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 posted in 7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover on Apr 29, 13 4:32 PM
I am having difficulty with the slider puzzles to obtain the power ups. I can't get past the first four. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere that describes the order to collect the pieces?
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Aug 4, 10 1:03 PM
Am I the only one having trouble finding the stupid book that Sarah is talkiung about. I can't go anywhere without it and I can't find keys to access either the trunks in Sarah's house or the Customs house. This is the second time I've attempted this game and gotten bogged down in the same situation both times.
 posted in Pure Hidden on Aug 11, 09 7:22 PM
I played the trial version and really enjoyed it and had no problems with it, but when I purchased the full version, the game wouldn't load and launch correctly. I get the Big Fish intro screen and the game intro screens, but then when it goes to load the main menu, the screen goes black and stays there. I tried several times. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it didn't help. Then I tried to play it on my other computer, a mini notebook, but it wouldn't play on that, presumably because the screen resolution was inadequate to support the full screen. Seems this one was a complete waste of money. Pity. I love the uniqueness of it. So many HOG's are so similar.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Mar 22, 09 4:39 PM
Am I the only one who absolutely hates these stupid puzzles between rooms? I even went so far as to get the strategy guide, only to discover that I have to shut down the game every time I need to refer to the guide. There's got to be an easier way! Any suggestions or insights?
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