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 posted in Planet Driller on Jun 6, 17 1:30 PM
I'm a big fan of these kind of mining games, I have lots on my tablet and I have Mines of Mars , think that's what its called, on my computer, but this one, not so good. I tried to get out of the game but had to bring up task manager to shut it down, I'm not sure that's healthy for the computer. Not a buy for me.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 10, 16 2:44 AM
Well I can't even download it, it just says I need to update my payment info that already is done... I hope they fix this.
 posted in Cubis Gold 2 on Sep 23, 16 5:21 PM
It may actually be the bigfish game client that's the problem, but unless you pay the free to play games, support won't even talk to you, so I need some help. A couple days ago I ran into some serious problems with my computer, and within all of the crashes and whatever else was happening, my game client, and cubis gold got caught up in that because I was playing it. Since then things have been settled, computer seems to be stable again, but when I try to play cubis gold, it trys to load, but game manager won't allow me to play it, keeps minimizing it so I have no access to it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the game and game manager, but its no good.

This is still the game I play with my morning coffee, so its a bit of a routine thing lol. I need to get it working again. I am so disappointed with support, don't know who else to ask. Anyway I hope someone checks this forum once in a while.
 posted in The Chronicles of Noah's Ark on Mar 22, 16 2:47 AM
No one does games anymore based on biblical stories and such, so what a pleasant surprise to come one to see what games were being released, only to find the Chronicles of Noah's Ark. As far as the game goes, its a match 3 with most of the match 3 elements, fun, interesting. You start off building a place to start from and it looks like it goes right on up to the ark. Its late and I gotta sleep, but I wanted to say yay! I hope we get to see more biblical based games, the closer to the real story the better, but this is a nice start.
njholden wrote:The HOP at the unfinished cathedral won't let me move forward. Tried getting out of the game and then back in, but still won't register that I have finished the HOP. Using Windows 10

Me too, exact same problem.
The game isn't loading, the game server has it but its not actually loading in my computer, so I have to bring up ctrl alt and delete to shut it down, because I can't play anything else. I'm running Win 7 64, this is the first game I've had trouble with since reverting back to Win 7, I'm using comodo but nothing to indicate anything is wrong has come up there, this game just isn't running.
I think its backstage where I'm at, I don't know if its on purpose or not, but hint doesn't work, and wasn't working in hop, I had to close out twice and restart for it to come back, and then it didn't finish the hop, so now I don't have whatever I should have got from the hop, and my only choice is to start the game again.

I'm running win 7
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Nov 29, 15 7:11 PM
Well thanks so much for the help! This is the last game I'm buying here, there are obviously better forums then this.
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 15 4:55 PM
I don't see any birds, fading or otherwise in the picture that is supposed to have a bird or birds, I mean nothing, hint doesn't give any useful tips, anyone know where they are? I keep clicking parts of the pic that hint covers, nothing yet.

I'm just reaching the bonus game and I'm going to save it for tomorrow. I've gone through three games in a row with nothing but errors, its a pleasure to finally get one that's working, so appreciated...
Getting a runtime error, this is the third game not working from bigfish games, now I have to request another replacement, how was I to know? The demo worked fine! I'm running the win 10 upgrade..... I reinstalled, restarted my computer.... before I restarted no game would work, but now only this one. Very disappointed, because I had to first pay for it before knowing it I would get a runtime error.
Win 10, movie scenes will not play and I have no idea what the story line is about. I have another game that won't play also, I was hoping it was a problem with that game, until I tried to play this one............. so are they going to update this game so that it plays or do we send to tech support for a game replacement? I refuse to spend another dime while this is going on.

 posted in Bud Redhead on Aug 22, 15 4:45 PM
I love this game, have played it for years lol, but when I got the Windows 10 upgrade I discovered that Bud Redhead runs real slow, he lags a lot, so its really hard to get over the spikes and land on the logs and things, I hope I don't have to bury this one because its too old.... if its a compatibility issue, is there anything I can do to change it? Is anyone else having problems since installing Windows 10 with this game?

Thanks much. Carla
 posted in Myths of the World: Black Rose Collector's Edition on Oct 26, 14 7:49 PM
I think I'm in Rose's house, the screen is black, I can see my pointer but it only is visible for a small space, if I click in there I get an error and the game shuts down.
Is there anyway to get through this? Nothing is visible, no help or hit, that whole this is also blacked out so can't even reach the guide to see what is supposed to be done, just shuts down. I need some help with it.
 posted in Insane Cold: Back to the Ice Age on Sep 24, 14 9:18 PM
I am also stuck at the end trying to touch her with the aumlet thing with the souls. it doesn't work.
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Jul 13, 14 12:11 AM
Thanks Valdy, I did, and its not like it was a lot of money, less I spend monthly on games from BF, but its frustrating all the same... I love this game so I hope they get it together soon, zombies and corrupted and erased profiles lol.

I'll see what customer service has to say, they're always really great with this kind of thing.

 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Jul 12, 14 5:30 PM
Now a different problem! My computer crashed, when I started the game again it said my profile was corrupt and that it had wiped it, it also wiped out whatever I had purchased with money from my pocket! I don't think I should have to accept that loss, and I hope bf can do something about it. Really kind of annoyed. Plus I can't afford to lose money just because the game isn't capable of creating a back up file for what we spend.
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Jul 9, 14 4:39 PM
I can't do zombies either,it crashes.
 posted in Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition on May 8, 14 11:53 PM
I got through most of the game but never made it to the bonus game before it crashed, when I restarted it, it said my profile was corrupt .

So ok now they updated the game and now it won't even load, I'm running into an access error, so it shuts down. Its gone from bad to worse it looks like.
 posted in Fall of the New Age on Jan 7, 14 4:17 PM
I played the demo and of course bought the game, had a game credit but I probably would have bought it anyway. This is the kind of stuff if it were a book I'd read it.

So after the demo ended and I gave my credit and bought it, when I loaded it, nothing happened, couldn't figure out why nothing was working. so used a different profile and found out that part of the next part didn't happen the first time, so there is a glitch there, but worked fine with the alternate profile.

This game is great! But it just kind of cuts off just like that at the end, kind of leaving me thinking there should be something more, so was disappointed about that, but would really like to say these kinds of game stories are really awesome and welcome, and I hope to see more like it.
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