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 posted in Diner Dash on May 21, 13 6:02 PM
Is "Once Upon a Diner" going to be released again? I really want this game. I heard it was taken down for bugs, are they going to be fixed and the game re-released? I have all the other "Dash" games and have been really wanting to get this one.
 posted in Mahjong World on Apr 6, 11 7:28 AM
Yay! It's fixed! Hope it is on your end too.
 posted in Mahjong World on Apr 5, 11 7:13 AM
I'm having the same problem. It just started yesterday...before that, no problems. When I log on it brings up a screen saying "New tiles loaded" and if you play a game no scores are recorded. Hopefully this is a temporary glitch because I love this game!
 posted in Mahjong World on Feb 18, 10 8:48 AM
I bought this game on the DD and I love it, but it has some issues. After every 4th or 5th game it just freezes up. I try hitting the cancel button so it doesn't do the internet scores, but I still end up having to restart my computer. Wish it didn't take an eternity between games, but I still enjoy it very much.
ok I will thanks
Twice now I have been playing this game and the game quits abruptly. When I try to restart it I get a message that says the save file is corrupted and I have to re enter my profile and start again from the beginning. Anyone else have this problem?
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