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 posted in Cubetastic on May 26, 11 8:33 AM
I like it so far. I did not like the music either, but finally found where to turn it off, would have definitly been a no buy for me if I didn't find that, of course one can always turn the speakers down. Little icon top right corner like someone else posted. What I am wondering is how hard and complicated it gets. To the point that it is no fun? Plus with no hint button or anything of the sort that's a downer. When I have a game like this, and I get to a puzzle that I have spent an amazing amount of time on only to get nowhere, I tend to lose interest. Possibly if someone posts solutions on utube or somewhere it may just be a buy for me.
 posted in Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity on May 20, 11 8:01 AM
Oh now for me on the other hand, this is my cup of tea. It's very similar to the Crazy Machines games, only with gravity goin' on. I've played about five levels, and now need to get myself out to mow the lawn before I find myself suction cupped to this chair. Those who enjoy the Crazy Machine games will like this one I think. I get bored with the hidden object games so this is a nice change.
 posted in Crazy Machines: New from the Lab on Feb 4, 11 8:31 AM
Thank you adolia, Now I know how to play the game and have gotten through a few puzzles. What I am wondering now though is, if one gets to a particular puzzle, and just cannot figure it out, so cannot progress any further, what then? I like the game, I like trying to figure things out, but only for so long, then tire of it if I can't get any further. Eventually those who are progressing won't be looking at this message board anymore, so there won't be help here. So, hard decision, to buy or not to buy. Maybe wait and watch for this one to be a daily deal, then won't get so frustrated if at some point cannot progress and play the game any longer. It would be nice if after say about 15 attempts, a message pops up and asks if you would like to see how to solve it.
 posted in Crazy Machines: New from the Lab on Feb 3, 11 5:45 AM
So I suppose I will be the first to review. I think I would like it if I could figure out what to do. No tutorial what so ever. Took me awhile to get through the first puzzle. Did finally figure that one out, a pretty easy one. The second one I just finally gave it up. Hadn't a clue how to set things in motion. I placed the pieces given, then just didn't know how to make anything move. Tried everything I could think of. Dissappointing, I like puzzle games. Had to shut the professor up, he was annoying. Kinda lame with no tutorial at all to let you know how things work.
I'd like read what others think. Maybe get a bit of insight and give it a try again without wasting time trying to make it work.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Nov 4, 10 1:37 PM
Excellent daily deal. If you don't already have it, scoop it up. Definitly has replay value. If you are having trouble with the mini games, either try the strategy guide, or youtube.
 posted in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy on Nov 2, 10 11:22 AM
Ya know, I don't get it. These people that complain up a total storm about this not being a HOG. It's not catagorized as a HOG, it says it's a match 3, soooo.... duh. What do you expect? Plus they grumble about BigFish, thinking about quiting because this is not HOG game. If you would just look at what type of game it is before downloading, and then discovering it's not a hog... Seems like a no brainer to me. Some of us get bored with the HOGs. I myself like that there is a variety of games offered. If I feel like just chilling with not much excitement, I'll play a hog.
I dunno, I just don't get you all that grumble about the games that aren't hogs. If every single game that bigfish offered was a hog, well what a bore that would be.

Thank you BigFish for giving us VARIETY.
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 26, 10 8:45 AM
Make bombs, if you make enough, you will get one of those things that let you blow up all of one type of tile.
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 26, 10 8:44 AM
I am passed that level, and don't remember it exactly, but I know some of the levels you can only finish if you create bombs. You mighty possibly need to get them located close to a place that you can't reach otherwise. Or make enough bombs to make one of those things that you can blow up all of one type. Hope that helps, you've probably figured it out and passed it by now though.
 posted in Master of Defense on Oct 20, 10 6:38 AM
Oh I love this game. Was quite hooked to it for awhile. Great deal for the DD of the day.
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 8, 10 2:26 PM
Oh I like the idea of different country theme tanks. And a wider variety of fish is great too. There could also be country life theme, city life, disco, so many to chose from! Thank you Fishdom creators, we do love our Fishdoms!
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 7, 10 9:01 AM
Well I am thrilled to find a new Fishdom! Didn't think it could get better than the first, but it did. I like the no timer option. Now I can play it both ways.

Note to tuttepeever: Kinda snippy back to alvertis5706 don't ya think? Better go take a grumpy pill, and then search the whole wide wonderful web if you've already played all the BF games. I'm sure there are more out there.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Oct 1, 10 6:28 AM
How do you wake up the shroom plant in the zen garden? I've tried everything I can think of, watering, music, food, even chocolate, nothing has worked.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Sep 29, 10 8:05 AM
It's a bit slow for me, but my problem with this game is after I play a few minutes my computer shuts itself off. Very frustrating because I like this game and I have a game credit I would just love to use for it. I have played the other FarmFrenzy game and have not had this problem.
 posted in ArkLight on Sep 21, 10 6:25 AM
I bought this game when it first came out, haven't played it in awhile. I do remember I quite enjoyed it. Fast pace, levels progressively harder, and fun. Basically a fast shoot explosions game. Give it a try if you like the shoot games, you'll probably enjoy it. I did.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 1, 10 1:17 PM
I agree with mtilli, The narrator bugs the cr#p out of me. I like sound effects, the chopping of the wood, the breaking of the boulders, etc. So I like to have the sound on, however, when he breaks in and says stupid things it irritates me. It's like shut up already. I know there is much more to the game, but I would enjoy it MUCH MORE if there wasn't that stupid voice.
 posted in Robin's Quest: A Legend Born on Aug 21, 10 11:59 AM
I am still playing in the first trial hour. While I play this game it tends to freeze up quite often, mostly when loading in a new scene. Does the one hour count down still continue when the game freezes while it is loading something?
 posted in Royal Envoy on Aug 20, 10 7:22 AM
Oh my goodness. I have tried the way the walkthru shows, I have tried the way the youtube shows, I cannot get gold on level 44. Please oh please anyone with a good way please do share with me!
Thank you!
 posted in Royal Envoy on Aug 16, 10 4:33 PM
Just checked out the walkthru Cherubabies. Thanks!!! Yer da bomb.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Aug 16, 10 3:55 PM
Wondering if anyone has gotten the guide and what they think about it. I downloaded the five minute trial, took a couple minutes to load, and then not much time to really get much of a look at it. Don't know if it's worth the seven bucks.
So, has anyone bought the full version, and is it worth it?
 posted in Royal Envoy on Aug 15, 10 7:39 PM
Haven't seen a walkthrough, but on another post someone said to go to youtube, type in royal envoy, and the level number. Haven't tried it yet, just finished my one hour demo and deciding about buy or not.
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