 on Aug. 1 and had no problems ~ in fact, i was enjoying it and didn't take long to get used to it. I'd been playing a few games (Maze, Emerald Tale, a few newer games) and had no problems, until yesterday.

Decided to play an older M3 and the screen immediately went to this awful big print and couldn't even find any where to start the game. Fiddled with that for a while and then wrote it down on a piece of paper to send in an email to request help or a refund coupon. Tried another older game ~ similar results. Looked in the forums and found this forum had the most info re Windows 10. After reading and then looking on the net, decided I would go back to Windows 7 as my month date was coming up. Did it last night, didn't take long and amazingly the two games I had issues with, now work.
I have too many games from 2009 on, lots of them not played yet, to take a hit like that. I will just stay with Win 7 until there is confirmation from BGF that all of their games are compatible with Win 10.
 posted in Beyond the Invisible: Evening on Mar 10, 15 7:36 AM
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I also got a warning from McAfee regarding a trojan being quarantined. This is what my activity report showed and this is only a short sample of a long list. Did not see the Artemis..... that others mentioned.

RDN/Generic.dx!dhc!BF335B5A5F86 Trojan N/A Low 11/28/2014
RDN/Generic BackDoor!b2q!11BD422D294E Trojan N/A Low 11/28/2014
Generic PUP.x!4A97A550D4D3 Program N/A Low 11/28/2014
Generic PUP.x!75672C4D7267 Program N/A Low 11/28/2014
Generic PUP.x!3A3651DB4309 Program N/A Low 11/28/2014
Generic PUP.x!8572C70DC9EF Program N/A Low 11/28/2014
Generic PUP.x!5B1C16C6B602

I will wait awhile before I play and see if anything is done, if there is a problem.
Just finished the main part of the game and wanted to come and check out the thread as I was unsure if I had chosen correctly at the end. Didn't really find a thread about the ending of the main game but started reading the review thread and felt compelled to add my feedback, as well. From the opening, I was blown away with the detail, music and overall appearance of the game. I loved everything about the game, from the innovative HOS, the puzzles I found were not your usual run-of the-mill puzzles and the music, just set the mood throughout. I'm a really slow player, and I'm at 7hrs just for the main game (looking for the music notes which I found hard to find in some areas did add some time to that). Liked the morphing items in the HOS, too. And as someone mentioned, yes, I did a double take and chuckled when I saw the name of the landlord.

I'm so looking forward to the bonus now, as it sounds like it is packed. I only use the SG to give me a nudge if I've exhausted trying to figure it out myself so it's good to know that I will have a chance to go back and find those pesky notes. I think Mad Head Games is now one of my new favorites and looked to see what other games they have done and think I have a couple of them still to play. Definitely one of my top 5 games this year and may be on my permanent list of all- time games. Got the game in a 2-for-1 sale so definitely getting my money's worth.

Finished and just wanted to add that I think this is one of the most fun games I have played in a long time. Just so much innovative new stuff in game and bonus chapter that it sets it apart for me from the other re-runs we seem to see more of these days. Way to go, Mad Head Games!!
 posted in A Wizard's Curse on May 12, 14 12:02 AM
I don't normally post a review as I leave that to the more accomplished players. I'm a slower player but I like to take time to enjoy the trip, love to look at detail in the HOS and the overall graphics. In that respect, I loved the game as the detail was fantastic. I think I skipped a couple of puzzles but really liked the slider puzzle, the movable rings with the hole for moving the gems around and a couple others.

I had started this in March and then put aside for something else so when I started up again, wasn't very far but since the long games tend to wear me out, I was surprised that it didn't take me very long. My biggest gripe was the abrupt ending. I was expecting to pick up the vial and head back and release the victims so I was shocked when it ended and came here to see if I had goofed somehow. Since I got it as a DD, however, I enjoyed the game and for me it was worth it. I wasn't worn out and I will remember it as fun to play.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Feb 14, 14 4:15 AM
TiramaSue wrote:Just received fruit salad as reward for completing 7 Valentine quests. Clicked on fruit salad to use. It disappeared from inventory but 150 energy units was not applied to energy bar at top of screen.

Same thing happened to me, Tirama, plus I used one of my special items to increase my coins for 30 minutes and got no notification of time allotted. This is so frustrating as I am farther behind than most and cannot finish a quest because I need to get to Level 25. Have been using energy and spending gold/coins hoping to increase my level and now it is all gone and nothing gained.

Most likely will chunk (dex) this game!!!
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jan 18, 14 7:01 PM
Just started and my code is 910 2039. Decided to wait till after the Xmas quests to start but still hearing Xmas music and seeing snow on the village scene.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 26, 13 5:11 AM
Just started playing this morning and really liking so far. Have reached Level 6 and like that there seems to be more playing time as the HO scenes open up quicker. Had read the comments about the flowers and just happened to see one appear in the grass in the main scene below the wishing well. Also clicked on the guards just to see if anything showed up and they slam down their swords but nothing else happens.

Nice to get in on the ground floor on one of these FTP ~ didn't think I wanted to spend time on them since I have so many other games but they are enjoyable for quick little bits of game time.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 26, 13 5:03 AM
Just started playing and made to Level 6 (now 12). Have deleted my code for now as I have 250+ friends and can't possibly gift that many with only 5 gifts per day.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Dec 23, 13 9:46 AM
Said I wasn't going to play FTP after being hooked on FB games, but a woman can always change her mind, huh!!

My code is 759621 and go by Teeitup.

