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 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 15 11:47 PM
Aha! Thank you so much! I'd forgotten all about that!
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 8, 15 9:42 PM
Where or how do you find gold on this level? I can get to 6 gold.
 posted in Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 3 on Nov 1, 15 3:10 AM
I'm kinda sad I purchased this without test driving it first.

Cons: It's full screen with no way to make it not full screen, thus I will never play the game because I'm constantly in many windows at a time and in doing a jigsaw puzzle type of game, it's something you tend to do leisurely in the background. I also noticed on the start up screen, the background was a tiled texture, not even seamless. That could just be the picky artist in me.

Pros: The photos inside are ok. More model art type photos. The game mechanics are good for rotating pieces, storing pieces, icons are pretty self explanatory. Instruction is perfect for it.

All in all, I would have played it if there was a window option in it.
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 24, 15 8:26 PM
Thank you!
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 24, 15 1:05 PM
How do you return the parrot to the pirate? Im assuming it's the red parrot, inventory doesn't let me craft anything, i tried to click on it, nothing happens?
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 24, 15 1:02 PM
I prefer written walkthroughs as well due to three reasons

1 - slow internet speeds
2 - i have to pay $$/mo per gb usage, download & stream adds to the gb i have per mo to use
3 - and written walkthroughs i can flip to the section and find what i need quickly
 posted in World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages on Sep 6, 12 3:14 PM
I'm also stuck in Rome.. all bars are gold and I have 4000 points and all of the Items have been selected with no more to select but it's still telling me I've not selected them all.
 posted in Sinbad: In search of Magic Ginger on Jun 30, 11 1:17 PM
i agree.. i was excited when i saw the idea behind this game but but if i wanted to read so much dialogue i'd go to chat somewhere.. i think most people play games for more action less reading.. the animations were cute and the cartoon is actually from yes an old cartoon style which was fine. it's just all the reading of not needed jokes really slowed the game down for me.. i tend to like to focus more on the plot and challenges within a game and skip over dialogue
 posted in Sinbad: In search of Magic Ginger on Jun 30, 11 1:12 PM
that fixed it.. thank you!
 posted in Sinbad: In search of Magic Ginger on Jun 30, 11 12:56 PM
that makes sense i seem to recall an update for that from another game recently.. trying it out.. thanks!!!
 posted in Sinbad: In search of Magic Ginger on Jun 30, 11 9:15 AM
hi.. installed and get the error cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version file "d3dx9_25.dll", error126

I uninstalled and reinstalled and same error.. i installed for compatability for xp and still same error..

i have win7
 posted in Tropical Farm on Dec 14, 09 10:02 AM
Still no response here eh? I followed their suggestions for the screen problems, with installing for xp compatibility but it still tries to open in a screen resolution larger than mine ( is what im guessing).

It would be nice if they created the games to open in the lower settings for us old fashioned people who don't get the whatever anything above 12?? x anything above 800 settings on our monitors.

People who do not have dinosaur monitors ( mine is only a yr old) could adjust their settings to however they like. We can't.
 posted in Tropical Farm on Dec 10, 09 7:15 PM
I'm having the same issue. The game blanks out my screen.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Dec 10, 09 7:06 PM
If there is any stereotyping going on in the game, it isn't about color but about behaviors. Which in the case of a thief or a reformed thief ( never mind what color ) the stereotype was a funnily accurate albeit a little over-dramatic portrayal of the type of behaviors you would see in a comedic movie of a thief or reformed thief.

It wasn't about color in my opinion, it was about behavior and if you went to a prison, you would see a lot of this type of behavior from a prisoner of any color and/or creed.

It's like trying to compare what a wealthy person should appear like. Behavior typing isn't racial, it's a generalization of a socially accepted behavioral commonality. Again, not a color commonality but a behavioral.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Nov 11, 09 7:13 AM
The misguided point is, if the thief had been white, or hispanic or asian it would have been ok and wouldn't be considered racial profiling anymore? If you want to gripe over that, then gripe every single time a caucasian, asian, or hispanic person is portrayed as a thief as well. Plenty of games have them portrayed as bad characters. I haven't heard anything negative about that though! Seriously, get over yourself.
 posted in Be Rich on Jan 9, 09 6:48 AM
popecko1 wrote:I got a lovely message back from Tech support (Thanks guys for the FAST response!). They are looking into the error. I am wondering now if its those of us with laptops that are having the trouble? Because I read that the graphics cards in laptops cannot be updated the normal way, ie by going to the graphics card web site. I dunno how true that is, but I was unable to find an updated driver for mine, and its several years old. I will be getting a new laptop in a week or so, so hopefully that will resolve it.

The email I got from tech support said that they are working on the issue, and working on a version of the game that will play on 'older' systems. Funny how technology is, a computer a few years old is an 'older system'! Its crazy!

So I look forward to the work that tech support is doing for us that can't play. I love the build a lot games, and this one seems right up my alley!

Thanks, and I will continue to update as I get information! Have fun everyone!

It's not just lap tops. Mine is a desktop and everything else runs on it fine and everything is up to date. I have the same message. Maybe the screen size? Though it is an older pc. I'm sure the graphics card could use some updating.
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