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 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 28, 14 10:31 AM
I don't understand some of these complaints!

I have never ever been stalled in this game waiting for energy to recharge. Check your inventory for food and drink items to refill your energy. The lunch basket increases the size of your energy meter, and other foods and drinks offer either a certain amount or a certain percentage of your total meter's worth of energy. If you are careful and don't waste your food (don't apply snacks that offer more energy than you can hold) you have energy for hours and hours which keeps you visiting HO scenes and getting more stuff. Lots of food in the chests and as rewards for missions.

I have also not spent a single cent on the game and I am making great progress. Manage your loot to accomplish things that reward you and help you advance. Use your amulets to drop more goodies like HO boosts, extra collectibles, and time bonuses and energy refills.

Diamonds are pretty easy to come by as well. Unlike some games with a premium currency, in Found: HO Adventure, you don't have to be so tight fisted with them. Spend some here and there on the floating boxes in the water or to help you speed up a mission. You also get some diamonds in many of the chests. I have been up to 100 diamonds at one point...haven't bought the first one. AND this is only a few hours worth of game play.

The dragon eggs...lots of people are complaining. I don't understand why. Cash them in as collections for nice chunk of coins and XP, as well as an energy boosting amulet. These items help you in all other facets of the game. As for me, I use the coins to help with baddies and missions and to pay the hunter.

The game boils down to managing your resources, collecting, trading, and using your goodies to accomplish your missions and advance in the game. In this regard it is very similar to Wandering Willows (for the younger players a few years ago) and the Island Castaway series.
 posted in The Snow on Sep 6, 13 8:30 PM
I don't usually enjoy Match 3's but the theme had me intrigued from the beginning. I gladly used a credit to get the whole game.

Gameplay is very much like Candy Crush Saga if you play that (a FB game) but there are unlimited moves at least so far, this is true. I have only played for the first hour..

The storyline isn't necssarily the most engaging but it's not bad. You are working your way through various places to find someone to help you undo the curse that has frozen the land, you are the girl who ultimately has to thaw out her parents. You are using match 3 boards to advance yourself.

This is of course mostly a gem swap kind of game but each screen has a different way to play it due to varying goals. Get a certain color, knock out the horizontals, clear the whole board, reveal the puzzle underneath, etc. So it keeps you on your toes. There are some similarities to other match 3. For one, you can start chain reactions by working at the bottom of the board and letting other pieces fall that line up too. Another familiar feature is that if you connect more than 3, you get a special piece that can help you. Plus of course the boards get harder to match as you go along. Fortunately I am playing adventure/story mode, so there is no time limit which is what really frustrates me about match3 games after they start to get difficult. I'm sure there is a timed mode for those who like a deadline. I'm glad I have the option sidestep that frustration.

Technically speaking, the download was smooth, it installed properly, the graphics are running fine, and the music and art are really really pretty...
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 5, 13 2:39 PM
1. If you are just starting, dig lots and lots of plots for crops to grow. I don't have them absolutely everywhere but I have huge grids of them...about 200 plots in all.

2. Advance your crops at every stage that you can...and plant and harvest immediately. Never leave plots empty in unlimited energy.

3. Have your husband posted at the well, click click click pumping water.

4. Keep your grass, rocks, and stumps picked up. Often there is energy under there, it accumulates for you, so that when your unlimited energy expires you have been collecting some. Plus it is cleaner.

5. Plant radishes over and over and over and over. Each crop gives you a jar upon harvest and these can be traded in after your energy expires to make more energy.

 posted in Farm Up on Jun 26, 13 5:10 PM
I am having a lot of fun so far. I am on level 31. I think this is a glitch, although of course, it could be a set up for a goal, or something about my arrangement of items on the board (because I did just switch some things around).

The problem is a rock that has sprouted up so close to the lighthouse/dock that cannot be harvested. It says "there is no path there" and then highlights the dock in red. There is nothing immediately around the rock to block it from being scooped up.

I have tried moving things around on the board, and I have tried exiting and re entering the game. It is still there. I have also tried fiddling with the "eyeball" toggle which allows me to look through buildings and get the rocks, stumps, and grass that are behind them.

