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 posted in DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon on Oct 21, 16 6:39 PM
I loved this game and was totally addicted!!
 posted in Claws & Feathers 2 on Aug 16, 15 10:37 AM
Thanks, I tried all kinds of things, but I was always over by 1 move.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Aug 8, 11 5:05 PM
No problem downloading at all, took 15 minutes,

My problem is:
I got as far as the sepia photograph in Luisa's room. Once I looked at that in close-up,both the game and my cursor froze. I couldn't back out of the photograph, couldn't get a hint about what to do with the photograph...I couldn't do anything.

So I tried a hard reboot, restarted the computer and then re-entered the game to se if that had fixed it. It hadn't. This time, when I clicked on PLAY, the screen went completely black. A few minutes later, this turned into a "PAUSED--Click to continue" screen. I clicked on it...and went right back to the close-up of the sepia photograph...which, once again, froze

this is such a fun game, I hope there is a fix!
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 3 on Jun 26, 11 9:15 PM
I love this game. This one is my favourite out of all three. I really like the fact you can switch between expert and casual. Everyone once in a while when I can't pass the high score I need, I go back to casual where you have to get less points. Still challenging though.
I can't get the game to play. When I click to play, the hourglass comes up for a few seconds and nothing! I looked in the windows task manager at the applications, nothing is there. But if I try to click on the game, I get an message that another game is already in play.
After this I looked back in the task manager and I can see the game under processes. I hope this can get fixed, in 5 years this is the 2nd game I have not been able to play! So I really don't think it is my computer.
 posted in Puzzle Quest 2 on Oct 14, 10 12:08 PM
I bought the first Puzzle Quest and loved it! Downloaded Puzzle Quest 2 and so far am loving it better than the first! I wish they made more games like this! I can see when I'm finished, I'll be trying it again as an different character.
 posted in Deadtime Stories on Jun 3, 10 5:36 PM
I loved this game! Enjoyed playing it very much. The only problem I had was a bit on control with the mouse. Hope there is a sequel!
 posted in Enlightenus on Jul 5, 09 3:48 PM
I haven't posted before but I had to just to say I loved this game!!! I sure hope there is a sequel!
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