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 posted in Hex on Apr 16, 18 4:00 AM
It would help if we had some information on:
A. The object of the game.
B. how to play the game.
 posted in Svetlograd on Jan 14, 18 1:23 AM
For some reason the program won't let me enter anew player. I had four and wanted another but would not let me type in a name. I even deleted a name and still couldn't put one in.
 posted in ClearIt on Jan 1, 18 1:46 AM
Clearit sends itself to the task bar in the middle of the game. I habe unistalled &* Installed 3 tim
 posted in World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 3 on Dec 14, 17 12:13 PM
There is definetly a glich in this program. Frankl;y it takes alot of the enjoyment from the game.
 posted in World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 3 on Dec 12, 17 10:33 AM
Has anyone run into this. I'm, running a line and some inthe middle don't register and you get charged with an error.
I never let up pressure or took my hand off the mouse.
 posted in Jewel Match on Oct 17, 17 12:52 PM
I just installed this game and can not get the mouse to work. during the game. It works prior ro starting and after closing the game.
 posted in Atlantis on Apr 29, 12 12:44 PM
The speed as you proceed is just to much. Couple that with the color that pops up & you can't beat this game. One time I got to 6 game 4 tier. Now I can't get my 2/4.
Definitely has some quirks.
1. After losing a life you do not have an exit without clicking play again.
2.What use are all the bonus selection as you can only choose one and if your get on a losing streak & haven't made a selection your SOL.
3.Why does it appear 20 is the limit of points?
It would not hurt for an update and revision of this game.
 posted in Atlantis on Mar 30, 12 3:51 PM
I have a couple of things.
1. I fail to see any discussions on these forums simply questions or problems but no answers thus no discussions.
.2.Does anyone know what the criteria for points is for Atlantis. I simply can not figure it out.
3.It seems as if 20 is the highest number of points awarded on each session. I though one time I saw more but it could have been my eyesight.
That being said I'm addicted to the d*** game but the highest I ever had was #5 on the 5th level.
 posted in Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea on Aug 14, 11 1:18 PM
Where is it?
I agree with LucyMarie why have it if you can't use it. I don't think I'll be purchasing any future COLECTORS EDITIONS games as they don't seem to be worth the extra $$$.
 posted in Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus on Oct 13, 08 7:02 AM
The curser floats and this game moves so slow that I can't believe they put it out for resale.
Definely a PIA to play.
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