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 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on May 5, 17 11:56 PM
I own every single Delicious (Emily) game AND every spin-off but this will be the first one I don't buy. It feels like the earliest Delicious games but not in a good way (those were still a lot of fun). It feels slow and awkward (especially the way people move). Half the time my clicks on the items don't take and I'm left with angry customers because everything is taking twice as long. I found the music annoying and stressful.
I was relieved when the demo was over. Nothing about this game made me feel the happiness I usually feel when playing a Delicious game (or even the spin-offs).
I was somewhat interested in the storyline and would have been curious to see where it went but I just couldn't get past how awful the gameplay was.
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Mar 21, 17 10:01 AM
I like the mouse too.

This is definitely in the Delicious/Emily family of games though I'd call it a distant cousin and not a direct relation. It's got a lot of the same features and feel but it's somehow not as charming and feels a bit clunky by comparison. It's also not as long. I suspect this will be the only version (as is the case with the newer Delicious games).
I completely agree with gillydi53 - there is way too much dialogue and that's coming from someone who always enjoys a cute storyline in these types of games. It takes a LOT of clicking to get through it all.

All that said, good TMs are hard to find and this is decent and if you like the Delicious games this has all the same look and action. I don't think it's worth full CE price but on sale I'll be buying it and I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed at that price.

Edit for further review:
I've now completed the whole game and it's a decent game overall. I'm not disappointed with it (at the sale price). It feels in most ways like an Emily game so that part's definitely enjoyable. The characters and storyline are nice enough. The music is pleasant. The gameplay was mostly smooth and appropriately challenging.
One of my biggest complaints though, is the terrible translations, especially in the bonus chapter. Would it have killed the devs to have someone who speaks English go through the whole game and make corrections?! I'd have done it for a copy of the game! Unfortunately, the atrocious translations just add to the aforementioned clunkiness. It felt like someone rushed to get it to market and didn't bother to have an editor.
 posted in Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call on Nov 30, 16 10:09 AM
This is an honest question so please don't take offense (I'm trying to learn) but what exactly is offensive about this citizen character? I've now played the level, with your concern in mind, but I'm not understanding what you found anti-Semitic about it. Could you please explain? And also why you found it more offensive than other "archetypal or cartoon-level characters" in these games?

Thank you
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Oct 4, 16 2:03 PM
I really wanted to love this game. I enjoyed the first one in the series, and have loved all the Emily and Angela games by the same devs. It seemed highly likely I would love this game too. But no.

It's an interesting game with lots to do and a storyline I wanted to keep following. But the actual gameplay was too hard on my hand/arm a lot of the time (remember devs, a lot of us players have pain issues) and the levels were more difficult than fun (Emily games are challenging but always fun!) and it had to be one of the most depressing games I've ever played (and I've played A LOT of games).
I don't know about anyone else but I play games to take me away from my pain and the depressing world of bad news for awhile.

All that said, I still found it addictive to play (pun intended) and I did finish it but I'm not sure I'd play it again (unlike Emily games that I replay over and over they are so enjoyable).
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Oct 3, 16 3:08 PM
There are a couple of levels like this in the game and they are tricky, but...all you have to do is make sure you put something else on your tray between the two same items. The toughest part of these levels is remembering what you picked up last so you don't end up with a repeat. Saying the item out loud seems to help me remember.

So, for instance, when the patients both want the x-ray, just put a red pen between picking up the x-rays.

Good luck!
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Sep 30, 16 9:30 PM
Actually, what I originally said was:
OrionsRose wrote:I always have all gold hearts for everyone, so that's not it. I've tried every combo of cashing people out I can think of.
So yes, I did believe I was clear in my first post. I'm sorry you did not feel that I was.

But yes, you are correct that you can cash out 6 patients (if they get there in time and you can hit the register fast enough). I did some experimenting with that and it can work but it's sure tricky. They certainly made this game tough!
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Sep 29, 16 2:43 PM
Yes, of course I tried that, I thought that was clear. I had tried all manner of cashing-out combos and none worked. You cannot cash out more than 5 patients though, even if a 6th arrives in time they'll just stand there and not be cashed out (and it doesn't seem to get a bonus even if you hit the register again fast enough).

But anyway, nevermind, I finally figured it out. You have to have more chaining bonuses throughout the level (which is tough because you're not bringing things to people as often as in the Delicious games, but apparently just queuing your movements so you're never standing around but actually going to patients quickly works too).

Thank you anyway.
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 16 9:35 PM
Is there a trick to this one? I've tried at least 20 times and I keep getting just a point or 2 under the right score for 3 stars.
I always have all gold hearts for everyone, so that's not it. I've tried every combo of cashing people out I can think of. I find Oliver. I get the challenge.
So what's up with this level? I'm so stumped!

