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 posted in Casebook on Jan 26, 09 1:24 PM
I'm pretty sure you mean 'Shader' Chloe ... try doing a google search for direct x shader 2.0 ... failing that, i think it might be a thing with your graphics card ... apparently there's a version of Casebook coming that works with other cards, too, so if you wait, maybe you can download that one? it won't cost you anything!
 posted in Casebook on Jan 19, 09 11:43 AM
Press spacebar, patsy, and then click on the place you want to go that appears as a location on the left... I think that's what you need to do ... get back to me if it doesn't work ...
 posted in Casebook on Jan 15, 09 5:59 PM
clair74 wrote:I just played this game and was very disappointed that I wasted a game token on it.
I finished it very quickly.
i find it hard to believe anyone needs a walkthrough for it as there is all the help you need by pressing the i button.
Also I had problems with the game crashing through all the talking scenes which was really frustrating.
I would recommend playing any game other than this :-(

If you press the 'i' button the whole time, then you're not really playing it, are you? That's for when you're stuck. No wonder you finished it so quickly!
 posted in Casebook on Jan 15, 09 5:57 PM
I really liked it. Yes it was short but it was more like a television show, or a movie really. So you'd expect it to be short, I think. And you can certainly replay it, find more evidence, look for some of the secret stuff ...
 posted in Casebook on Jan 6, 09 5:08 PM
I actually found this game on another site while it was off BFG. I really liked it. I liked the video, the story, and it ran fine on my computer, whcih isn't even that new. The thing that got me most i think was the way it blended so well, the whole thing was part of one big story, whereas when i play MCF or whatever i always get the feeling like the story is a nice addition. And Burton. ow! he's hot.

Colour me hooked.
 posted in Casebook on Jan 4, 09 2:53 PM
jachern wrote:I downloaded Casebook again right before Christmas and I still get the error message about the WIC. I have a Vista computer. So is the casebook on the BFG website a new one that is supposed to fix that error or still the same one from back in October when I downloaded it the first time with that error? I would like to play this game, but I do not feel comfortable deleting files suggested by a past post for Windows XP on a Vista computer. Any information about a fix for this game or if it will ever run on my computer would be appreciated.

In a side note, when I told BFG about this problem in October, I was given a coupon for a free game. This is a great games company. In the past I have bought game software that would crash and never work and receive absolutely nothing from the game manufacturers or sellers.

Hey jachern - you're right, BFG really look after you if something goes wrong. I had that same issue on my XP machine and downloaded a free new version just before christmas too. It worked fine, a little slow in places, but i think that's my graphics card - it's got full video in it, which is why it;s so big i guess. Maybe you should download it again? My husband said when the thing happened on XP that it wouldn;t happen on Vista - so that's strange.
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