It is not really inhibiting my game but it is annoying! hahh

Thanks for any suggestions or help you can offer.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 15, 13 10:06 AM
marigold12345 wrote:Re. skipping quests for gold, I believe it is deliberate that you don't get the results from the quest. This game is designed along similar lines to 'Found', and in that game you can pay to complete collections, but it states clearly in that case that you don't get the reward, only the fact of completion.

I accept that it is part of the design, but it should be made absolutely clear when you are invited to click the 'finish' button. The wording of that is horribly unclear, and what is written isn't even in proper English. It says: "Finish in:" then a number of gold coins, which makes no sense at all.

But you do get the results from the quest. The coins, gold, XP, and whatever else you earned for doing the quest. It is just like taking the time to complete the tasks the hard way.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 15, 13 10:00 AM
PB2010 wrote:If, usually by accident, I hit 'Main Menu' then hit 'Continue', I find that I've lost several hours. I lost a huge potato crop recently because of this. I think it's a bug?

I have noticed that it skips ahead too. I have never had it backfire on me because it's only a half hour or so worth of gameplay. I do it intentionally sometimes to get a few more energy points or to advance my crops or a building project a little bit. Also sometimes it gives you more rocks and butterflies to click for collectibles.

I do think it is rather glitchy but it has always helped me!
 posted in Farm Up on May 24, 13 11:30 AM
I don't know of any permanent energy but anytime you have 16 gold you can get 4 hours. When you are in unlimited energy mode, you can knock out a lot of achievements like husband collecting stones, either of you collecting water, or if you have the money, adding plots to your farm, or buying decor items. Each achievement awards 2 gold.

Early in the game, you level up so fast and there are about 10 achievements that are pretty easy so you can get gold quite fast. If you play it smart, you can accumulate energy without using gold. The first way to get seriously ahead on energy is to clear up all the grass, stones, and stumps. Many of these have a +5 energy boost so you can accumulate energy and keep yourself going for quite a while. Then spend a little money to harvest a bunch of radishes, they are quick and can give you some easy achievements for 2 gold each. Keep in mind all these tasks also give you real lore points (the little blue icon that goes in the jar in the upper left corner) and that can be traded in for energy at a rate of 7 for 5 energy. Buy the smallest increment of energy for the best bargain, it gets more expensive if you buy more at a time. That kept me going for hours without buying unlimited energy.

In the beginning, the best strategy I found is to use 1-3 gold at a time to knock out piddly little goals like planting misc crops, this advances you to the better goals of starting to build, renovating the houses, and getting the grandparents to the farm. Then when you have a building in progress, you can use your gold (5-15 at a time) to finish it early. Of course you can also leave your husband building when you go to bed, and he will be done in the morning at no cost to your gold.

A very important thing to remember if you leave your game to keep working while you are gone have to exit the game. If your computer goes into sleep mode, everything will pause and your crops and construction time won't progress while you are gone.

The kitchen collection awards in 3 gold, and of course you can wait for them all to pop up, but you can also buy any missing elements and if you spend less than 3 for them, you make a profit in gold. Manage your resources those butterflies and do all you can do to uncover collection pieces so you don't have use so much gold to buy them.

 posted in Farm Up on May 24, 13 11:08 AM
Yes, I found you can stop anyone from a task you checked, as long as they haven't started it, such as picking up a rock, you can uncheck the box before they reach the rock. You have to be really careful how you utilize your husband because his tasks take a long time. Make sure he picks up his diploma before he starts a time consuming task. Actually this is also better because the lesson might help in that task, though I have not paid attention if he has to pick up the diploma for the lesson to be activated.

Also make sure you don't stick him in an hours-long task while you are on unlimited energy. Use your unlimited energy time to place your characters at the wood pile, the stone pile, the water pump, etc...whatever they can pick up endlessly (but would otherwise cost you energy). These resources help with achievements, and you need the water for your animals, and the resources for your factories to make buildings.
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom on Dec 21, 12 4:49 PM
Loving this game! It is unique and interesting. It is a resource gathering and management game kind of like Island Castaway but the storyline is fuedal, kind of like Lord of the Rings or Robin Hood. I don't see it as a time management game at all, more of an adventure, or a strategy game, mainly because nothing about the game has a time limit on it. There are no distinct levels, you can access different areas of the map by doing tasks and collecting things and you do move up through the ranks as a soldier, this is how you progress in the game. You can sort of choose your own might stumble on missions in a different order than another player. This gives the game a lot of replay value.

