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Sadeyed wrote:Absolutely dreadful game. Those of you across the pond must be wondering what all this is about. Coronation Street is one of the top British Soaps, and the characters and locations in this are are all from the series.

Mainly hog scenes and extremely bad ones. Objects you can barely see badly drawn onto an existing background, some you can't see at all.

I lasted about 15 mins then deleted.

It's amateurish and totally unenjoyable.

Unfortunately I totally agree with the above - it's a definite no buy for me
 posted in Theatre of the Absurd Collector's Edition on May 4, 12 8:10 AM
angelfish106 wrote:Within 10 minutes of starting the demo I knew this game was going to be a definite buy for me. Very different, highly intriguing, fabulously creepy atmosphere, great voiceovers (particularly the heroine), even the music was good!

I loved the bell sound when finding a hidden object; they were exceptionally well hidden and there always seemed to be just one thing I couldn't find. However the hint seemed to recharge quite quickly even on expert mode so it wasn't a problem. Yes the graphics within the HOS are not as crisp as in the rest of the game but not enough of an issue to stop me from buying.

It didn't play full screen so still had the black bars but after a while I didn't really even notice them, I was so immersed in this game! The demonic theme is not something that bothers me; this is a game and not likely to influence me in any least I don't think so

Can't wait to play more of this extremely entertaining game

Totally agree with the above comments - I absolutely loved this game.
A definite buy for me
 posted in Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic on Apr 15, 12 4:41 AM
Sheerija wrote:Poor Titanic. Any thought or mention of it always brings a lump. The most poignant maritime tragedy in the history of the world. I didn't think I would like it if it was set during the horrors, and reality based. But this is one time I can say I am thankful it is a ghost story that takes place mostly after it has sunk.

Terrific graphics, so clear and distinct and beautifully designed. Easy play with perfect navigation. Sombre music but anything else would be inappropriate. The game seems to be divided into sections, where each ghost creates a portal to shift between past and present, so there's no wandering around through a vast number of locations, trying to remember where and what. Each one is closed after completion. At least that's my impression after the demo.

I like it very much and I think the devs did a very neat job with it. Shall play on and hope it is not too short, as some suspect.

Poor Titanic - I also get a lump in my throat when I read about it or watch a programme - especially now with the 100th anniversary.
Game is very good - it took me approx 3 hours to finish, so not too short. I found it somewhat confusing jumping between time via portals, but nevertheless really enjoyed it.
Would definitely recommend.
nell50 wrote:I have the same issue, clicking on the letter P in the HOG is not working.

fantasynanna60 wrote:Can't grab the letter P and using the lighter on the spider web to access the acorn

I also can't grab the letter P, nor use the lighter on the spiders web. Anybody got any solutions to this?
 posted in Love Story: The Beach Cottage on Oct 1, 11 8:37 AM
Absolutely love this game - it's very relaxing and not spooky or dark for a change.

Definite buy for me
 posted in Love Story: The Beach Cottage on Oct 1, 11 8:35 AM
LovetoMissLisa wrote:I like this game. The graphics are so crisp and clear. I enjoy a good love story. I am enjoying this game alot and I enjoyed "Letter's from the Past". The music is beautiful and it has widescreen. I normally turn down the music. The objects are easy enough to find. It is so refreshing to see a different game for a change. I'm so tired of the spooky and creepy games. This game is a buy for me for sure, and a must try. What a lovely game BF, thanks. More Please!

I rate this game: "PIGLET"

Good game. I like it! Hog,Frog,Ihog,Adventure . For true lover's of these types of games
‘ ‘

I agree - this is a lovely, sweet and relaxing game Very different from the spooky, dark games of recent - although I also love those
It's a definite buy for me!
 posted in Rescue Frenzy on Sep 25, 11 7:45 AM
cityedge wrote:I also encountered the problem I couldn't finish the level at the level 26, but it was solved when I changed the order of the rescue (not finishing with the oil plant).

And finally I entered the last level and finished, but nothing happened and the last level started again and again. Infinite loop !

My OS is Windows 7 64bit, and the loading time for each stage was around 25 sec.

I am having the same trouble, reached and played last level, but now am stuck in loop.
Anybody know how to fix this?
 posted in Rescue Frenzy on Sep 24, 11 3:12 AM
theshyone wrote:
Sunydoesitbetter wrote:I can't get past Level 26. I've met all of the requirements of the level but it will not check everything off, so I can not move on to the next level. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing and it hasn't fixed the issue . I checked the Help Pages but could not find anything that applied to this issue. Very disappointed!

If it's the level where you have to demolish the old chemical plant, I have the same problem (((

I've purchased this game, but I'm getting sick and tired waiting for the levels to load!

Pleeeeeease fix this

I have exactly the same problem - anyone know how to get past this level?
 posted in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper on Aug 30, 11 10:00 AM
aalaurie wrote:The game started and then went black. I now have 58 minutes of ?nothing?. Did anyone else have this problem?

My game started fine, music playing, then went black. I had to shut my pc down as nothing else worked. I'm not using Mozilla firefox, so that's not the problem.
Shame. I was really looking forward to playing this game
Anybody else have same problem, and hopefully a solution?
I'm still waiting for my Felix the fish as well
 posted in Mystery Valley on Oct 31, 10 12:49 AM
KayleighJ wrote:Add me to the list. Can't pick up the key at the start of the game. Or get to the menu or anything at all.

Great graphics and vampire Felix is totally ftw but that's all ultimately meaningless if I can't play the game!

ETA: I figured out that by clicking slightly to the right of the object, I could pick it up. Going into the menu (by again clicking to the right of the button) I set the game to widescreen (ironically by UNchecking the "widescreen" box) and bingo. No more problems.

Thanks Kayleigh, I had exactly the same problem and solved it using your tip above. Really like this game!!
 posted in 2 Tasty on Mar 15, 10 1:28 PM
I can't get any further than the first (Bakery) level. I have completed this with a gold star at each level. The only other building that is highlighted is the store. From reading other posts I understand that there should be 5 shops. Can you please tell me how to get to these shops?
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 14, 10 10:59 AM
Kelsnana wrote:I have to agree with you.... the WORST game I have ever played... it looked like it might get better, so like an idiot I bought it... the script just got worse instead of better... the developers apparently were trying to tell the story... silly us thought we were buying a GAME!!! The game ends abruptly.... I sat watching credits roll thinking this was some kind of joke!!! It wasn't!! No getting to see the finished house and is the herioine a good guy or is she actually a bad guy?? I am still scratching my head over that one!! If you haven't made the fatal error of buying this game.... DON'T!!!

I absolutely agre with you. It really is the WORST game I have played in a long time Could not believe the ending. Waste of time and money!
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 14, 10 10:53 AM
This game started out as being different and interesting, however the ending is SUCH a disappointment!! If you haven't bought the game yet, then seriously, DON'T! Waste of money. It is like a book finishing in the middle, no proper ending at all.
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