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 posted in Gourmania 2: Great Expectations on Oct 29, 12 6:02 PM
I am in problems when i cannot get passed the first thing Uncle Joes burger place. when then letters drop and you are supposed to retrieve them, my problem is the letters fall U and G but i cannot see them to pick them up.they go below the end of my screen. I cannot see them therefore i cannot progress beyond that point. I am playing this on an acer netbook, How can I fix this so i can play the game?
 posted in Dream Day True Love on Oct 19, 12 2:25 PM
nothing happens reloaded twice and keep getting fatal error. Does it not play on my acer netbook?
 posted in Million Dollar Quest on Oct 3, 11 10:58 PM
I am stuck on the bells that you have to repeat their chime! No matter what I do I cannot get this one and there is no skip button any ideas please help! TIA
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Oct 3, 11 11:01 AM
I have done all I can do I have put all the pieces in and the left eye glows but cannot get anything else to happen! I have this on my iPhone and have powered down and anything else u can think of so please help asap so I can continue it! TIA
 posted in Fashion Craze on Jan 21, 09 12:43 PM
I have the same problem but only on my xp computer. It works just great on my vista, I have written to customer service and they said they answered it but still cannot find the answer. I wish someone would help. I updated all the drivers and it still does this and it also has a box around the clothes like if the model was wearing a red top and blue bottoms they all have a blue box and a red box around the certain color of clothing, I wish someone would help as I bought this and still nothing resolves when putting the cd in.
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