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Thanks for the answer.
I have the feeling, that I have already played the part that you can play without paying. Could that be that the game runs under two names?
Specially the Bonus part. Much too short, and mostly mot much interesting.
The worst Mystery Case Files.
Specially the bonus chapter is not only much too short, as well as absolutely ridiculous.
 posted in Ominous Tales: The Forsaken Isle on Apr 11, 17 12:35 PM
I have the same Problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: Fleshbound Collector's Edition on Dec 31, 16 10:54 AM
I cannot save the name of my charactzer. So each time, when I open the game, I have to start from the beginning with a new character. That is very boring.
 posted in Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition on Oct 9, 16 8:37 AM
I cannot Play the game, as the Screen remains black. Is there an upgrade or update for this game?
I dowloaded the game, but then the installing remained at 0%.
The demo was ok, then I bought the full version. Nearly at the end of the installation I got the virus allert. So I could not play the game.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Stone Guest Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 14 12:12 AM
Yesterday I bought the game and played it until the end. This morning wanted to play it again. Unfortunately it didn't work. My virus program had an alert:


 posted in World Mosaics Chroma on Mar 23, 14 10:02 AM
I have finished level 50. Now next one is 101. Where are 51 to 100? Who can help me? Thanks.
 posted in Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby on Aug 28, 13 12:43 PM
It works perfectly well. You just have to count the thin circles.
 posted in Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby on Aug 27, 13 8:00 AM
Same problem !!!
 posted in Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak on Aug 12, 13 6:15 AM
I have done that, but the only thing I get from the coffee tabe is the note from Penelope.
 posted in Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak on Aug 12, 13 12:02 AM
Yes, but whenever I want to take the sandpaper, I have the note in my hand.
 posted in Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak on Aug 11, 13 6:52 AM
I can see the sandpaper in the coffe table, but I cannot pick it up. I hope that there will soon be an update.
 posted in The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes on May 27, 13 7:00 AM
I have to pull down some ropes in a certain order to enter a room.
The skip function does not work, so what can I do?
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 19, 13 12:47 PM
Same issue. Error violation and the game freezes when trying to pick up the shark in the HOG when you first get into town.
 posted in The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 13 1:52 PM
The Bonus Content is included in the normal game. I would prefer the two parts to be separate.
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