Loving the game so far!

 posted in Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby on Aug 26, 13 6:49 AM
Also, the same for me ~ purchased a CE and additional game with PCC and only have 4 punches; had none to begin with. Sent in a complaint to CS but will hold off using my two addt'l PCC's I had planned to use today.
 posted in Suburban Mysteries: The Labyrinth of the Past on Aug 25, 12 10:23 PM
Just finished and part of me is glad it's finally over as I was tired of hearing that creepy guy's voice but loved the game play. Didn't mind all the HOS and enjoyed all the puzzles (didn't have to skip one) but found myself using the hint button more than I like to toward the end just to move the game along. It was enough since there was no WT but just felt like I was "cheating" to get through the game.

I actually felt chills a couple of times, not knowing what was coming up next. Reminded me of one of my first "real" jobs working as a secretary for a Voc Rehab unit in a mental hospital. Our office was outside a locked ward and when they would take them to lunch, they would put their faces close to the window glass that was on one wall to look in at me, CREEPY, and I was glad the door could be locked. I got the same feeling from this game that something was getting ready to jump out at me. (LOL).

Kudos to everyone that played on Hardcore; I probably would have given up and somewhere down the road, after I've forgotten most of the game, may give it a try just to see what the hard version is like. Get too frustrated when I get stuck so normal or casual is more my style. Good game and will look for more from this developer.
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Feb 25, 12 10:08 AM
I never have very much time to trial the games but I did this one and I was enjoying it alot. After trial was up, decided to buy and since I had briefly scanned the tech thread early this morning, I was aware of problems with people having to start over.

Yep, same thing happened to me. Back to starting scene. Since I don't have time to play right now I am going no farther until I can check back later today to see if problems have been fixed or additional info is forthcoming. Really loving the graphics and all the extras in every scene.
 posted in F.A.C.E.S. Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 11 12:04 AM
Well, checked again this morning and took me back to kitchen scene but after checking strategy guide (too tired last night to think of that ), apparently, that was what was supposed to happen as game seems to be going in the right path. However, I am going to send email to CS re the black screen and loss of inventory items as that may be a bug. Time will only tell as I get later into the game.
 posted in F.A.C.E.S. Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 11 12:03 AM
akferret wrote:Only one, and I'm not sure it was a tech issue, might have been part of the game, but one minute I was in the morgue doing the photo puzzle and the next the screen was black, so I con alt del and shut it down, when I reloaded the game I was in the kitchen part and what had been in my inventory was gone, its like the game screwed up and skipped over something, otherwise its worked fine.

Does anyone know if this is a bug in the game. The very same thing happened to me. I did the developing game and it appeared to be correct and then all a sudden the screen went black, the skip button was in the bottom left corner but did nothing and my cursor would show the words scapel, and the phone parts when I moved it close to the bottom of the screen but nothing ever happened. I also had to do a control-alt-del to get out of the game and when I went back in, a photo took me to the kitchen scene in the consultation area and all the items in my inventory were gone.

This seems strange since I never reached the point where I could use the phone parts and I was unable to do anything in the boiler room because I had used the glove in the red paint part so just wondering what's happened. Do I have to start over again with a new profile or get in touch with CS. This is actually the first time I have ever really had a major stoppage in a game although I don't get to play a lot on my games so there may be others, I just haven't had it happen before.

So frustrating, so hoping someone can help me. It's 2:00 am my time so will just leave it for now and hope there is help in the morning. Thanks!
 posted in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles on Dec 11, 10 7:50 AM
I waited because I have so many pc cr's to use. I want the top-notch games but don't always want to pay the CE price. I've bought a lot of games on the sales and now I'm seeing a lot of them come up as DD's so have changed my buying tactics. I'll get the SE and then if I like it enough, I may upgrade to the CE.
This thread is so amazing but as hard as I try, I can't keep up with it so I apologize if I'm posting something that has already been discussed or figured out. I see where there is talk about "latin to the bronx" and wondered if that could possibly mean if MCF 7 takes place in the south, say LA or near New Orleans, if that could mean the cajun language that is spoken in that area would be hard to understand in NY, or maybe some type of "pig latin".

Also, with the latest pic, with the Madame Fate book or poster, could that mean this is a sequel to Madame Fate, which I would dearly love. I started out with MF but not sure I finished it entirely as I didn't get to open the unlocked areas so will play through again, and haven't even started RTR so I'm way behind in understanding any of the scenarios that have been talked about. These are wonderful games and hopefully, when I have more uninterrupted time, I will be able to play them all through from the start again without so many stops and starts. Lots of fun anticipation and the MCF games are my favorites, so beautiful and well thought out re detail and challenge. Thanks !

Also, one other thing, is there only a short period you get to Beta as I was sent games to Beta from Jan 10 to April 10 and then it stopped. I enjoyed it so much but that was also about the time I started having all the issues with my folks so it was just as well since I wouldn't have had time to do them. Do you need to reapply or will they just show up again out of the blue??
 posted in Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors on Nov 2, 10 4:22 AM
carolinacat wrote:I'm going to download and try it but it doesn't sound promising...

Side note - what's with the really LOOOONG comments and reviews?? There should be a limit to how long they can be. Differing viewpoints are more meaningful than one extremely long one from one person, IMHO.

I enjoy the long reviews as they often give us a look at many areas of the game. Most of us enjoyed "Poodlebear's" detailed reviews but since she is no longer here, "goofyduck's" are very much appreciated. If long reviews are not up your alley, just skip 'em.
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