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 posted in Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash on Oct 24, 16 7:00 AM
I purchased the Halloween game. When I tried to download it, it asked for my internet address and password, even though I had bought it from your site and used a game credit to do so. I was able to download the trial version and tried to activate the trial version and nothing happened. Help, please! I love jigsaw puzzles.
 posted in 1001 Jigsaw World Tour: American Puzzle on Jun 29, 16 4:53 PM
I have Windows 10, a PC. The game won't download. Any suggestions? I love jigsaws and this was disappointing.

polarglen aka Isabeall
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Castle on Jan 23, 15 10:21 AM
I made the mistake of buying (on the basis of previous offerings in this series) without trying first. Wasted the money. Don't think I played more than two minutes if you deduct all the "talking" from playing time. Never again will I buy a Hidden Expedition.
I know better than to buy Collector's Editions -- when you need an instruction book to finish a game, it's not a puzzel you can solve on your own. They are built so that you cannot solve the puzzel on your own! Also, Hidden Objects games are always dark these days. Less work for the programmers to do to hide puzzle pieces. Just darken the screen and the pieces can't be seen.

Got 5 minutes into it and deleted it. Waste of money even though I bought it on sale.
 posted in Jewel Match IV on Jun 20, 14 4:56 PM
I waste of a game chip. Nothing to say positive about it.
 posted in Riddles of The Mask on Apr 15, 14 2:08 PM
Sometimes when I put in a click correctly in a box, I get an error. If I click on the same box immediately afterward, it is OK. It's so frustrating, I have removed the game from my computer.
 posted in Call of the Ages on Nov 9, 13 8:10 AM
Can't stay ahead of the sand when the sand "machines?", the spinning things that you can't get rid of and produce sand. That's as far in the game as I can get and it's as far in the game as I will go and I've deleted the game from my computer. Not worth the price if you have no chance of finishing the game.
 posted in Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire on Aug 21, 13 12:54 PM
I had all of the above problem plus my screen flipped so that everything was upside down! System restore took care of that problem, but clearly this game has some serious technical problems. I bought this game without trying it out first. Hope you'll let us know when it is fixed.
 posted in Night In The Opera on Jun 27, 12 11:28 AM
From the description, I was pretty sure that I'd be buying this game -- my two favorite types combined in one. How great is that? Not very. The Match 3 sections were boring and the HOG sections suffered, as most do these days, from a lack of clever object hiding and substituting the darkness of the scene for creatively hiding the objects. Not buying this one, that's for certain.
 posted in Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur on May 26, 12 6:32 AM
I couldn't rotate them, either. One of several reasons I regret purchasing this game. If it is a glitch in the program, perhaps they will correct it and upgrade. That would be nice, but I'm not hopeful.
 posted in Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur on May 23, 12 5:39 PM
I am sorry I spent money on this game. What a disappointment. I've purchased all the other Jewel Quests and like playing them. But this one wasn't worth the money and, though I did not complete, I have already deleted it from my Game Manager. What a waste!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets on Mar 30, 12 4:23 PM
I can't get beyond the first cell scene. The game keeps sending itself to the taskbar. I bought this game without benefit of trial because I've liked the other Hidden Mysteries and never had any trouble with them. I routinely get updates from Microsoft for my computer so I don't believe the problem is mine.
 posted in Big City Adventure: London Story on Jan 31, 12 11:14 PM
I disliked this game intensely. Found it confusing in the extreme and the walk-through very unhelpful. A real loser. I'm sorry I spent even one penny on it.
 posted in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story on Jan 8, 12 5:10 PM
I had a great time with this game. Imagine a HOG without all the objects hidden on a virtual black screen but well camouflaged within a reasonably bright scene. I sure would like more games like this one. Thanks, Big Fish.
 posted in Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon on Jan 7, 12 5:10 PM
I usually like match-3 games, but this one is boring, the how-to-play instructions time-consuming and unnecessary. No way I'll purchase this game.
Guess I'm all alone out here, but I'm not a fan of this game and won't be a purchaser. I was excited when I saw it was an HE game -- liked the others. But this one just isn't my cup of tea.
 posted in Escape the Emerald Star on Aug 2, 11 5:02 AM
I'm having a great time with this game. No gimmicks; no almost black screens to mask the designers inability to merge the hidden object into the background; no moving back and forth to find objects to be used in another scene. My kinda **** game.
 posted in A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories on Jul 20, 11 2:28 PM
cocamp wrote:AWFUL!!! I never even got out of the subway and I have been playing HOG for years. I hated this.

You were more successful than I was -- never even got on the subway!
 posted in A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories on Jul 20, 11 2:26 PM
Eisteepfirsich wrote:This is one of the worst hogs ever. I don`t recommend even trying this game.

Totally agree. Worst hog I've ever downloaded on Big Fish.
 posted in Foreign Dreams on Jul 8, 11 12:27 PM
I was playing the demo, when I reached the point where I transferred the letters to the books, the screen went black, never to recover.

I'm beginning to think that the only kind of HOG's developers can envision is one where the objects are hard to find only because the screen is dark as are the objects. This game carried that idea one step too far. A no-buy for me.
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