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 posted in Virtual Families on May 17, 09 6:09 PM
i found a PERFECT marriage prospect for my single mom (changed my mind hehe). she is a professional coffee blender. he was a doughnut designer. now they have a pretty good coffee & doughnuts business going on.

he was also rich. & good-looking (relatively for the game). by the time they met he was going gray (foxy grandpa) & the weird thing was he apparently changed as he aged. when i look at the family tree they show his youthful adult face. he was blond with NO beard, now he has a sexy trimmed up beard & moustache in his age. hmm.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 17, 09 5:59 PM
Ryssa wrote:she wont exactly disappear, she will be one of the ones eligible for the hose when you chose the next generation

though i did have both parents die at once with a child in the house, he mourned them, but i didn't see how long i could have just him in the house, i wanted to move on to the next gen.
next time it happens i will have to try it, the only down side would be that he wouldn't be earning any money, so you would have to have some saved up to feed him

even if you're broke, he could survive by selling collectibles. then you could buy food. suppose he'd have to live off snacks tho...
 posted in Virtual Families on May 17, 09 5:53 PM
exercise/physical activity may help. i have 2 small twins. one is becoming noticeably more healthy because he runs around, while the other's health is dropping. maybe he lays around on the couch day-dreaming too much & watching TV.

ppl who are weakened from long sickness also benefit from exercise, but it seems to take awhile.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 17, 09 5:47 PM
the bathroom home improvement drives me insane. i NEVER green-glove anything, yet everybody wants to dry their feet every 30 seconds. the attraction rate seems set way too high. i really regret buying it. the bathroom's a nightmare anyway with 3 year olds obsessed with deoderant.

the fountain's attraction rate is negligible or non-existent, i green-glove constantly & nobody uses it on their own. this is too bad, you'd think the random bird flock would show up if they did which would make it more interesting.

patio: no idea what this is for. doesn't seem to help health or energy so why bother.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 17, 09 5:37 PM
had that glitch with a single mom. no dad to make a baby with...
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 11:56 PM
delete tip because it didn't work quite like i thought. i had the little girl playing cook & mistakenly thought the barque fed everybody. sorry, it's just the person using it.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 9:21 PM
noticed somebody "making coffee." i green-gloved him twice, then waited for him to finish cause i wanted to see if he got an energy boost. then i saw him going to the fridge, & the message bar changed to "double latte." i green-gloved that & got the trophy.

& yes, it did give a decent energy boost. so you might want to green-glove to encourage coffee behavior

edit: tested with another character, the "making coffee" did NOT change to latte. but looks like there is a chance that it will. coffee gave the energy boost as well
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 8:16 PM
Atropos wrote:Wow I am getting a creepy feeling here.

First I read 49 is old and he is trying to kill her off.

Then the detailed message of how to do in the virtual dad.

At least I am a mom. But I am well past 49. Maybe if I make enough money my kids will keep me around for a lot longer.

hehe. it's not so much that you can bump them off but KNOWING you can.

there used to be a big bump-off thing with "the sims 1", a million experiments, hacks & stories. useful to get rid of characters gone wrong since you couldn't hand a single roommate an eviction notice like in RL. i haven't played sims 2.

truly the VF lifespan isn't really long enough to make a real "black widow" practical especially since she's not getting any new marriage offers. however it doesn't appear your characters will die from random events like house fires in sims 1.

glitch: since dad died the little girl apparently think there's a new baby in the house, when there isn't. got a couple actions "excited about/jealous over baby."
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 5:51 PM
samcnm wrote:it is now 11:30 EST and they are both still alive! Guess she won't die on Mother's Day (at least not in this time zone). They are both on almost zero energy and her health is poor, his is in the middle.

I'm off to bed, myself. Guessing they'll both be gone by morning.

Not sure that keeping them sick did anything to accelerate the process. She is now 51, so she has lived for 5 years since I started the campaign to plot her demise.

Now we all have learned that there is no value in neglecting or torturing your virtual familes. Thank you for participating with me in this experiment.

