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 posted in Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love Collector's Edition on Jan 7, 13 6:45 PM
angelofmusic62 wrote:After typing in my name, a screen popped up saying I may have poor game performance, would I like to disable special effects? Has anyone else experienced this? Not sure which option to click. I have never had any problem with any other CEs.

I had this pop up also. I like the looks of the game, and I'm on Windows 7 still. That message makes me wonder if I really want to buy it, even though I've enjoyed what I've played so far. At least Tech support is great for us, and I know if there's a problem, they'll do their utmost to fix it! Now I just have to decide if I want to buy it as a CE or an SE....
I've had the game quit on me twice. I don't remember the first time, but the second one was when I first got into Cogglethorpe's room at the top. I just purchased the game 4 days ago so the fixes are already there for the other issues I've read about. Any idea why the game is quitting on its own? I also went out, and came back after looking to see if there was anything about the cursor problem I'm having. Two scenes require me to catch things before they get to the floor. The cursor won't move fast enough for me to accomplish this task. For some reason, the first one with boxes let me through, but I can't get past the second one with shooting things. Suggestions on that would be appreciated too!
 posted in Secrets of the Titanic 1912-2012 on Jul 31, 12 10:50 AM
The problem with the flag option at the beginning is that those of us in the USA don't necessarily recognize which country they represent (unless we're watching the Olympics that is). I did recognize the UK flag, and figured that would be the one I would be able to understand. The conversations are in small print, and I have no younger people in the house to help me read them. While trainers for sneakers confused me & I figured out the soccer ball for the football, I always though a babushka was a head covering, not matroyshka dolls. Out of 60 minutes, I have 48 left, but I'm deleting!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Jan 6, 09 3:32 PM
I've played the game 5 times now. I've found 13 of the 14 mystery items that morph. All the posts that come up when I look for help in finding the one in the clown's trailer in the suitcase tell me to go to the Madame Fate Forum page, then go to Tricks and Tips on page 2. Where are the tricks and tips? I can find the forum page, and then all I find are all the posts. Help!
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