Has anyone gotten 3 stars on Level 20 and what did you do?
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 16 12:43 PM
I like the challenges too and I play all of these kinds of games for the enjoyable challenge, it's just the incessant clicking I hate. Lots of us play games as a part of our pain management so adding to that pain seems counter-productive and we've tried to get devs to see that. They don't need all the clicking to still have made a wonderful and challenging game.

I've been using the shields and scarecrows as much as possible (and yes, I have the volume turned down, thankfully! LOL) but I had forgotten about the slingshot or maybe I don't have that yet. I'll try that, thank you. And I'll gratefully look forward to the underwater levels.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 16 12:24 AM
I wanted to love this game but I'm just about in tears trying to cope with the darn birds that seem to never stop, level after level.
They are distracting and annoying at best (in levels where you can build scarecrows and then ignore them as best you can) and anger-and-pain inducing at worst. You can hardly get anything done or figure out a strategy because all you have time to think about is the birds.
Why do the devs ignore us when we beg them to stop putting in things we have to click incessantly? The ghosts in previous Moai games were bad enough but there were limits to them and they usually ended after awhile but these birds just keep coming.
I'm at level 26 or 29 (I just got back to the coast). Please tell me there's an end in sight!
 posted in Next Stop on Jun 28, 16 2:58 PM
The banker just means when will they mess up and fail at rebuilding.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on Jun 5, 16 1:44 PM
Yes, thanks janey3315 - I wouldn't have known what the required number of people was if it wasn't for you! You saved me so much frustration!

Actually, once you've bought the upgrade, almost any of the Chapter 1 (New York) levels will work! There's another chapter that works too, I think it's Paris, as there are 3 spots for the line up. And Magic Max is a huge help to keep anyone from leaving angry.

Just really watch who's in your line-up. The counter orders will hold up the line so you have to watch where they've lined up and try to keep a clear path for the paying people.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on Jun 3, 16 12:52 PM
I'm thinking this has to be a glitch/tech issue...Magic Max loses his effectiveness upon replaying some levels and sometimes he's downright useless.
Anyone else finding this?
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on Jun 3, 16 12:44 PM
There are no differences. It's just that the dev's site calls it Platinum (and Deluxe on some other sites) and at Big Fish they are called Collector's Editions.

But it's important to note something else...there are NO Standard Editions of this game or any of the newer Delicious games, not even from the developer's site. So these more expensive editions are our only option if we want to play these games.
That said, the latest games about this family have been much bigger and better than in the past, thereby justifying the higher price. Still, it would have been nice for people who can't or don't want to spend more to still get to enjoy the Emily family of games.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on Jun 1, 16 9:02 PM
To each their own...some of us are loving the game!

But the scoring doesn't have to be a mystery.
You get a maximum of $150 for each regular level and (I think) $50 for the dress design/prep levels. These amounts are solely dependent on getting the stars. Ways to make sure you earn enough to get the stars are things like making combos (during payments, cleaning, or gathering orders), finding the mouse, making sure you have a clean store at the end of each shift and completing the given assignment.
Lastly, you can go back and replay any day and earn extra money to buy the upgrades. You can get way above and beyond your monetary needs by just replaying levels.

Good luck and have fun!
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 31, 16 4:40 PM
It has to do with a certain officer and what a doll he is!
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Secret of Life Collector's Edition on May 30, 16 12:26 PM
Despite demoing what I would assume is the newest version of this game (with the fixes) I am getting Runtime errors when I try to look at the achievements. From other comments I think they are watches I'm supposed to open but when I try, the game boots me out each time.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars on Apr 22, 16 4:26 PM
Not sure if this has already been mentioned somewhere about the Developer's Record but it seems that you might need to upgrade and/or build everything in addition to hitting the mole several times and getting all the coins, hidden chest, and bonus for garden design. It certainly helps to stock up on supplies too it seems. Whenever I do all those things (and get gold though the time doesn't seem to matter as much) I seem to get the Developer's Record.
 posted in Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle on Mar 14, 16 2:45 PM
To 9otters:

I probably won't even be playing this game (due to the shaking rooms issue) so I may never understand the need for all you've done BUT I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and for being one of those wonderful helpful people in life who make things so much more pleasant for others.
I've been around these forums for 7 years now and it's people like you who help everyone get the most out of their games and really enjoy them. I'm so grateful for folks like you! Thank you!
 posted in Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle on Mar 14, 16 2:35 PM
I was VERY interested in this game and *wanted* to love it as it's so different and interesting and challenging but the constantly shaking rooms issue is hurting my eyes and head too much...why do devs do things like that?!

So unless that's changed in a future fix or there's a way to turn that feature off as Nocturne mentioned, it looks like this one will be a "no buy" for me. Very disappointing.
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