There is a hint feature if you get stuck what to do, and it isn't on a timer or anything. You can hint your way through the game, and it will tell you what to do and where to go. Or you can figure it out for yourself. It isn't that hard to figure out, really, just go through the map in a systematic way, picking up goodies and doing whatever you can do in each area, until you get what you need to do something else.

If I was going to improve this game, I would make the graphics a bit larger in scale. It is teeny tiny. You have to be able to see the teensiest most subtle things. To be fair, the scenery is breathtaking and stunning. Gorgeous and realistic. It might be easier on a larger screen computer. If you were playing on an iPad or something, it would be too small to see things.

I would also add a journal feature to the game, to keep track of what the player is working on and help organize the tasks, keep a list of what you need and what you are looking for, since the player will eventually be working on several goals at once.

Last thing is that I would work on the English translation a bit. Not a big deal.
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China on Nov 27, 12 6:13 AM
Is this one of those games where you have to clear obstacles in the road in order to get to the goodies...where the guy does one thing and runs all the way back home in between? Such as My Kingdom For a Princess?
 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 20, 12 6:16 AM
I redistributed all my people to jobs that I thought were still important.

These people all collect ingredients to make cakes to sell them.
5 wheat farmers...all W names for "wheat". Winnie, Wookie, Wanda, Willie, and Wally.
5 mill workers...all M names for "mill". Mookie, Mikey, Manny, Monte, Millie.
A beekeeper...Bumble.
A berry collector...Barry.
A banana collector...Nanny.

These people collect for food to feed themselves.
2 fishermen...Goldie and Koi. I use the to make fried fish platters.
2 egg collectors...Sunny and Yolko Ono and a mushroom farmer named Fun Guy. I use those items to make scrambled eggs with mushrooms.

Then I have a flower picker named Poppy.
And a trash collector named Oscar.

I emptied the other fields and sold the food. I didn't need tech points.

I thought this was a cute way to leave the game. If the game ran on its own, this would be the most lucrative. Of course it does not run itself. I have to keep the food made, keep selling cakes, manage the storage so it doesn't fill up...and swat the bugs.

 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 20, 12 6:02 AM
You pick up a person and carry them to the flower bed. There is one up by the steps to the alter with sunflowers in it, OR you can buy several in the decoration section for a person to groom.

The person will kneel down and begin to work on the flowers, and then pick up a bouquet and walk to the storage hut with them.

The purpose of the flowers is to sell for money. You don't really use them in any tasks after this one you are speaking of. You can also I suppose improve agriculture skills of your villagers with the flowers, I don't know for sure. But if you don't need them don't assign someone to collect them, or check often to sell them. Otherwise, you just clutter up your storage and when it's full you can't deposit other things in there.
 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 20, 12 5:55 AM
For one thing you have to get all the totems:

They are:
Red one is in the fire
Blue one is under the chopped palm tree (upper left)
Yellow one is in the cave behind the stones (upper right)
Purple one is across the bridge on the way to the banana tree
Aqua one is in the river under the bridge
Lime green one is by the fields
Green one is between the tech building and the hut.

Then you have a bunch of cooking requests and your last recipe to make a cake for the party to celebrate the totems.

You have room for 20 villagers...hire them all.

Make sure you keep buying everything that is available, upgrading, cashing in your tech points etc.

At the end, it tells you to go to the altar where the beams are shining. Then the animation takes over...the girl finds her father...end of the game (to be continued in part 2).
I wish I could find them all, but I lose track of where I have been and where I have not been. I do get most but have never found them all in any of the DP games. I don't know if this helps anyone else but it seems like if you try too hard, you won't see them. I stumbled on all of them...random clicking trying to find something else, or trying to set off a puzzle or whatever...looking for some way to move the game along when I was stuck. or sometimes I just get the sense that the scene is different and then when I hover sure enough something starts to morph and flicker. It's one of those things where you don't know if you are imagining it or not. Genius execution for the devs...but somewhat frustrating for us I must admit!

One of my very few requests for the DP games is a checkmark in the corner when we have found the morph object for that screen...or an all clear when that screen is fully explored, of course it would not give the all clear until the morph object is spotted, or maybe as I have seen in other games...a twinkle effect to call attention to things as a bit of a hint after you have been on that page for awhile? These games are so complex that it certainly is not out of the question...and all hints including these could be disabled for those who want more difficulty.

