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 posted in Rory's Restaurant Deluxe on Mar 30, 16 6:13 AM
Yaelle wrote:I had not had any issues at all til I reached level 27. There, all these began to happen:

a. made matches but they didnt disappear for a long time
b. made matches but they didnt disappear til I made other matches elsewhere
c. finished the level but it didnt acknowledge that it was over, so I sat there with a blank screen & nothing happening (after the character showed up & spoke)
d. ahhh there was one other thing but i cannot think what it was....... argh.
I am going to go back on the game now & see if the issues replicate. Because I had to exit out of the level & it said my progress would be lost, even though it was supposed to have been over.

Had the very same issues (although not sure what level it started at) plus MISSING CUSTOMERS. Sometimes I would have only two customers when there should have been three and no matter how many matches I made it wouldn't clear the invisible customer or bring in more.

I have never played such a buggy game in all my life.
 posted in Parallels Cross on Jan 20, 16 6:36 PM
I have Windows 10 and a NVIDIA GeForce Driver and didn't have any problems. Except when I went back the car to put gas in the chainsaw it lagged so bad I thought the game had locked up but it was ok.
 posted in Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead on Nov 11, 15 5:55 PM
On two (for sure) different levels people have been able to clear the cards but the game won't recognize this and no one can get further without having to exit the game and go back in to that level and retry. One is level 38, which I am currently stuck at, and the other is level 19.
 posted in Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead on Nov 5, 15 7:50 PM
jpabich wrote:Me too. Stuck on level 18. After I fulfill the goal and clear the cards in round 1, it doesn't go to round 2. Help! I want to keep playing!!!

I did click on the book when it flashes too. That doesn't seem to do the trick.

EDIT: Okay, I got out of the game and got back in and I was able to go to round 2 and finally finish that level. I would hate to have to do that on a regular basis though.

I'm having the same issues as you. When it happened earlier in the game I was finally able to get out of it by doing some of the things suggested. What also helped was the bug fix. However I'm now playing the game on WT and am on level 18 having the very same issues and nothing will work. Very disappointed that this game (on any game engine) has so many bugs that keep me from playing further.
 posted in Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret on May 24, 15 10:24 AM
First play got the message code showing up in the library. Another play got the trophies for collecting 20 and All morphing objects but game still kept letting me click on them and kept counting them but started from 30. Then could not put piece in puzzle on last scene because I could not click on puzzle box - I guess I should have read here first not to put the skulls in first. Very annoying.
 posted in Lost Souls: Timeless Fables Collector's Edition on Dec 2, 14 8:18 PM
I'm at the clock in the Titanic bonus chapter/story, am putting in right time after placing clock hand and nothing. I try other times and nothing. Game won't acknowledge correct time or any other. Very annoyed.
 posted in Statue of Liberty: The Lost Symbol on Sep 6, 14 1:06 PM
No problems with black screens in this game. Played the whole thing. Eventually couldn't click on objects in HO scenes without having to put the holographic glasses on. And I don't mean the objects that are only seen with the glasses on - I mean the regular objects I had to put the glasses on before they would let me click and collect the object. Other than that no problems but super boring and laggy game.
 posted in Insane Cold: Back to the Ice Age on Aug 28, 14 3:00 AM
Is it just me or does the ice guy look like Boris Karloff?
Had the same problem as everyone else so came here to find out if there was someone who had figured it out. Nothing worked for me. So I backtracked to the crashed car, clicked the hint button, selected the lock piece, clicked on it and it closed then clicked again and it went into my inventory, moved forward and inserted it into the door and it worked. I'm not sure but I think, after reading Cr1s's comment, that maybe I had clicked in the very middle of it just like him/her (sorry, not sure) and that was why it closed.
 posted in Whispered Legends: Tales of Middleport on Aug 23, 14 8:56 PM
I figured that the code was the 976 but the hint button kept sending me to the left of the gate to put the code in but it still kept telling me to look around for the code. I just ended up having to wait for the skip to charge so I could get past the area since it wouldn't let me put the code in. Wonder if this is a bug.
 posted in Youda Survivor 2 on Aug 21, 14 11:17 PM
I'm on my third time playing both characters. I am missing the second talisman on both which is a first for me. Not sure why but would like to know.

Does it have a connection to not getting all the hidden masks and medallions in the caves, anyone?
 posted in Hometown Poker Hero on Aug 12, 14 9:08 AM
Yes! That's why I initially got excited about this game. I was a little surprised that is was Youda and Not ****. I've been playing the Delicious games at another place so I haven't been missing out. I remember when Delicious stopped being on BF - can you tell me why - a long time ago and was sad to see it go from this site. I'm liking this game so far mainly because of the Emily characters but also because it will help me learn poker.
Downloaded fine. Watched intro entered my profile name, set my custom level of difficulty and game locked up at 54% loading - didn't even get to play one second. I use Windows 7 on a PC and everything is always up to date. Error was Access Violation.
 posted in Mystery P.I.: The Curious Case of Counterfeit Cove on Jul 5, 14 3:40 PM
Yes there is. Unless you have already found them in that scene previously (such as the post office, outside of the store, or wherever, etc) and have come back to it. There are a couple of scenes where the lobster is hidden in the leaves of a tree. The lobster and key can either be in literal form or the word "lobster" or the word "key". And the lobster always seems to be red and the key silver. Hope this helps.
 posted in Sweet Shop Rush on Jun 28, 14 3:49 AM
I own, and have finished, Coffee Rush for a long time now. I bought SSR before even demo'ing it because I saw that it was a sweet version of CR. I'm glad they got rid of having to do matches to open up a new character. But I miss the slider and jigsaw puzzles. I wished they had added new characters and not just used the ones from CR. They definitely have improved with this game while still keeping most of what we loved about Coffee Rush. It is a little harder - especially trying to get a decent customer rating, but not too easy where you always get gold like a lot of games. I've been playing this game for hours and hours ever since I bought it and am almost at the end already.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on May 2, 14 5:13 PM
There is a quest (part 11 of 14) in level 23 that is 72 hours long!!!!! It's part of The Assistant quests and it calls for Archie and Maria to go to the mall to run dating services. It's only $3600, and 5400 xp.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Apr 27, 14 12:32 AM
Trev (level 23)
complete "Cool Guy Club"
place 4 guitar shrubs
get Riverdale rating to 60%

If you manage to grow any guitar shrubs keep them because on level 23 they cost $4000 to buy from the store.

 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Apr 27, 14 12:23 AM
When you have someone in the green house it is very hard to see the money sign floating over it when it is time to collect - just like it is on the grill. You either have to look right under the person's picture (green house if I remember correctly) or right above it (the grill) for a second or two before you can see it for sure. Just a tip.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Apr 25, 14 11:02 PM
I've noticed that I tend to win more items (sodas and stuff like trees, fountains, fences, bushes, a statue, patio furniture, a gnome etc) when putting a couple or bffs in their first relationship task. Also I tend to win an item or soda when putting the couple or bffs in their respective house(s) for the first time. After that it's much more random or how many times I've used them. The couples that I've used more often tend to just get a bag of money. The first timers get more items. Hope this helps anyone.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Apr 23, 14 12:13 AM
Friend of All the Rabbits
collect all the bunny mania prizes
15 sodas $5000
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