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 posted in Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy on Jul 17, 09 7:53 PM
I dont normally write, but i am enjoying all these new HOG games bigfish is putting out. I just finished this demo and i will defiently buy this game. Keep up the good work Bigfish.
 posted in Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases on Jul 17, 09 7:36 PM
Help. I love this game, my cursor keeps blinking and when i get to the fishermans shed it wont let me up to the grotto, so i cant go any further. Can i please get some help? The graphics blink off and on.
 posted in Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla on May 9, 09 3:45 AM
I really liked the first laura jones, so I was loking forward to trying this one. So far It is okay. Hope it gets better. So far it is holding my interest, but it is not as exciting as the first.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch on May 1, 09 5:20 PM
Wonderful game. I am really Loving you guys at big fish.
 posted in Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan on May 1, 09 5:16 PM
I found this game boring and tedious. But I must say I love Big Fish and most of the time I am very entertained. Every morning I check the new game before I go to work. I love Hidden object games. Please when will we see a followup to MCF return to ravenhurst? That was the best game I have played. Please hurry with a followup. Keep those HOG s coming!!!
 posted in Detective Stories: Hollywood on Apr 25, 09 2:28 AM
I can never get past the first scene because the cursor freezes and I can only get out of the game by shutting down. HELP [b]
 posted in Neverland on Apr 25, 09 2:01 AM
I have tried to play this game numerous times and all I get is a black screen. when will it be fixed?
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