I also wanted to note that in this Red Riding Hood game, there seem to be more than one morph in ONE screen, and none in many others...only 20 in all. In the other DP games, from what I remember...there was ONE morph per screen excluding closeups and hidden object pages.
 posted in Youda Jewel Shop on Jun 26, 12 7:32 AM
I think this would be an excellent quencher for those of us waiting for Burger Shop 3...except there is no right click delivery feature to make things more fluid...when you finish an item and right click while holding goes directly to the first person who asked for it.

For those of us used to playing Burger Shop this is very very frustrating because otherwise they are so similar. It was a dealbreaker for me really. And yes, it probably isn't fair. I only played a few levels.

I do like Youda though. Usually very unique gameplay. My fav Youda game is Youda Camper. AND I think there was a red cross game with a disaster theme. That was fun too.

 posted in Sprouts Adventure on May 15, 12 7:20 AM
Little Folk of Faery is extremely similar...miniature world, they have to gather and build things, balancing work and play.

All the Virtual Villagers games are like this and there are a few other castaway themed games too.
 posted in Burger Shop 2 on Apr 25, 12 3:46 PM
Waiting impatiently for BS3, these games will be hard to top. I have both BS1 and BS2 and I absolutely love them.

If you don't have it yet, today is your best day to do get it!
 posted in Syberia on Feb 29, 12 3:15 PM
With regard to the large file games available from BFG, I really enjoyed Echo. It is a prehistoric setting game, gave me quite a few challenges. Unique mini-games throughout the game, not just the same old ones, and the graphics were smooth for such a large game. There is another game called Paradise...I have purchased it and started it a couple times, but so far it does not keep my interest long enough to keep playing it.

I haven't played Siberia yet but it does sound intriguing. If I like the trial of part one I might as well get the whole game in one large file and save myself the money.
 posted in Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife on Feb 17, 12 8:42 AM
I downloaded this game when it was offered as a daily deal. I like marble shooters and I have played the Luxor games before. Technically, except for a little lag, I think my game is working fine so apparently there have been patches added to the download.

But the storyline, gameplay (aside from the marble shooting) and the rules are hard to figure out. I feel like I am over and over on the same boards, and making no progress and don't know HOW to make the progress. I got to the sun disks and trying to use it to corner the demon and can't figure it out at all.
 posted in Westward Kingdoms on Dec 13, 11 6:22 AM
I always have looked forward to a new game from the Westward series. I admit when this first came out, I looked at the trial and played a little bit and was unimpressed and thought...what a stretch, this is not about the wild west at all (cowboys, gunslingers, railroads, etc). I uninstalled it with much of my free hour left.

This game has been out almost a year now and last week I gave it another go, and finished my hour. I realized that my first experience in the game was all tutorials...which left me yawning because mechanics of all these games are the same for the most part. This time I guess my cookies were still in my machine because it took me right to the game. I am so very glad! I ended up using a credit to buy the game and now I am loving it as much as any of the others.

Some random commentary:

First the is feudal. It may not seem logical at first but the Westward gameplay that players recognize works perfectly with this storyline.

Second, your citizens are upgrade-able. They improve both from doing tasks and also from picking up "knowledge tomes" that you find laying around which boost them along. You can cultivate a peasant's skills, and then develop them into craftsmen or even scholars. Your soldiers can become archers or knights. The upgraded citizens can do more advanced things, and are more hearty, than a character that has just joined your village. A smart player is upgrading wisely and taking special care to protect his best and brightest citizens.

Third, this is just my opinion but WK seems to have weeded out all the most annoying aspects of the other Westward games. Your people don't become drunk if they are unemployed. There aren't as many side missions where you have to start all over from nothing. And if you send a citizen to do a job that takes a couple minutes (pick gold, chop a log) they return to their employment automatically when they are done rather than having to reassign them a job. Even so the game is still a challenge. Most notably, with the citizens upgrading, if someone leaves due to homelessness or hunger, or gets killed, it could take a while to recover the loss of an advanced character.

I don't have much advice, but one thing I can recommend with all the Westward games is save often and use your different save slots to explore different strategies. That way you can back up to your last success and try something else if you run into trouble.

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