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 posted in Phantasmat: Insidious Dreams Collector's Edition on Sep 15, 17 11:59 AM
Same problem. I lost my cursor. I only use system cursor. Regular one too jumpy. I hope it get fixed soon!!
 posted in Cadenza: The Kiss of Death Collector's Edition on Nov 9, 15 9:32 PM
No one seems to be answering the question as to how to access the bonus game. I am having the same problem and no answers yet. Where is the bonus game on the collectors edition.
 posted in Cadenza: The Kiss of Death Collector's Edition on Nov 8, 15 12:13 PM
How do you access the bonus game. It's not in the extras. Thanks
Yep same here. I can't go into the lighthouse any more. What's up with that.
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle Collector's Edition on Sep 5, 15 2:48 PM
I am just about finished with the game and cannot get the iron to iron the piece of paper. Also the second puzzle does not work. I fit together the first jigsaw puzzle fine but not the second one does not work Any suggestions? Thanks
 posted in Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call Collector's Edition on Jan 7, 15 1:58 PM
I too wanted to like this game but there was just too much running back and forth to different areas for me. Graphic's were wonderful. The game just exhausted me.
I cannot even get the game to load. I purchased the Collectors Edition and I am bummed. I hit run and nothing happens.
 posted in Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition on Oct 21, 13 6:50 PM
Anyone know where crane #17 is in the trolls cave. Not where it is suppose to be in the Strategy guide. Thanks
 posted in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves on Oct 11, 13 11:35 PM
I used one of my credits to purchase this game and I tried to play after downloading and it keeps telling me that I need a security key in order to play this game. Can't play unless I enter a security key. I never had this happen before. What is wrong.
Linda Duttweiler
 posted in Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose on Dec 27, 12 1:18 PM
Very nice game and graphics, but so much running back and forth from place to place. I found myself just hoping this game would soon end.
 posted in Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition on Oct 22, 11 4:13 PM
Same here but I spent $20.00 for the CE at Walmart. I got to the end of the game almost and can't seem to find that footprint. I was clicking for 2 hours around the dog and it nowhere to be seen. I may try and reload it and use a different name.
Same here! I just bought my copy Collectors Edition at Walmart and there is not a Strategy Guide. Haven't finished the game yet, but there probably won't be Bonus Game either! Who can we contact about this. Not very funny when you pay $20.00 for the Collectors Edition and it states that it contains the strategy guide and bon us game!!
 posted in Escape the Museum 2 on Jan 19, 10 3:43 PM
After about 1 hour of trying I finally got it. Okay this is what worked for me. If you notice that there are 6 holes for the pulleys 3 holes at the top and 3 at the bottom, and only 4 pulleys. Put 2 pulleys at the top. Put one pulley in the far left hole and one pulley in the far right hole. Leave the middle hole blank. Do the same at the bottom. One pulley in the far left hole and onle pulley in the far right hole. Leave the middle hole blank. The you can then attach the wire to the pulleys and put the elephant at the end of the wire that's hanging down and there you have it.
 posted in Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet on Mar 12, 09 5:59 PM
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
 posted in Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet on Mar 11, 09 11:43 PM
HELP!! Iam stuck in the mathematical code game where you have to find the correct equation to equal 82. I am out of skip this game options. Can anyone help?> Thanks
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island on Oct 25, 08 11:16 PM
I too am stuck with the hammer and the green rock. What am I suppose to do with these? I have tried everything. HELP PLEASE!!
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 8:08 PM
That's right. Sorry. Colors are random.
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 8:00 PM
Put the feather on the bottom of the shield inside the tent. Opposite the other feather that is in the bottom. Go slowly. The bottom of the shield will light up where the feather is suppose to go. Click on the shield. There will appear a beam that goes from the shield to the totem pole that is on the left side of the tent. Run your cursor over the diamond jewel that is on the chest of the totem pole. There will appear the colors that you are suppose to paint the hide outside the tent.

Blue, green, green
red, green, red, red.

Hope that helps.
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