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 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water on Jun 9, 11 5:07 PM
I can't even install it. While it does, it keeps telling me that it would require "flash player"... I tried to install it only to find confirmed what I had already known: Flash Player is already installed...
Well, of course it is, otherwise a lot of other games would not be playable... But whenever I delet the game and try to re-download it, as soon as it installs it still won't recognize flash player...
 posted in Be a King 2 on Jun 28, 10 5:34 AM
Slite wrote:I LOVED the first one so this is a definite buy for me. In fact, I think I gave an unmanly squeel when I saw this was the new game. Well, maybe it was a manly squeel, perhaps even a macho squeel. Anyway, I've just filled my six for the month so I'm waiting til the first to purchase.

The first one was fairly easy but, for me, incredibly addictive. I'm just hoping this one is a little longer and offers a few new ideas.

Hi Slite

Just play the trial and you'll find quite a few differences.
I only played both trials ( First Be a King & # 2) to them, to compare them to see which one I might purchase and I found them to be quite different. Similar, as they, of course, have the same basic building idea. But the set up is different and seems to offer various tasks at hand on a level the previous version didn't have. (At least from what I could tell from the trial period so far.)

I'm just wondering which version offers the over all highest amount of levels to play? Be A King or Be a King 2 ?

 posted in Be a King 2 on Jun 28, 10 5:19 AM
Leanda1 wrote:This is a pretty good time management game is alot like build a lot. since I own 2 of those games and havent completed the 2nd one I bought, I doubt I will buy this one. It is an ok game but I don't like time management any more - getting too old to get this frustrated LOL! Happy gaming fishies!

Hi Leanda

I own build a lot as well. And I just finished the trial on this one.
In this one you don't have to play in timed mode. In order to enter time mode, you'd have to check a little box on the upper left corner. If you leave it alone, there will be no time pressure for any of the tasks at hand. So you could just take your time ;-)

 posted in Be Richer on Sep 10, 09 4:51 AM
govegril wrote:
Dixi37 wrote:Question!

What is the difference between "Be Richer" and "Be Rich"?


I kind of agree that not a lot of significant difference, but some I noticed were
improved graphics
new commercial buildings such as stock exchange (did the first have that - I don't remember it if it did)
larger play areas
more focus on apartments and larger cities

a lot of it is just cosmetic but I am enjoying having a new Be Rich game.

I also find it faster pace - seems more going on all the time.

Mind you I have only played the first 14 levels so could be more new things coming up in later levels

edit: Just thought of another difference- seems you cannot actually fail a level in Be Richer- I recall playing levels over and over in Be Rich to pass them.
Seems if you do not make expert it lets you keep going until you succeed.

Thank you very much! And keep enjoying
 posted in Be Richer on Sep 7, 09 5:04 AM

What is the difference between "Be Richer" and "Be Rich"?

It obviously comes for them same makers. And though I very much prefer the way this is made up over the Build -a-lot series, I don't see the point in having 2 games of the same kind with next to no difference. So far I only compared their videos. And can't find any difference that would jump at me and thus make me even want to try the one hour.

Oh and Fairyon! Please, don't let this take the fun out of the game for you. It's without a doubt a beautiful game When "Be Rich" came out, I got it right away. Didn't even wait the entire hour.

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