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 posted in HexáMon on Dec 29, 17 6:11 AM
I have made it to 8, but can't get further. I regularly get 6 or 7 so I am getting the hang of it. Maybe after playing it 1000 times, I'll beat it!
 posted in Fiber Twig: Midnight Puzzle on Dec 18, 15 6:13 AM
You don't need to do anything as far as I can tell. The game is giving the red diamonds to you. You can buy lightening, the hour glass and the globe with them. Lightening lets you remove a piece you cannot use, the hour glass stops the new pieces from appearing for 1 minute which allows you to think about piece placement and the globe will show you what type of piece will appear in the spot where a new piece is being generated. Hope this helps.
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 6, 14 5:27 AM
I agree with those saying DON'T DO THE NEW UPDATE. Wish I had come to the forum first. The changes made are clearly designed to get you to buy gold coins. I am willing to pay Big Fish for a game, but as a rule I never buy extras. Part of the challenge for me is to play without having to purchase more gold coins. I will play until my gold - and I don't have much - is gone. but when it takes 2 days for a hen to produce eggs, progress will be way to slow for me.
Do the game developers even read any of the feed back from the forums? I have read many suggestions on how to make the game better which would not have taken away from the need to purchase gold for those who want to. And none of those suggestions were implemented - like putting sliders on the items in the barn so you could sell 200 out of 500 without having to click on that stupid arrow 200 times. Or getting rid of the spinning wheel. or allowing all the building to be moved.
It's too bad the makers of the game have ruined the fun.
 posted in Settlers of the West on Oct 29, 13 5:05 AM
Try changing the difficulty level. Go to the map screen and at the top where it says menu... click on it and you should see an option for changing to Novice. I am still working my way through Novice... not sure how some levels are possible on any other difficulty level! Good Luck.
 posted in Settlers of the West on Oct 29, 13 5:01 AM
Any suggestions for getting Diamond? I can't even get gold on this level.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jan 18, 11 6:40 PM
Thanks. I did try reinstalling and no luck. If anyone else has any other suggestions. i would appreciate the,. Thanks again
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jan 18, 11 7:41 AM
I have completed the Westward IV game and the computer told me I won, but the Sandbox mode is still not available to me. I quit the game and restarted. I restarted my computer. No luck. What do I need to do to get the sandbox mode open? Am I missing something?
 posted in Mah Jong Quest III: Balance of Life on Oct 5, 10 3:59 AM
I have the same issue with others starting with the bonus points on the second round. I start with 0x every time but the other person often starts with a 10x bonus. And I might have more points coming into the second board. Any one know why?
 posted in Mah Jong Quest II on Aug 16, 10 5:34 AM
Does anyone know how one achieves the best scores in the online competitions? I get outscored most of the time but don't understand how to achieve the bonuses - except to match the coins as quickly as possible. I can see when my opponent scores "bonuses" and once someone got a "perfect" bonus. Any tips?
 posted in Mah Jong Quest II on Aug 16, 10 5:32 AM
I managed to make it through but had to play it several hundred times. the key is to use the "undo" button a lot - whenever you have four or five tiles that match - try one combo - if you get stuck - undo back to that point and try another combo. It took me a while to get beyond the first few layers of the puzzle. That seemed to me to be the hardest place to get through. If you play it a bunch of times - one after the other - you will begin to see a pattern where some tiles you remove will leave you stuck. Try to remove tiles that avoid those. Not as easy as it sounds...but it is winnable.
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