YES, you CAN kill off a family member! yay! it was a real pain in the neck but i finally did it!

ok, first thing i made sure there was not a lot of food in the fridge, fed everybody else to max their fed. smacked him silly with the red glove or moved him to keep him out of the kitchen until all food was at zero.

now the challenge here is once HE starts suffering, so does everybody else. the game interprets an empty fridge as "bad for health" even tho their fed is pretty high. ok i started getting worried for one of my female characters, so experimented with the evil syringe you should "only use under a doctor's advice." not only did it knock her on her butt, when you use it somebody who's NOT sick, you have a strong chance of getting some kind of sickness. this was very encouraging. i cured her sickness & started dosing him with the syringe. he began wasting away. be warned you can't use the syringe too frequently, if you use it again too soon it won't do anything. he got sick which began dropping his health.

i paused so i could keep an eye on them. restarted the game this morning, was worried about other ppl's health/fed, so put 1 unit of food in the fridge & fed the others, kept him out of the kitchen. the game decided to spontaneously cure him of his illness which was a nuisance. had to dose him again a couple times with the evil syringe to he got sick again.

note: they WILL survive a long time with the fed meter completely empty. sickness added will do him in eventually.

testing the evil syringe was spendy, i dragged the sick guy thru the yard selling collectables to afford it

anyway "black widow" is finally widowed. all i can say is NEXT time she's marrying for $$.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 5:28 PM
ha! i tried "take a chance," it said the food LOOKED okay. BUT. i got a sick kid with an upset stomach. i gave her medicine. whether the cure is permanent or the sickness comes back we shall see...
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 4:18 PM
i have a character who STILL hasn't got the duct tape at age 41 (grumble).
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 2:19 PM
atropos, i have 1 better. i got 2 ppl married. almost immediately they BOTH got a promotion & their pay was identical ($105). i'm wondering if they had an identical initial pay scale. they also both work a computer station job. QA engineer & architect.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 2:16 PM
the neighbor charging you extra for buying the birdhouse isn't necessarily a bad deal. 1 family didn't have the $225 to buy it, so when the neighbor offered i accepted. yes, what he CHARGED was more, but as i didn't have enough $$ the game just cleaned out my bank account instead & conveniently "forgot" the remainder. so i actually got it cheaper. it's worth it if your family's on a shoestring, in other words.

this works with several other random events, like the neighborhood community fund is $80 & you only have $20, they just clean out your account. no "overdrawn" fees either
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 2:09 PM
oh, doubtless the desensitization kit would fix it. i've already used that for ppl who disliked colors (& of course their mate or kid ends up with "those" kinds of clothes). also the child who disliked green seems to be going outside more??

i do like the idea of a disabled kid tho, so maybe i'll stick with it. or i can pretend she had some kinda surgery??

i WISH they had left more room in the character description box. so as the generations pass you will know who was who & what their stories were. 1 lousy line is definitely not going to do it.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 2:04 PM
think i will do so in the future. would be a challege to have the whole family down with food poisoning
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 2:02 PM
once you have the radio, encourage dancing behavior. all of my family have maxed out happiness levels, pretty fast.

wonder if it also keeps you healthy ??
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 1:33 PM
i have a "definitely" & "would be nice" couple who have only 1 kid, now aged 11. i have tried perfumes, feeding & bathing beforehand, the baby boost, & still only 1 kid. a tip site tho is recommending the doctor's consultation before using the baby boost so you know who to give it to, the man or the woman.

on the plus side, my unmarried character FINALLY got an adoption (wanted a single mom). the interesting part is the child "dislikes running," which means she moves in slo-mo. this was annoying at first, but then i decided maybe she's disabled. adopting a disabled kid is not a bad thing. i may keep her that way. oh what a challenge if she inherits...
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 1:28 PM
i wouldn't swear absolutely to this, but:

it seems if you marry someone in the "tools" careers you get more mechanical disasters, especially at first. i had 4 oven fires in 10 minutes of marriage. & everything seems to break more often. this seems to be improving tho after a few promotions.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 16, 09 1:24 PM
thanks, atropos. i'm figuring each choice thing has a good or bad result.

another goodie: the postman drops off a package at your house with the neighbor's address on it. they give you the choice of keep it, or be honest & return it to the neighbor. i chose honesty, & the neighbor rewarded me w/ $100. not bad.

another upside of the fridge dying: you can replace your cheap foods with healthier organics??
 posted in Virtual Families on May 15, 09 8:25 PM
the only thing i usually red-glove is drawing on the walls. if it's something like hiding, you're better off picking them & drop them in another area where they'll have another interest & thus activity. green-glove these, & they'll mostly forget the "forbidden" activity. you can also keep picking em up & drop em until they choose an activity you like.

i kind of like the hide game myself, figure it's just hide & go seek. not worth punishing. if it's a question of finding them, well, you kind of have to hunt for your characters anyway. i just click detail & when i go back to the main screen it'll automatically home in on them
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