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 posted in Cradle of Rome on Oct 8, 10 9:54 AM
Here I am at level 98 again, and again, and again. I've played the game several times, but I think I've had it. I'm glad to see people have finished it, but I can't get past 98 and it's getting really boring. I think I'm going to call it quits and be more careful about the games I buy in the future.
 posted in Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff on Oct 7, 10 9:20 AM
I finished the game and loved it. To be continued? I'll be looking for the next one. However, I did have to skip over the potion making puzzle, because I simply was unable to stir the potion with the spoon when it was time to do that. In fact, the whole scene froze at that point. So, after restarting, I skipped. That's my only issue and my only complaint. It was a very enjoyable game.
 posted in Lost in the City: Post Scriptum on Oct 1, 10 10:30 AM
Dingy and annoying. Not for me.
I would have liked to review the game, but when I downloaded it for trial, the Game Manager said that my trial period had expired. Not wishing to purchase the game without seeing it first, I uninstalled without looking.
 posted in Royal Trouble on Sep 12, 10 7:06 PM
Thought it was a lot of fun and it reminded me of some adventure games of days gone by. It had humor, puzzles that were not too easy, but not frustrating. Really enjoyable.
 posted in The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore on Sep 10, 10 2:58 PM
I also bought the game because of the price, but I'm not sure I'm going to finish it. I've been using a magnifying glass to try to find objects and my eyes are tired. I certainly don't recommend this particular game -- even for $2.99.
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Sep 6, 10 1:27 PM
I've been stuck three times -- redid the puzzle exactly like the sample. Finally skipped the puzzle.
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