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Windows 8. All kinds of video glitches. I then had to delete my profile after the game refused to allow me to unbend the nails with the stone.

Not sure I even care to start over at this point. This is the second year in a row a major technical glitch has forced me to start over.

I'm sorry, but this is just pathetic. This is your only job: Make sure the games work when they're released.
My game did the same thing with the "clunk." I have no desire to start over.

It was stupid tech stuff like this that ruined last year's release for me.
I never was given the third coin for the slot machine. I have the CE, so I went through it page by page and found where all three were supposed to be, but I only had two.

So I started the game over but I'm so ticked off I haven't started playing again.

Echo the need for a new version.
My third coin never appeared. Restarting the game from the beginning and hoping the glitch disappears.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake on Nov 16, 13 1:07 PM
You'd think there would be SOMETHING posted by now if they're going with a Nov. 26 release date.
 posted in Lost Tales: Forgotten Souls on Apr 10, 13 6:40 PM
same thing, the rope will not go down the hole...I read the walkthrough, it says,"put rope in hole, climb down" what?
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 22, 12 11:16 AM
Everything I disliked about Escape from Ravenhearst seems to be back in this one with more annoying things.

Dear BFG Designers: Your games became successful for a reason, stop throwing away concepts that work in your quest to be innovative.

Adding new elements is a good thing, but there's a reason the first two Ravenhearst games and Dire Grove were your most popular ones. Go back and looked at what worked and then go look at what everybody is bitching about with this latest release and last year's EFR.

You don't have to re-invent the wheel, you just have to put out a good game. You did not succed with either endeavor this time.

An extrememly disappointed fan (Two years in a row now)
If you look at the bottom of the cottage scene, you can see the steps that lead down the cliff.

Just to split hairs, just because you got to the cottage via the cable car doesn't mean the path from the main gate around didn't actually exist.

Then again, maybe our master detective got smarter since his/her last visit.
This is the first MCF game I've played through once and then uninstalled without playing through at least one more time.

This game was waaayyy too frustrating to be enjoyable. The "Bonus" content was anything but and I'll keep piling on that the strategy guide was flat out awful and usually didn't help in the slightest.

The only time the strategy guide came into use is when I was trying to figure out what tasks I had to accomplish since the game itself did a piss poor job of clueing you in to what exactly needed to be accomplished.

This whole product looks like everyone just tried too hard.

It happens. My advice would be to just relax on the next game. Remember what works and pay attention to what we're all complaining about.
I'm thinking we'll see "Curse of Ravenhurst" at some point. That's the first thing that popped in my head at the end of this game.
I have no idea why my abbreviation of Hidden Object Game was starred out. Just so everyone knows what I was talking about.
Good: The Morphing Object instead of **** was a nice change of pace.

Bad: The Strategy Guide. Completely useless in some areas of the game and I had to come online to find out what I was missing (And the blue pill by the Apple Pie was NOWHERE to be found)

The Ugly: Some parts of the game REQUIRED the strategy guide because there was very little to indicate what you were supposed to do or when you were supposed to do it.

This was not BFG's best product, which is a shame since this has become their flagship game line.

Suggestions for the future: Morphing was nice, but let's not abandon HOG entirely, a better mix would serve the platform better.

The SG should be there to bail you out, not be required reading.

As always, if a minigame can be figured out in 30 seconds, but takes five minutes to actually solve, you (as programmers) are doing something wrong. Taking five or ten minutes to just perform a task it took a few moments to figure out is not fun, it's just frustrating.
I was going to go back and replay RTR because I'm positive there are some hints to this game in there somewhere.
Not my favorite of the series. Some of the puzzles went beyond difficult into the realm of "tedious."

It wasn't that I couldn't figure out how to solve them, I just really didn't feel like spending the time. They just seemed to be there to chew up time rather than provide a real challenge.

Too much running around, too many side treks and too much need to consult the strategy guide if you can't sit down and play the game in chunks.

Hoping for something closer to Ravenhearst 2 on the next one.
 posted in Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors on Jun 9, 10 5:39 PM
I just wish we could use Game Club credits to purchase CEs.

Enjoyed the standard edition, but I like to have the ENTIRE game. Oh well.
Just finished my third time through the game and am now "100%" done with all the goals.

Overall, LOVED the game.

Two criticisms that I noticed as I made my way through the game on my third pass (and I play all these games multiple times, as I'm sure many other people do)

Puzzle choke points: There are a few times in the game where there really are no HOG scenes and you HAVE to do more than one puzzle to advance the game. It's a minor point, but it kind of annoyed me if I got one to play for a few minutes and there were no HOG scenes to do (I like to beat, not skip, puzzles).

Final Puzzle: Since I'm a HOG enthusiast, I was a little disappointed the end didn't involve a "last walkthrough" of the game doing a bunch of HOG scenes looking for specific items. The items were spread out as you went along this time, which was fine, but I felt let down at the end.

I also would like to acknowledge the fact the good people at BFG do listen to us, because I noticed there were a lot less "tiny" objects in Dire Grove. A common complaint of earlier games looks to have been addressed.

Great work!!!
 posted in Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow on Jan 5, 10 1:01 PM
Any news on a sequel?
I was looking through the thread, but I missed it, where is the release date talked about?
The pic on the MCF site is really cool. Love to see BFG do some more with this over the weekend.
Very much looking forward to this. I've been keeping a Free Game code especially for this one.
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